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3.0 out of 5 stars9
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 1998
I have to write this review to tell the world, THIS BOOK IS TERRIBLE.
A little background: I'm a Visual Basic Programmer who wanted to learn how to program in Java using Visual J++ 6.0. I couldn't learn much from this book, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, this book is useless.
There are three things you need to learn to use J++ 6.0: (1) you have to learn Java programming; (2) you have to learn how to use the Windows Foundation Classes which are unique to J++ 6.0; and (3) you need to learn how to use the integrated design environment.
This book attempts to cover all three of the above, but covers nothing well.
(1) Java programming: there are many GOOD books written about how to do Java programming. If you search through, I'm sure you can find a book you'll find suitable for that purpose. J++ 6.0 uses standard Java 1.1, so there is no need to worry about finding a book specific to J++ 6.0.
(2) Windows Foundation Classes (WFC): the WFC are new to J++ 6.0 and there aren't many books out that cover this. But this book has pitiful coverage of WFC. Why, it doesn't even tell you how to show a form!! Imagine that. How could the author leave out something so basic? The book Visual J++ 6.0 Developer's Workshop is the only book currently on the market that has useful information about using the WFC. Buy that book instead.
(3) Using the integrated design environment (IDE): I admit that this book was somewhat helpful in this respect. Is that a good enough reason to buy this book? I don't know.
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on 15 June 2000
The book is great if you would like to learn how to apply Java using the Microsoft J++ environment, and learn how to create different types of projects using different techniques; however, I would not say that it is necessarily a good book for beginners who would like to learn the "ins and outs" of the language. The main criticism is that it does not "dig" into the language itself, enough. The projects provide early hands on programming, but the use of the language (in terms of the numerous functions and commands available) are not explored or explained - for this, you need to refer to Ivor Horton's Java 2 book, which provides a more than thorough review & exploration of the entire Java language! I would recommend this book, if what you want is to learn the J++ environment and certain techniques/tools, but you will also definately need a book that delves into the language itself to provide a solid understanding of the subject matter!
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on 17 September 1998
I was (and my team) extremly disapointed with this book. We have been working with Visual J++ 6.0 since the first pre-release in a commercial product. We were expecting this book to help us in the areas we are struggling with - to ADD to what is supplied with the product as documentation. Instead this book provides nothing more than a rehash of the documentation with extremly simplistic samples. The section on "Code Behind DHTML" is a mere 3 pages (should be a large chapter) and is totally incorrect - based on Preview 1 information. There is nothing on deployment. The so called Advanced topics are really Beginner at best. One of my team members just said he was going to throw his away. The market is crying out for an Advanced book on Visual J++ 6.0 and especially WFC in the areas of COM and DHTML. We don't need yet another book that really tries to teach simplistic Java - there are hundreds of books that do that.
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on 12 November 1998
Upon quick review of the features documented in this book, I found it lacking in one very large area. In many of the chapters of the book it focused on using java.lang classes instead of the superior WFC related classes. For example, the I/O chapter focuses on using instead of which is more appropriate. It became clear that this book was a little premature and did not utilize the most important aspect of Visual J++ 6.0...WFC itself.
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on 25 September 1998
I have been programming in Visual Basic for 4 years (version 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0) and have recently decided to learn Java. The initial sections of this book are excellent for Java and OOP newcomers. I also found the multithreading and exception chapters very helpful, displaying to me some of the advantages Java has over VB. This book is very helpful for Visual J++ newcomers.
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on 25 September 1998
I am an experienced Visual J++ 1.0 and Visual J++ 1.1 programmer who is beginning to switch over to Visual J++ 6.0. This book has been a tremendous help with that, guiding me through new topics such as the Windows Foundation Classes and the built in HTML Editor. The Network chapter that develops a client and server program is the best I've ever read.
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on 12 September 1998
Scott Mulloy has written a very thorough and easy to use book. For myself, who just starting to perform J++ programming, I found this reference takes you through each and every step with great code examples. I was able to learn in a very short time what you need to know in order to write code, quickly and easily.
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on 28 September 1998
It's interesting how somebody can write such a long book and not say anything important. I thought it was a real waste. For example, he mentioned JavaBeans in passing, then said they were beyond the scope of the book. I'd pass.
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on 7 March 1999
The book was obviously written very quickly to get to the market. I found it useful when this was the only book in the store.
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