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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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This is a short but effective book about selling products and services which you do not personally deliver. The salesman is taking his gizmo and breaking through the various barriers put in the way by prospects, getting to the meeting, building the interest and closing. He may also in passing seek to build rapport but this is not a book about long-term client building (for that type of sale please see David Maister's The Trusted Advisor); rapport is simply part of the getting to the close process.

Brian Tracy's style is very much linked to two principles. Firstly, he believes in self-belief (or the mimicry of self-belief) he therefore explains how sales-people are (variously) the creators of all wealth, wonderful people who enjoy life more than others, and hugely successful if they are the top 20%. Whether these are objectively true or not hardly matters in his approach; you just need to act like they are. This is the Gospel according to Dosh. Secondly, he is prone to considerable simplifications to get the reader through the learning stage without confusion; he later recants some of these once the basics are grasped. I recommend that you try to shelve any reactions until you have worked through the book. He is not as simplistic as initial comments might indicate.

The system the author recommends is based on a number of threads. Firstly, he firmly believes in looking the part because most people buy from those who look successful. (And there is a nice picture of him on the cover looking like an investment banker...). Secondly, he has a series of stages that will move most prospects through to a close. These are extremely well thought-out and not a little manipulative. It is key that one understands here that these stages work on most people (to my shame I use them myself though I object to them being used on me) but one should also recognise that some people will spot the manipulation and react negatively. The refusal, for example, to let the prospect revert to you after time to think makes sense with many though it will lose you a sale to me. Thirdly, having given you a universal system, Brian Tracy admits tacitly that one size does not fit all by identifying six personality types and how one needs to flex one's approach. However, as noted above he wants to deal with the majority system first before moving to exceptions. Brian's approach is to learn what works most of the time and worry about the outliers later - it is a very practical method; you learn to walk before you learn to run.

The basic stages identified by the author seem to me to work well, and, although I fail to meet his sales person personality types, I have enjoyed success with the sort of wording he recommends (modified for British ears). Most American self-help books subject the reader to a set of memes that do not always sell well over here. Brian Tracy is a purveyor of much good sense but we still have to endure a list of how he rose from nothing and why he is credible; putting that aside as thoroughly un-British I encourage you to get past the introduction and into the main body of the book as there is gold in these chapters.
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on 14 October 2006
I don't normally buy books like this, but I enjoy Brian's easy style so I gave it a go.

In his usual concise and practical way, he lists hundreds of successful strategies for getting people on your side, simply by asking questions and listening carefully to what people want.

It's more a book of psychology than anything else, and will improve not just your ability to sell but your relationships and everyday life.
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on 10 May 2011
I had no sales training, I came from a customer service then marketing background and found myself transitioning naturally into account management. All was going well but I still wasn't a sales person, I was being reactive, managing my accounts, their requirements, the opportunities they gave me, the sales support. When we entered recession, I could not achieve my targets no matter how hard I worked. I only had to read the first two chapters of this book and things turned around dramatically! For the first time, I was thinking like a sales person, I was pro-active, I turned around my thinking and strategies 180 degrees. Instead of taking up the opportunity offered, I looked at what I needed to achieve, who was going to do it for me, with which products at what price and now I systematically achieve my targets and then some. Going through the whole book taught me more techniques and different approaches. Amazing.
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on 21 September 2015
A lot of this book is about your mind set and how changing your thinking can change your life. And its true, like anything and especially in the self-help genre, you need to take action and stick at it before you see any results. The book even has an action exercise page to ensure you follow up. I've seen a change in my attitudes so its already proving to be worth the investment.
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on 16 January 2016
I found this programme helpful as a sales person it has helped me focus, as an aspiring entrepreneur disc 6 including goal setting has been an amazing goal setting experience. One to keep listening to.
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on 30 January 2015
The first 20% of the book seemed like a sales pitch to buy the book rather than how to sell, after that the tips and examples came through. It wasn't as focussed on the psychology as much as I expected but still a good read for people new to sales.
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on 5 September 2013
Majorly disappointed by this book.

There are some nuggets of information in it. But a lot of it is very American and salesy.

The first few chapters of this book are devoted to the 'Psychology' section. Which mainly involves looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you're great and worthy.

There's loads of cringe-worthy examples in the book, were the writer gives far-fetched scenarios that are supposed to be true, which just scream made-up and fake. Such as the example of a young man who grew his hair long and couldn't make any sales, but then cut his hair and now miraculously made sales through the roof. Because, you know, you'll just sneak under the corporate radar with those short back and sides! And did you know, he's since gone bust, since - you guessed it! He had the nerve to grow his hair back again.

The later sales techniques made me deeply uncomfortable, about putting pressure on people to give you a time to see you, and not giving up till you get. The same old tired techniques that has given sales a bad name in the first place.

Still looking for the definitive guide to selling. This isn't it.
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on 18 September 2013
Very good book on sales its helped me alot.
following the advice from this book i try to read a little every day.
when im reading im closing much more sales
than when im not.
It keeps me focused and hungry for business.
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on 6 November 2014
This is the ultimate bible to selling, couple this with Brilliant Selling by Cassel and Brid and you'll not go far wrong.

You have to accept that sales books are a terrible genre, but this is the best of them.

He's a bit american about it, obsessed with money, some of the stories are obviously made up (or at the very least exaggerated) but he's a salesman, what do you expect?

Its old school, its a foundation, but its a must read.
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on 17 December 2015
Book was mediocre, hinted a few important points that will definitely help my sales but it didn't actually give me an action plan nor a way to implement it.
A prime example would be "Ask more open ended questions than closed questions" he stated the reason being would be to get the customer talking & to uncover needs but he didn't specify what questions to ask, when to ask them, how they need to be asked - which is more of what I was looking for. I would recommend SPIN selling for anyone looking for strategies & how they need to be implemented.
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