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on 22 December 2003
Although it's a fair few years since escape from reason was first published, the ideas and comment on modern thought is quite insightful. Schaeffer's 'line of despair' thesis is introduced, and the book sits nicely alongside the God who is there, and he is there and he is not silent. An extremely worthwhile read, providing an overview of the trends in thought and thus facilitates understanding of why people think the way they do today. I would recommend the book to any interested in philosophy or cultural studies type work; the implications of Schaeffer's thesis are wide reaching.
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on 14 November 2013
Escape from Reason (IVP Classics) is virtually the history of western culture in a nutshell.
That may seem ludicrous but Francis Schaeffer has managed to put the history of western culture in a comprehensive package. In fact he does so much more. He shows how all philosophical movements have gone first to the visual arts before being taken up in the other artistic and scientific disciplines. He also places them in the order in which they fall.
He shows how man's thinking has step-by-step descended into the confusion it is today. He also show why and how this has happened.
As a sideline, this book also makes the abstract art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries comprehensible to the average person.
Had Francis Schaeffer been known as a philsopher and not a theologian he would have turned the philosophical world on his head, in the ways that Aquinas (also a theologian) and Hegel, as two examples, did in the past.
The academic world has a prejudice against theologians, even when they are philosophers--unless of course they are men such as Kierkegaard or Barth who are willing to compromise.
Francis Schaeffer never did compromise and he stuck to logic, hard facts, and Scripture.
Escape From Reason is an education in itself and it is to my mind almost astonishing that such a small and easily readable book can contain so much information.
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on 19 November 2007
I was by the grace of God fortunate enough to meet with Dr Francis Schaeffer and to become a member of the International Presbyterian Church which he founded. But long before that happened I had been on the verge of total despair and contemplating suicide.I had become a Christian in the summer of 1963/64 and due to my own history of experiencing the loss and grief for the deaths of people who I loved which started when I was still a child had aged me beyond my years.Between the ages of seven and fifteen when I was converted I had been close to eight people who died both tragically by accidents or naturally by age or and infirmity including my father and my mother and an Uncle and Aunt.The first one was when I held my first best friend close to me,still with the seaweed round his neck and looked at his dead drowned face,his eyes still open, when I was seven years old.I had questions,big questions and I wanted and needed big answers.Almost needless to say I did not get them from my relatives or from the church and I was familiar with four different denominations,three Protestant,one Catholic.To cut a long story short I left my highland village and joined the ranks of the Hippie revolution,the revolution that failed.The flower power of our generation
is mostly displayed on our graves,we failed and our philosophies whether home grown,or foreign or do it yourself failed and many felt like me rudderless,and pointless.It was on a day of despair wandering around aimlessly I found Dr Schaeffers book "Escape from Reason".It had just been published and was on display in a Christian bookshop in Richmond on Thames where I was living in a hippie commune..It was with a sense of almost compulsion that I went inside and bought the book and that book changed my life,revolutionised my thinking, and eventually through Dr Schaeffers words to me and people like Edith his wife,Os Guinness,Dick Keyes,Hans Rookmaaker and the list goes on brought me back eventually through the answers to my questions to the Holy God of my fathers who is there and who is not silent.This book,Escape From Reason short though it is, led me back in my own thinking as to how I had come to the conclusions I had reached and is as has been said a penetrating analysis of how we have come to where we are today in our culture and thought forms.Not only that though it points out how and where these have been wrong or misguided and that one can have an intellectual basis as well as a spiritual conviction for believing in God and go on to have and develop an intellectually robust faith.Buy this book,it might just help to save your life and your soul.John 3.16
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on 25 October 2015
This is as interesting, useful and as readable as when it was first published. I read it then and am enjoy it now.
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on 1 November 2015
interesting thankyou
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on 8 July 2015
Passed on to friend
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on 15 May 2015
Excellent book!
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on 8 October 2014
Great book by a great author
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