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4.6 out of 5 stars45
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2003
Well, it's well worth buying if you're interested in seeing Bruce Lee's fitness training. That's all you really need to know about the book - I've been doing martial arts for a couple of years and this is very good, even for non-martial artists.
It has some of his circuit training methods, and it all in all a very motivational and interesting book.
It also has some of his weight training activities, I've been lifting weights for about 7 years and I'd recommend all of his exercises (apart from the 'Good Morning' exercise which is commonly known to cause back injuries) - and going through them, all of the main exercises as well as a few of his own inventions which are also very good are included.
This should have everything you need to get fit and also some good pictures of Bruce Lee in his prime, which should get you working out.
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on 11 December 2003
If you're interested in Bruce Lee, or working out, or both, you'll probably love this book.
I got this on my 19th birthday, and my whole life has changed 'cos of the information in this book. I used to detest exercise, but now I'll usually work outy 6 times a week.
The insight into Lee's training methods is outstanding, but best of all you see that the methods he used weren't mystic or magical, just basic common sense stuff. Of course, the difference is that Bruce Lee took it to another level with a frame of mind and determination hard to achieve.
Trust me, this is a fantastic book, and I still refer back to it now. It's a constant source of inspiration. Just buy it, buy it now....
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on 26 August 2002
This is a book I bought because since I was a kid I was fascinated by Bruce Lee and his muscles on muscles physique. I really didn't think there would be a collection as detailed on how Bruce had achieved it and am amazed John Little has done such a good job in not only presenting the excercises practiced by Bruce but also presenting them in a way that is easy to understand if you are beginning your own physical improvement programme. I have achieves some good improvements in my own conditioning using the methods in this book and think anyone else could do the same.
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on 14 July 2001
As a life long Bruce Lee fan and martial artist, I have found this book very interesting and useful. I intend to use one of the many training routines outlined to train for my upcoming Martial arts tournaments. The routines and nutritional info have a very scientific approach showing Bruce Lee was years ahead of his time.
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on 5 October 2013
Anyone who has seen Bruce Lee's films wonders how he obtained his amazing physique, and this book tells us in minute detail. Much of this is fascinating to those of us who are into physical training - details such as the fact that Bruce would hit a punchbag 2,000 times in one session, run 2 miles every single day, do weight training every other day, along with all his martial arts training and calisthenics, and even train while he was doing other things like watching TV and reading. Anecdotes from people who knew him add interest, but more than anything the book shows up how incredibly obsessed the man was, not just in his training but in recording every exercise he did in every single session. Where the book rather stalls is that much of this is faithfully reproduced, I suspect for reasons of preserving it as valuable historical fact, but lists of exercises that go on for pages at a time are frankly unreadable to all but the most devoted aficionado. So all in all it is a book with a fair amount of interesting material, but most people will find much of it too detailed to hold their attention.
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on 21 May 2008
Who hasn't wanted to look like Bruce Lee? At a body weight of around 120lbs (8 1/2 stones) he must have one of the most impressive physiques ever seen on screen.This book details exactly how he did it.John Little has compiled all the training knowledge Bruce had and put it in one very informative volume.It covers Lee's general fitness training, to bodypart specialisation, so if you want to improve the look of your arms, back chest etc-it's all here.Bruce trained constantly all day, martial arts training to general conditioning, and it's all here, including the very under rated PHA system of training, which is unbeatable for general fitness.Training philosophy has moved on, but 80-90% of the material in this book is still valid today, which shows how far ahead of his time Bruce Lee was.This book works on so many levels, and it is one that you will refer to constantly.I highly reccommend it.
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on 4 February 2010
for some reason i was under the premise that bruce lee did most of his training using isometric methods, the fool i was. i am not in any way trained in any martial arts, apart from that of running in the opposite direction so my interest in this book was not based on aquiring skills of those kinds. what i expected from this book was a comprehensive guide of excersises lee used to maintain his physique...and i was not dissapointed. sure, some of the stuff in there is basic barbell curls and things which i was used to doing in my bedroom once or twice a week. this book provided me with the insight of structure in your workouts, it has helped me develop different routines with free weights depending on which part of the body needs the excersise, be it back, chest, abs, shoulders...all the main muscle groups are covered in this book. although i will second a comment in another review, don't try the "good morning" exercise, it hurts your back anyway and i can't imagine that pain times a million if you do actually put your back out doing the "good morning".

this book also gives a glimpse of other parts of lee's physical life, his dietry habbits and other cardiovascular routines he used. having structure, or a "time table" for each week has really upped my motivation levels for working out and something i don't think i would have picked up had it not been for this book. there is plenty of photo-age as to inspire you to a certain goal, but having said that, unless you are a full-time professional it will be difficult to attain lee physique otherwise.

book good for- anyone how wants to get into shape, doesn't know alot about that subject and wants to learn some easy ways of getting more toned ripped or hulked (book provides info for different kinds of workouts) and to learn a little bit more about lee's somewhat feverish enthusiasm for health and fitness. but if you have been working out for years and have stacks of muscle magazines and two gyms worth of equipmant in your garage you may not take alot away from this book to be honest but still worth a wuick look anyway.
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`The Art of Expressing the Human Body' explores the training techniques and health ideas of Bruce Lee. In a large A4 sized book you get in-depth analysis of how his training ideas developed, as well as specific training plans for a variety of goals. This book looks at Isometrics, beginners routines, general strength routines, strength and shape routines, circuit training, martial arts strength training and then specific chapters focusing on particular body parts before it looks at cardio health, nutrition and ending on some of Bruce's personal training diaries. The whole book is well presented and has numerous photos of Lee in various training sessions or films. One small gripe is that although the book has lots of photos, none of the exercises are illustrated so although they are described you may not fully understand how to practise them and clear diagrams may have helped. Also about a third of the exercises need to be done on a multi gym and unless you have one at home this will involve joining a gym if you want to replicate these programs exactly. The ideas are well thought out and show how Lee experimented and questioned everything until he worked out a system of training that was perfect for him and could be applied by anyone else. This is fascinating to read for his dedication and development alone, the various photos are amazing and inspiring and an added bonus in an already information packed book. If you are a fan of Lee then this is indispensable and if you are looking for some good training ideas then this is a pretty good place to go as well. Just take it easy and build up slowly to some of the weights Lee could achieve!!

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 28 June 2008
If you have ever admired Bruce lee for his martial arts and breathtaking skill, you may of asked yourself how he obtained his fitness which is the core of all things. In this book, lists of exercises Bruce did are laid out perfectly telling exactly what the exercise involves. it simply divides the actions into each body part section enabling you to target exact areas you want to improve and it shows you what he did, when in his life as he understands the utmost efficient exercising.

if you want to discover the secrets of Lee's fitness, this book is the ultimate choice.
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on 2 March 2000
This book is a must for martial artists in training, and proves useful as a general fitness guide.
The book covers body building, circuit and interval training through to improving your flexibility and cardio vascular system.
This book also offers insights into Lee on and of the film set including his own notes and comments, and photos of him including exercise participation, proving a valuable and reliable resource to martial artists, fans and fitness fanatics.
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