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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2000
I have never read a story like this one. There is nothing to compete with it out there. Michail is the Prince of the Carpathians who is loosing his battle against turning into a vampire. He has to find his lifemate in time to save himself. He has lived for about a 1000 years and for the last 800 years has lived without any emotion and colour in his life. Raven his lifemate can feel his pain and reaches out to him in his mind. They talk and Michail realises he has found his lifemate.
I won't give to much of the story line away as it will only spoil one of the best books you are ever likely to read along with the rest of the series.
This series is not your usual romance it has a lot of action, voilence, sex and magic, in short a very exciting read.
I have read books 2 & 3 in the series and am now starting book 4 and the series promises to be one of the best I have ever read.
For those who haven't got them here is the series in order: 1-Dark Prince. Michail & Raven 2-Dark Desire. Jacques & Shea 3-Dark Gold. Aiden & Alexandria 4-Dark Magic Gregori & Savannah(daughter of Michail & Raven) 5-Dark Challenge Julian(twin brother of Aiden) & Desari.
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on 30 October 2004
This is the first book in the 'Dark Series' following the species known as Carpathians as they try to prevent the destruction of their race, and fight off the ever pressing desire to turn 'vampire'.
I've read a lot of vampire books over the past year (Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series, Susan Sizemore's Laws of the Blood series to name just two) and 'Dark Prince' by Christine Feehan begins as it means to continue, that is to say this is a wonderfully provocative book, perfect for those of you that love the vampire genre.
In this book you are introduced to the series by way of Mikhail, the Prince of his race, tormented and haunted by his own terrible urges and contemplating suicide before he meets Raven, a modern American woman that's about to 'tick all his boxes', but modern women aren't exactly accustomed to olde worlde ways, and Raven isn't about to let Mikhail, Prince or not, walk all over her - you get the idea.
The romance in these books isn't what keeps them riveting, it's the complex characters themselves. The hero isn't perfect, and we love flawed characters!
I actually started this series by reading the second book 'Dark Desire' before this book, but such is the nature of these books you can pick them up in any order and instantly get pulled into the story. However, I would recommend that you start here, with Dark Prince, and let yourself be immersed in the world of the Carpathians.
Expect to be buying the whole series over the next few months!
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on 29 June 2000
Feehan has created a Carpathian race, who are immortal but the female race is dwindling and this is bad news. The males need a female lifemate to stop them turning into beasts and evil vampires. In Dark Prince, Mikhail who is the leader is desperately close to losing the battle between man and beast, until he mind links with a psychic human female, Raven. He realises that she is his eternal lifemate, who will bring the goodness and colour back into his life. This is an amazing and beleivable story. Feehan has taken the time to explore all the characters and fills the book with all sorts of emotions-love, passion,devotion, fear , hate and evil. I would recomend it to all. I have also read Dark Desire & Dark Gold which are just as good. It is different and full of intelligence which is sadly lacking from many romantic novels.
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on 12 December 2001
This is the second book that I have read from Christine Feehan. I usually read timeswept romances and fancied a change. I didn't know what to expect as having never read a vampire romance before. Mikaihl is the leader of the Carpathians and very arrogant to boot. Raven is an American telepath. He is her lifemate. Raven reaches out to him in her mind and this is how they meet. He sort of forces her to become his lifemate and of course she falls in love and vica versa but its not a gooey romance, if you know what I mean.
Its quite brutal in some instances, especially their love making, if you can call it that. Very hard and furious with a lot of neck biting and blood sucking, but then it is a vampire book.
Its takes a while to get used to the way of the Carpathians and how they treat one another. Very fierce and protective of their women (lifemates).
Put it this way I couldn't put it down, the storyline was excellent. They are all fighting for the survival of their kind and Raven is their saviour of sorts. I have bought all the other books in the Dark Series and so far I have not been disappointed. If you fancy a change this is the book to read and then of course carry on with the rest of the series. Happy reading!!!!
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on 7 November 2015
Even though I have read the Dark series before, she I first was bought my first kindle 4yearz age it still is a very good read. This being the first in the series tells of race of none human people , they look human and their prince who has lived thousands of years protecting the humans against vampires, their race are becoming exstitinct, as not eñough females
Are having female baby's , their boys are not
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on 19 April 2008
I bought this based on reviews I'd read here, and because I'd read Kresley Cole and was looking for something similarly entertaining but not too challenging ... but I definitely got it wrong here! The major challenge was actually in keeping going: this was a boring, boring, boring book that took itself far too seriously, was really stiffly written, and had two of very wooden central characters . And the sex scenes were awful. I ploughed on with it but in the end I decided that life is too short - and I always finish books, even the ones I find hard going.

Stay away from this - there have got to be better vampire books out there!
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on 10 November 2015
I have literally only read 4 chapters of this book, and I am gripped by it already. Christine Feehan's ability to take you to the Carpathian Mountains and beyond is brilliant. I cant wait to get home from work each day just to sit and be further involved in the relationship between Raven and Mikhail.
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on 27 October 2009
I am still new to the vampire genre and have been delighted with books by Sherrilyn Kenyon and J.R Ward which i bought because of reveiws on Amazon. I did the same with this book and could not have been more disappointed. The herione character is very lifeless and is supposed to be strong willed and stubbern but not once does she show this. The hero is dull and predictable and a bit to cliche for my liking. The sex scenes are good but after reading Ward and Kenyon they do not have a chance. Will not be following the series and urge anyone new to the scene not to either.
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I thought this story was very inventive and creative and I enjoyed the story but I didn't like all of it. Mikhail infuriated me with his commanding ways and his obsession with Raven. I understand they are true life mates etc etc etc, but can you imagine never having a moment to yourself to do the things that you enjoy but instead always having to be around the same person for all eternity. On top of that you aren't able to leave them or else you will both die. I think I would scream blue murder. Don't get me wrong, I love my other half and can't imagine life without him, but I need my own personal time too.

I get it if they both fell in love and got to know one another before all that happened, but instead Mikhail performed an everlasting act upon the both of them without even consulting Raven first. If I was Raven I would have went nuts and wouldn't have given into him. But saying that, love at first sight is said to be a rather powerful thing.

It was rather irksome that Raven gave into Mikhail's every sexual advance but at the same time I can understand her need to be with him to make everything seem right. How their love for one another came about is a tad unbelievable to me but it works in for the story.

I wasn't sure where the story was heading from the first couple of chapters as it all seemed to be about Raven and Mikhail. I thought to myself at this point - this can't be all that happens. I kept going on with reading it and found half way through the book there was some action scenes but thought oh well that's over, what's on the agenda now, what else can happen? Then the bad guy shows up finally and it doesn't all work out great for him but I thought it all worked out a bit too easy for Mikhail. I thought Andre would have had a few more tricks up his sleeve.

All in all, I was rather annoyed most of the way through because of Raven giving into everything so easily and not really questioning who or what Mikhail was and putting her trust so easily into someosomeone before he laid everything out on the table for her. The ending was lacking slightly for me, I think I expected too much. The sexual scenes were tastefully done and leaves a little bit to the imagination. I do think there was a rather lot of sex scenes, it seemed like every time you turned a page they were at it. I most likely will continue with the next book to see where the series leads me.

Disclaimer: I have not bought this book or been given it free of charge and I am not receiving any money to review this book. I borrowed this book from the local library and everything I have said is based on my honest opinion and wanted to share it with you.
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on 20 November 2015
This was a great start to a series. I was pleased to see how different it was from other books I've read in this same genre. The characters were strong and I was most intrigued by Grigori. Only four stars as I felt it dragged quite a lot in the middle.
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