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on 17 February 2014
Look at the nonsense introduction and you'll see why it's one star - can't give it one sadly, or I would!
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Part One: The Blessing Of Israel, opens with the famous quote from Genesis 12:3 and in the chapter God, Israel And You the author explains why this promised blessing and curse are so relevant today in the context of the current world situation. The next, Blessing For Blessing, reveals the root meaning of the Hebrew word Blessing and discusses the Book of Ruth, i.e. the story of Ruth the Moabitess who gave up her country to follow her mother-in-law Naomi. This book of scripture has profound significance for our day.

In the chapter Accursed: Who, Why, When, Teplinsky admits that the Bible contains beautiful symbolism and allegory but that a literal interpretation often makes the most sense. The curse against those who curse Israel can be seen operating in history through the fall of the Roman Empire, the Crusades which brought bubonic plague in its wake, the brief glory that was imperial Spain, the end of the British Empire after the broken promises of the Balfour Declaration and the mess of the Mandate, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Part Two: Father's Heart, discusses Israel through the writings of St Paul in the Book of Romans, specifically God's abiding love for Israel. Teplinsky also looks at Ezekiel 16, Hosea, Jeremiah and the Psalms. This part includes sections on intercessory prayer and reconciliation. The narrative once again returns to Romans 9 in Part Three: Israel's Identity, and looks at the meaning of Hebrew words like Yeshua, Hebrew, Abraham, Judah and Israel. In chapter 7: An Irrevocable Calling, concepts like Shekhinah, the covenants, the law, the promises, temple worship and the family tree of Jesus Christ are discussed.

The severing of Christianity's Jewish roots is explored in Part Four: The Salvation Of Israel. Paul's warning to gentile believers went unheeded, as is demonstrated in the deeds of Emperor Constantine and the words of St John Chrysostom, Martin Luther and others, like many of the early church fathers and at various of the church councils like Nicea I & II, Antioch, Elvira and Agde. For a good historical overview of Christian anti-Semitism, please consult Our Hands Are Stained With Blood by Michael L Brown.

But there is also a new Christian Anti-Semitism in our day, focused upon the boycott and demonisation of Israel. It forms part of the phenomenon exposed by Phyllis Chesler in her book The New Antisemitism. In the chapter The Jews And The Gospel, the author investigates theological issues like the dual covenant, the times of the gentiles and Israel's twofold restoration, whilst chapter 10: Revival Of The Remnant, explains the rise of Messianic Judaism and its meaning for our times.

In Part Five: The Question Of The Election, the author turns to the ancient roots of the conflict in the Middle East. In the chapter Abraham's Family Feud, she examines the history of Isaac, Ishmael, Abraham's other sons and the war in the womb between Jacob and Esau. Chapter 12: Incursion Of Islam, appraises the nature of the deity Allah, the idea of Jihad and the ancient power portals of the Middle East, explaining why Israel and the USA are called "the little Satan" and "the great Satan" respectively.

This conflict is further investigated in Part Six: Unraveling The Arab/Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, with special emphasis on mass media bias against Israel in the chapter Discerning Truth In Perplexing Times. In this regard, the interested reader will find much of value in the book The Other War by Stephanie Gutmann. The horrendous Anti-Semitism in the Arab media is noted, as well as the myths and lies built around the Arab refugee problem. A book that provides even more detailed facts on this issue is From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters.

The subsequent Arab-Israeli conflicts are covered in the chapter Agenda To Annihilate, together with the sinister Palestinian Church and its liberation theology. The prophetic outlook is discussed in Just Peace In The Land, with reference to the Book of Obadiah. There is a passage on the West Bank and a call for Christians to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The issue of the West Bank is also brilliantly explained in The Mountains Of Israel by Norma Parrish Archbold, a book that I highly recommend.

Teplinsky argues that modern Anti-Zionism equals Anti-Semitism in the chilling Part Seven: Living Sacrifices. It is impossible to deny this, as anti-Zionism has risen dramatically in recent years and it comes from the same sources: Islamists, Leftists like for example Jimmy Carter, academics like the British University and College Union, the mass media and certain mainstream churches in their divestment campaigns, plus certain of the species known as Paleoconservatives or the Isolationist Right in the USA.

The chapter Israel On A Last Days Altar looks at prophetic passages from scripture and provides sound advice to Christians on what to do and how to do it. The true Bride of Yeshua will cling to Israel like Ruth clung to Naomi. The final chapter The Sacrament Of Sacrifice warns true Christians that standing with Israel may come at a heavy price in future, but that the choice must be made and that the choice of Ruth will ultimately result in joy and blessings for the whole world.

This edifying and illuminating book concludes with 18 pages of notes arranged by chapter, a bibliography of 8 pages and a thorough index. For more evidence of the encouraging signs of reconciliation between Jews and Christians, I recommend Standing with Israel: Why Christians Support Israel by David Brog and A Match Made In Heaven by Zev Chafets. May the reader be blessed with insight and understanding.
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on 29 December 2014
A very clear and concise coverage of a very important topic, God's plan and eternal purpose for Israel. This is the best, most readable book I have read on this subject. Highly recommended.
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on 22 September 2015
Great book some of friends have ordered it as well
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on 7 February 2015
Bought for friend who Likes it a lot
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on 17 June 2013
It's a book in season for those seeking to understand about Israel both as a people and nation. The author has God's perspective which helps in understanding present day situations regarding Israel.
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