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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2015
Reflex is what I would consider an ideal sequel thanks to being able to stand on its own without its predecessor and by progressing the story of characters we know in a new and unexpected direction. Continuing on from 1992's Jumper, Reflex sets itself 10 years after Davy's pursuit of revenge. Now married to Millie and working for the CIA alongside Brian Cox, Davy now lives a happy life free from his alcoholic father. That is until he is kidnapped by an organisation that wants to utilise his power and turn him into a weapon.
Millie must now search for her missing husband as he plans his escape from his ruthless captors.

Reflex is at times a difficult read, its a dark and unrelenting view of torture and human experimentation. But acting as an undercurrent through all of this is an adult and non-cliché portrayal of love and marriage keeping the main characters determined to find each other. Filled with spectacular characters (including one of my personal favourite villains in fiction in the form of Hyacinth Pope) and extremely well written. Reflex is everything a sequel should be, its a brilliant and gripping adult thriller that any fan of sci-fi, crime thrillers or the original novel should read.
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on 11 January 2005
Reflex is the long awaited sequel to the fantastic Jumper -- a story written by Gould about a young man who learned he could teleport to anywhere in the world.

Now there is Reflex (finally!)

Jumper is one of my favourite books of all time, and I was concerned that Reflex might not live up to its older brother's towering reputation, but it did. :) Ten years have passed in Davy's life, and in that time his life has settled into routine. He is married to Millie, who is now a therapist with her own clinic, and while she helps the mentally infirm and depressed, Davy is busy jumping around the world.

Before reading this book, you MUST read Jumper. Both books could stand alone, but you would miss so much by not reading them in order.
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on 26 March 2016
A lot better than the first book (if you didn't like the first book), Such a goooood plot, I couldn't stop reading, I didn't want it to end, nicely thought out. :3 In the favourite books material. So refreshing to read a good book after so many disappointing books i'd read lately. New narrative style and better action (than the first) :3
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Jumper was a far better book then the film that was made from it, and here we finally have a follow up. Set 10 years after Jumper, Davy and Millie are an established couple and very much grown up. As payback for being left alone, Davy undertakes occasional Government missions using his teleporting skills but is captured by someone with an agenda to brainwash and use him and his skills. In the meantime Millie searches for him and makes an important discovery that may change everything.
This is thoughtful well written stuff. Good plotting and characterisation with an intriguing premise. Very enjoyable and recommended.
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on 22 March 2016
I read Jumper like 7 years ago and I was looking forward to find the sequels, now that I had the chance to purchase the books it's not disappointing; It's well threaded plot, excellent characters and a good development of the story. The only thing it could have been improved is the Spanish of the Spanish speaking characters, it doesn't sound so natural. But it's an excelente book.
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on 21 February 2009
Warning for prospective buyers: the book I received had a cover which was a slight variance on the one shown above. Instead it says Reflex, the sequel to the motion picture hit Jumper or something to that effect... I prefer the cover I didn't get, so I was slightly peeved. (Though I couldn't get Jumper's original cover, had to stick with the movie cover)

This was a decent book, I prefer 3rd person narrative to the original's 1st person. I read the first a few days before I got this and liked it so much I quickly got Reflex. Considering I read it pretty quickly as well I guess it wasn't a bad read. However I feel it was a little slow paced and certainly not as exciting as the first. Satisfactory ending and Gould has left a slight cliffhanger for a possible 3rd book - which I will buy.

One point I'd like to make is someone needs to proof read both Jumper and Reflex, there are quite a few errors, an amount you wouldn't expect...
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on 29 July 2013
Ten years have passed and Davy and Millie are married. When Davy is kidnapped Millie learns she can jump and pulls out all the stops to to find him. Davy's experience at the hands of his captors is quite harrowing and frightening and leaves the listener wondering how he can possibly get out of the situation he finds himself in.The bad guys are BAD but believable. The story is well written, exciting and flows well with plenty of action and unexpected twists. I like how the main characters have developed and the people they have become. The ending is good and hopefully paves the way for a continuation of Millie and Davy's story.
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on 8 November 2008
This is Steven Gould's first sequel to his original Jumper novel, Jumper 2 for the uninitiated. Before the Jumper movie came along there were originally only these two jumper novels. There is no mention of Griffin or the Paladins in this story, because at this stage, those characters had not yet been devised.

Reflex is set ten years on from the original novel, and sees Millie and David living happily together both in Millie's house in Stillwater and out of David's secret high-hide carved out of a rock-face in the Texas wilderness. Millie is contentedly involved in her career as a counsellor, while David spends his time jumping around the world, occasionally assisting NSA Agent Cox with various covert `snatch-and-grab' jobs. At this point, very early on in the story, the author takes a bold step and has his main protagonist kidnapped by rogue private contractors leaving Millie to join the dots as to what may have happened to him. Unfortunately before she can do this she has to find a way out of David's hideaway where he left her, a vantage point several hundred feet above the ground.

Being a big fan of Doug Liman's Jumper movie I found myself imaging Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson inhabiting these well-written and sweet characters. It is not often I encounter the phenomena of a female being concerned for the well-being of her man either in life or in art, so I was drawn to Millie's predicament. It is also a bold step of the author to tether Davy to a narrative standstill for the majority of the story, allowing the Millie character to take centre stage. Issues of incarceration, immasculation and a male responding to unwanted sexual advances are very well written.

The action is very original and the characterisation has also taken a step forward; both David and Millie have been written into developed adults. Gone too is the first person narrative, Gould this time opting for a story told from the third person. The author does a good job with this novel, a fast and snappy read. It seems inevitable that there will be a third Jumper novel. I remain curious as to whether Steven Gould will keep the stories of the novels and the forthcoming sequel movies separate or whether he will blend the two plotlines together.
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on 11 April 2010
The weakness of this book is the hero spends too much time being controlled by his captors. More than 70% of the book is spent on describing the helpless situation of the hero, while readers are really seeking the pleasure of how he can overcome the hurdles. Even Millie, the second hero, seems unsure of her new-found capability to teleport. On the whole, I would give this book only 50% marks versus 95% for the "Jumper".
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on 29 July 2009
I wouldn't recommend reading this book at bedtime, not because it is scary but because you'll spend all night reading it.

The story gets going quickly, very, and there is no need at all to have any idea of the jumper books by the same author, even though the story is about Davy a man who was born with the ability to teleport.

Just a lovely book and a nice read.
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