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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 14 December 2004
The subject of Initiation is one which, even in the current era of plethora of New Age writing, has remained largely unexplored. The fact that Initiation is a ceremony conducted within the internal consciousness of an individual and that disclosure of Initiate status has hitherto been forbidden, may well have inhibited public disclosure. The modern demand that any statement, hypothesis or conjecture be built on the foundation of independently verifiable fact, and the fact that the Initiation process offers no external data for examination, may also have contributed to the paucity of information on this important subject. This book breaks the silence and addresses that deficiency. Those who are willing to accept the content as an interesting hypothesis - which will stand or fall by the test personal experience - will find that that content offers a unique and invaluable window on a process which, allegedly, lies ahead for all of us no matter where we stand on the ladder of infinite evolution.
Initiation is a ceremony which takes place, not on the physical plane, but in the mind. The mind is the 'organ' of reception, with access to "facts which are [as] substantial and real" as are any obtained by the exercise of the physical senses. (Anyone who has had a lucid dream, or a hypnogogic image while in the borderland between sleeping and waking can see that the physical senses of sight and hearing have their non-physical analogues within that organ of reception). The results of Initiation are not confined to the mental plane; they have their effect, and are felt, in the lower - astral and physical - bodies.
The ceremony itself consists of many parts and is conducted by a Hierophant Who, with two others, forms a triangle of force around the candidate for initiation. Through "direct sight and vision" the candidate becomes aware of his real Self and of the part he has played, and will continue to play, in the forwarding of the Plan of God. The Rod of Initiation, "charged with pure electric force", is applied to the candidate's bodies to eliminate any remaining impurities. He takes the Oath of Initiation "never to reveal ... any occult secret". Next, the words of power, which control the creative processes and the direction of energy, are confided to him. Finally, to the new initiate, is imparted one of the seven secrets of nature.
Additionally to the title subject, this book brings to our attention the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet:- its work; its founding; its three departments under the Manu, the World Teacher, the Lord of Civilisation. We learn of the principal players within the Lodge of Masters:- Their names and, in some cases, who They were when They came before us before in the record of history. The Paths of Probation and Discipleship are described, and the work needed to prepare ourselves for the first two Initiations. "... all are disciples from the humblest aspirant up to, and beyond, the Christ Himself ... ." Finally we're shown that even the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy have the opportunity of spiritual advancement - there are Seven Paths of further evolution open to the Masters of Wisdom. All are evolving. All are progressing.
This book is the first in a series of 19 intended to awaken humanity to the spiritual realities and possibilities behind its earthly existence. The series represents, to quote the Tibetan Master Who gave it to the world through the amanuensis of Alice Bailey, "but the ABC of occultism" and more detailed teaching is unlikely to be forthcoming until man has assimilated the knowledge therein and applied it for the general good of all. It would be of great service to the young if a copy of IHaS was placed in each school or college library. It's surprising how easily the content is absorbed to become part of ones everyday thinking.
With the books in this series the achievements of Caxton and Gutenberg are silently honoured. With this book the aspiration of man is raised, from the plough and the pulpit, to the stars.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 18 June 2008
One of the greatest books on basic esoterisism and should be on the bookshelf of any aspiring pupil of the agless wisdom - it amazes me that so many who claim to be following the 'spiritual' pathway do not take the time to read Bailey - difficult? yes - but solid and dependable.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 24 July 2002
This covers the process of initation and gives the reader a little more background on what actually will happen. The Spiritual higherarchy is also mentioned and greater light is shone on the workings of it along with the Masters who work within it making up the Great White Lodge.
The reqirements for initiation are also spoken of and the details involved in making way towards the portal of initiation. For anyone interested in initiation this book serves to explain the important relations and also gives some background on the Masters.
I would recommend it as it was a revelation to me and continues to be a great source of esoteric information.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 April 2011
Alice Bailey breaks down how we evolve spiritually - who we are - where we come from - the divine plan that encompasses all humanity and our inevitable journey of evolution within the overall evolution of our planet & solar system. Though such grand designs are so hard to comprehend to the individual, we are nonetheless shown that as individuals we all are the expressions of the one divinity, albeit that this divinity manifests with such diversity. Alice Bailey shows us the process we have & are always taking whether we are aware of ot or not - by reading this book we catch a glimpse of our destiny and can take advantage of the guidelines by which we will evolve as individuals connected & part of 'divinity' itself ...
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 26 December 2001
One of my favourite books ever.Should be on the bookshelf of every mystical/magical/occult student.I get something new from it with every reading.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 8 February 2002
The Master outlines the mechanics of the Universe and the spiritual Hierarchy. For one who has been lead to this review and book they would be well advised to study this well. Even if you are skeptical about this, it may indeed interest your musing. Whereas if you seek more than worldly treasures and see past them as futile, this shall illustrate the Grander purpose that motivates the Hierarchy. It shall serve to help your faith and underline a potential framework beyond the meaningless of earthly treasures and desires. The purpose shall be explained and the initiations taken along the way in order to ready and prepare your awareness. To one who finds this book as precious and important as I, I would suggest 'A treatie in white magic' also by the same author.
Another Master has his word in print, 'A course in Miracles' Shall wake the light and eternal peace within :)
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on 10 April 2013
It arrived on time in perfect condition. It was exactly what I expected. This book is the best place to start if one is interested in the work of The Tibetan.
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on 2 June 2014
Another Alice Bailey book packed full of wisdom for anyone embarking on personal development and the soul journey, I would recommend this book
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on 5 September 2014
Wonderful book, thank you so much!
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on 26 October 2014
Hard read.
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