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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 February 2007
I agree with other people about this book that the first few chapters are the best but I wouldn't discourage anybody from buying it. Even though there are only a few chapters on Heaven it got me excited. I have recommended this book to people who have lost loved ones suddenly and they have told me that it was what they needed at that time. God has used this man in an amazing way and he couldn't talk anymore about heaven how do you describe that amazing place in our earthly terms??
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on 11 January 2007
This book is an awesome book; it's worth it for the first few chapters.

But I have to confess, I have never finished it!

It gets SO boring for me (maybe my age, 19?), it repeats itself a lot and the chronological order of events seems confused at times.

One paragraph he says he's suffering and gives the impression it's years, then the next he says "I'm out of hospital 5 months after the crash.".

There are facts in this book that i come back to time and time again in talking to non-christians and also to bolster my own faith.

It is a phenomenal story, and I've seen this guy in the flesh walking about (I believe he has a slight limp, but that may be a false memory of mine, should of taken more note.)

I would recommend this book to anyone, the story of the crash and his experience with heaven and what he experiences is absolutely amazing, it's so unbelievable!

My main critics of the book are as follows:

1) After heaven, it gets repetitive and boring, but is an awesome story.

2) It talks about heaven and how awesome it is, but I find nothing about Jesus and how to get there! About Jesus saviour of all? Things like that? I felt there should have been more evangelical stuff in here.

I must stress that the first few chapters of this book MAKE this book a purchase, I couldn't put it down... but by midway... I was flagging and I didn't make it past 2 thirds the way through.

Highly recommended review!
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2010
The story of Don Piper's painful recovery from a life threatening road accident and the use to which he subsequently put his experience is inspiring. However, the title of the book is misleading, resulting in some disappointment. I had expected more emphasis on Don's near death experience, in particular his experience of 'heaven'. (I'm still sceptical about heaven, but I know that other people who have had near death experiences have reported similar things and have afterwards felt much more positive about their life and death, so I can't pooh-pooh the idea altogether.) In stead there is a description of the road accident, a lot about Piper's medical treatment and slow and painful recovery, and more about how he now puts this experience to work in his role as as a pastor. I suppose the book has been given its title in order to pull people in, but it is misleading. My other gripe is that the climax of the book is in the first half, and it sort of fizzles out after that. All the same don't let me put you off reading it. It is an easy and inspiring read. It is written from an evangelical Christian point of view, and seems to assume that the reader will also be of this persuasion. I'm not, but I didn't find this aspect of the book particularly jarring; you just need to exercise a little understanding and imagination when reading it.
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on 19 October 2009
An easy to read book that recounts an intense and unique amazing personal spiritual experience. That's a lot of adjectives! I read this because I know people who have had visions of heaven, The LORD, saints passing to glory and a whole range of experiences. But nobody who ever died, went to heaven and returned.

Don Piper's tale is, well, I am running out of superlatives! You need to read this to get a real feel for what he recounts happened to him. Of course, this is not proof for heaven or an afterlife, for that you'd need someone to die, be dead for several days, then come back, and I can only think of two people in history who are named as having done this.

But, it is a most honest tale. And the account of how he 'survived' an horrific crash and was left dead only to come back after someone praying intensely over him, is mesmerising. If that is the right word!

If you are looking for a Hollywood ending where everything turns out perfect, then forget it. Yes he survives but, yes also, he is a man who remains pained by his body-crunching experience. Like St Paul he has to live with the reminder of his frailty. This part of the book might disappoint those seeking a lived-happilly-ever-after ending, but this would be to forget that it is an account of his death that is miraculous, not his life. That is more for us and like us.

So, astounding tale honestly told, but be prepared that his returned life is a difficult one or the latter part of the book becomes harder to read, unless you recognise yourself in the latter personal accounts. I do.
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on 29 September 2012
I bought this book at a time of personal suffering with severe depression & anxiety. Having been a Christian since the age of 7yrs, I did my best to do what God wanted me to do, but this wasn't good enough for bullies & two Christian abusers who should have known better & another who simply didn't think before they spoke. I became disillusioned in my faith, as one of the people who caused immense suffering was my father. Thinking of God as my true Father, but having a very bad example of a father for most of my life, I wrestled with my faith for several years, wanting to continue to please God & live my life the way I knew He wanted me to, but having projected my earthly father's traits onto God, I was also terrified of God after my earthly father turned into an emotional bully & abuser. However, this book was one of the few powerful positive influences in my recovery from depression & anxiety & in rediscovering the truth about my Father in Heaven. In rediscovering the true nature of God the Father (& this book played a key part), I had some very powerful, personal, but amazing & beautiful moments, which went on to help me recover from the severe depression & anxiety & years of bullying & abuse. This book conveys the truth, awe, beauty & hope of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit & Heaven. If you thought you knew what Heaven was like, you haven't seen anything yet. Don Piper describes his experience of Heaven (echoed by others who've also experienced Heaven) in easy to understand modern, everyday language. And for those of you who have lost a loved one who you know was a Christian, this book will help you deal with your loss as you get some idea of the joy & peace your loved one will be enjoying. If you're not a Christian (yet), you have to read this, you can't afford to miss out on the opportunity to get to such a wonderful, amazing place. God wants you there, don't miss out. Buy this book & see what you could enjoy if you just let God show you through Don Piper. Thank you so much for sharing your story Don, I know it's touched so many lives already (including mine) & will continue to do so.
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on 25 May 2007
Inspiring account of one mans experience following a terrible accident but the book climaxes way too early and the reader is left hungry for more details of the life beyond.....for a more indepth story of the afterlife experience try Eadie's "Embraced by the Light"..
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on 30 April 2006
For a Christian book, this is perhaps one of the most misleading titles I've ever bought.

It's called '90 minutes in Heaven', giving the impression that it's about this man's experience of Heaven - when it's about nothing of the sort.

Granted, he had a truly horrific accident and experienced great kindness from others throughout his recovery, but the actual recounting of his 'Heaven experience' takes up less than a chapter of the whole book. The rest of the story is about his recovery and how he gradually worked his way back to health.

My dad is fascinated by stories about Heaven so I bought this as a Christmas present for him - he was sorely disappointed and felt, like me, that the author/publisher had sought to market the book on a 'heaven experience' when in reality, the story barely talks about it.

The story itself is a good, inspirational one - especially for those who are recovering from long-term injury, but the title is dishonest and misleading.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 September 2015
I really enjoyed this book. It is always fascinating to read stories of people who have experienced the gift of a glimpse into Heaven, and unlike some others, this one does not seem flaky or theologically questionable. Don Piper is very honest about his experience and the life-lessons he has learnt and writes in a very readable style. He has something to say about the perplexing events of life, because it is clear that he has siffered and still suffers. This book is well worth a read.
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on 4 November 2011
Let's be honest here. When I bought this book it was because my Wife asked for it. I had no intention of reading it at all myself.

After my Wife had read it she said you must read this book. It turned out for me to be an absorbing read. Don Piper gives a humbling testimony of the events from that fateful day which should have claimed his life.

For 90 minutes he was declared dead. But he experienced the joy of being in Heaven. No somber songs, but joyful praising of God.

The book only spends a chapter of his heavenly experience. The rest of the book is about Don's recovery from his horific injuries, his interaction with family & friends, the strength & hope he has given other people with similar injuries and the confirmation of Heaven to fellow christians/non christians. There were times I was reading this book whilst my Wife was asleep and the tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Don Piper still lives in pain ever since the accident in 1989. But his faith is incredible with what he has had to put up with. It is a book about the testimony of prayer. As he said to his church when he first returned many many months after the accident "You Prayed, I'm Here"

I know one day he will return home.
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on 4 October 2011
A friend had read this book and recommended it to me, so I bought it. I found what was written about his experiences in heaven to be most interesting, but that didn't even take up as much as a third of the book! The author, who went through horrendous pain and agony for a long time, spent more time complaining about his injuries! This sounds callous of me, but he did go on and on and on about the pain. It was a very disappointing read for me, and for my friend who also borrowed the book - we both felt the same. I ended up skimming through the last half of the book - in the hope that I might read something more about heaven, but no, the pages at the start, well that was it. A bit of a let down. The title should have been "A little bit of heaven and a lot of pain"
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