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3.9 out of 5 stars8
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2003
Christine Feehan does another Carpathian tale – Dark Descent. Triain is another of the hunters sent out so many centuries ago when the fate of the Carpathians was first anticipated by their prince. Traian’s lifemate is Joie Sanders who is a bodyguard and security expert. She comes well armed and prepared to defend herself and those she loves. They meet in the Carpathian mountains, which is a nice return, although much of the story is set in an extensive cave system, or in Joie’s hotel. Joie is sure she is going crazy, because after an ‘astral’ meeting on her part, she keeps hearing a voice in her head. Triain is delighted to find his lifemate, although presently taken up with fighting a master vampire. Until Joie comes looking for her delusion, bringing her family too. The trio of humans are great, their relationship very strong and well developed in a short time. Gary (from Dark Magic) reappears here, and I was very glad to continue his byline in the connected tale. A great, if short, addition to the series.
The Star Queen by Susan Grant jumps into the formation of the alliance that forms the Galatic Council and the writers of the Treatise of Trade (used so cleverly in ‘Star Prince’). I have enjoyed that a number of Grant’s sequels (Contact and this story) have been prequels, each going back a step – we have the foreknowledge of our dealings with the ancestors and what they have wrought to add to the enjoyment of the struggle to get there.
The premise of Susan Squires ‘Sacrilege’ is a very interesting one. It treats vampirism and the need for blood in a religious way so that the blood lust can be overcome or at least managed. Magda has been one of the worst, but after over 800 years of tutelage, has emerged without wreaking havoc and drinking human blood for that time. Pietr, one of the Old Ones, was her tutor. She had long known she loves him, but it was only when she was sent out from Mirso Monastery into the world once more that he realises that he loves her too. Self flagellation and a series of essentially tortures follow, but ultimately he follows her into the world, casting aside at least a portion of his vows to go to her. But his own mentor is not best pleased with the defection of one of his brightest stars, and sets a horror on his trail.
If you like any of the above authors, you’ll enjoy their stories. I did not like them all equally – The Star Queen seemed to have great pieces of the story left out, constrained by it’s short length, which was a shame. And Sacrilege did not have enough ‘good times’ to counterbalance the pain – for example what Pietr went through before making his decision to leave the monastery. But I would have loved for them all to have been book length, and think that especially the last two suffered because of the page constraint. This is not to say I do not recommend the book – each author does her bit well, exhibiting in each case more of the reason why regular readers follow their work.
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on 19 May 2003
I bought this book initially for Christine Feehan's The Only One. As an avid reader of the Dark Series I have all her previous titles. As with "After Twilight" another colaboration with other authors I enjoyed the M/s Feehan's contribution, but unlike "After Twilight" have yet to read the other authors. However, as a continuation of the Dark Series this is a must. Traian Trigovise, our Carpathian hulk, is one of the ancient warrior we read about in After Twilight, who is like Falcon is returning to his home land and before reaching his homeland meets his lifemate, Joie Sanders, Traian lifemate is a warrior in her own right. As with all lifemates Joie has psychic abilities. However, unlike other lifemates, with the exception of Alexandria in "Dark Gold", has close family members. I hope M/s Feehan expands on these family members, they sound very entertaining. This book also give news on what has been happening in the lifes of characters from other titles.
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Three dark romance stories unfold within this single novel.
First is Dark Descent by Christine Feehan. Joie Sanders was one of the best bodyguards around. Wounded during duty, she ended up in a hospital for treatment. Joie dealt with the pain by imagining herself in the mountains. It was a trick she had often used, never suspecting that she really was traveling outside her body. In those mountains she met Traian. He was wounded as well and lay in a dark cave. Once their minds touched Joie could not escape Traian's voice. He had linked with her, knowing instantly that she was "the one". He had waited several life times for her.
The second is The Star Queen by Susan Grant. Romjha B'kak was leader of an elite group called Raiders. Tai Sai was th group's bombmaker. The group was about to meet some royal outsiders from the stars that would change their lives!
The third is Sacrilege by Susan Squires. Magda had been at the Mirso Monastery to overcome her addiction of taking the last drop of blood from her victims. Those within the monastery taught against pleasure and emotions. Love was to be avoided at all costs. Those who failed the teachings were hunted down by the Harrier and executed. When Brother Pietr believed Magda ready, he sent her to San Francisco. She was met by Davinoff and helped to blend in. But Pietr had done the unthinkable. He had fallen in love with Magda. When his mentor, Rubius, found out of Pietr's feelings, he sent the Harrier out to assassinate Magda, though she had done no wrong!
**** Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Romance blend together for this collection of novellas. I enjoyed every minute as I read deep into the night. ****
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on 5 December 2015
Good collection of short stories, all brilliant authors, would definitely recommend
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on 31 January 2015
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on 21 March 2015
Great read as usual
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on 3 August 2015
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on 16 May 2003
I bought this book because of Ms. Feehan's short story, hoping that it would be better than Dark Symphony (her last book which was about as engaging as watching a snail move 10 feet)but it was about the same level of pornographic nonsense. I finished reading the book last night and felt so dissappointed. I know that this was only a short story, but it is as if she couldn't be bothered to explore the characters in the book. The plot had promise, but Ms Feehan was more interested in exploring sex scenes - the Vamp and heroine having sex in full knowledge that a group of vampires are waiting outside ready to kill them.
It really is a shame because Ms Feehan can write some sexy (not "sex" - but "sexy") and intelligent stories that can put a smile or two on your face (ie. Dark Fire). In relation to the other stories in the book - held no interest for me, kind of boring.
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