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3.9 out of 5 stars9
3.9 out of 5 stars
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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 22 September 2013
This storyline runs through issues #1-6 of the latest series of Captain Marvel, and is collected as Captain Marvel - Volume 1: In Pursuit of Flight (Marvel Now). The story opens with Ms Marvel (in a new costume) having a conversation with Captain America about whether she should take on the currently vacant title of Captain Marvel, while beating up the Absorbing Man. After beating up Spider-Man in the gym, having a flashback to her first meeting with Helen Cobb, a female pilot who was her inspiration for originally taking up flying, who she discovers, has just died, Carol later flies into space to release the ashes of her lifelong heroine, and accepts the mantle of Captain Marvel. This connection is important, for Helen has left Carol the aeroplane that she made an uncertified altitude record flight in, in her younger days. When carol sets out to replicate the feat in order to prove that it could have been done, she falls into a time-warp and meets her heroine at several stages of her past life. It turns out that Helen had found a fragment of a Kree machine back in the day, and has used it to turn the plane into a time-machine to let Carol relive some of Helen’s experiences – and some of her own. It is a well illustrated and well-scripted story, and a good start to this new series. There is also a sub-plot or two in the present day, bringing in a supporting cast for Carol’s civilian life – though ‘civilian’ includes Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman.

The only problem I had with the story is the motivation for Helen to have done the time-travel thing in the first place. Unless she knew who Carol was from their past encounters, and did it to ‘complete the circuit’, as it were, then I may have missed something here.
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I've known about Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers for a while just through reading Avengers books, but I've never read a standalone piece featuring the character - and having read "In Pursuit of Flight" I'm in no hurry to pick up another!

Not knowing much about the character beyond her powers and name might have made reading this that much harder to get into as there are characters in this book that aren't introduced as the writer, Kelly Sue Deconnick, assumes you already know about them. Who's Tracy Burke, the old lady with cancer and what's her relation to Carol? Who's Helen Cobb, the dead lady Carol's fixated on and who the entire book revolves around? No idea.

Helen was apparently a hotshot pilot way back when who set some kind of aviation record which Carol wants to break. She hops into Helen's old plane and flies off but somehow the plane sends her back in time to 1943 to a small island off of Peru in the midst of a battle between the Japanese and Americans.

Time travel is really big with Marvel at the moment - their Marvel NOW! titles Fantastic Four and All-New X-Men both feature time travel heavily as does their Event, Age of Ultron, and now this book has time travel as a major plot device too. Come on, Marvel, think of something else!

So anyway Carol's sent back in time for some reason, meets up with an all-female commando squad called the Banshees, and fight some Japanese who've somehow wound up with Kree technology. Like the time travel, it's never explained just how Kree tech wound up here either. Or how they get from the Peruvian island to mainland America and we switch to Helen negotiating plane time for her gals with a piece of Kree tech (again, how...?).

The rest of the book is about Carol and Helen as they fly planes, they try to get the Kree tech back after their planes are taken from them, and for some reason they wind up meeting Carol in the past before she gets her powers.

This is such a confusing read because of all the jumping around. I thought I figured out why Helen means something to Carol because they had these adventures in the past but that just created a space/time paradox! Most of the time I just read it blankly, watching a group of characters I didn't know or care about do random things until the book ended. Sure it's an all female cast but watching women fire guns and be violent instead of men isn't riveting at all - I'd be just as bored if it were guys doing that stuff. It's just so mindlessly presented. Also I don't have any interest in pilots or planes or flying so all that stuff just passed me by.

Reading this book was a totally unaffecting experience because Kelly Sue Deconnick is simply not a very good writer. I don't know how the story fit together or why anything happened - I was so confused, I read the book thinking Helen and Tracy were the same person!

Dexter Soy's artwork is outstanding for the first 4 issues - he does action ridiculously well and I love his redesign of Captain Marvel's outfit. Soy's art is kinda like Lee Bermejo's but more colourful and no less powerful. Then Emma Rios takes over the art but while the artwork after Soy is never bad, it's not up to the same quality that he lends to the book.

Artwork aside, there's little here I'd recommend. I'd like to read a good Captain Marvel book but Deconnick's woefully inept take on the character has put me off of reading anything further on the character for now. "In Pursuit of Flight" is a good-looking mess, but a mess regardless.
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on 29 April 2013
For too long have female sueprheroes been given the overtly sexist costume, have they been pitted up against second rate villains, until now!.

Captain marvel is the re-invention of Ms Marvel, and an amazing one at that. It captures a sense of frontiership, of exploring the new role of captain marvel as the character does, while at the same time creating a world in which a femal superhero can operate at a brilliaint level without the need to be a subordinate of any male hero (eg supergirl, batgirl etc)

This is highly reccommended, even if you don't know the history of captian marvel, there is a guide at the end of the story to fill you in.

The artowrk inside is differetn than the covers however, so don't expect to see the same artwork.
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on 2 April 2015
Really liked the Ms. Marvel character but Marvel never really seemed to let her reach her potential. Wasn't too keen on her new look as Captain Marvel, but if it increased her popularity was I willing to look over it. And it has. But I don't know why.

The story in this volume isn't exactly world changing, like the stories of 'Earth's Mightiest Hero' ought to be. The dialogue is good, as is the artwork, but the story is a little bit "who care!?"
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on 11 March 2013
Oh, that this title was a sign of things to come from Marvel Now. This is an absolute joy. The storytelling is well structured and extremely intellgent and the art just lovely.

The writer uses Carol Danvers' back story very well, paying tribute to it, whilst using to it to build the basis for a new start for Ms Marvel as Captain Marvel. Even the change in name is handled empathetically.

I agree with everything the other reviewer says- let's just hope that the standard can be continued in this title and that others sit up and really take notice!
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on 25 March 2013
Captain Marvel Series 7 Volume 1 shows Carol 'Ms. Marvel' Danvers as her very first version outing as Captain Marvel is amazing the artworks and colourings are fantastic, the storylines and additional characters work perfectly, this is a perfect addition to anyone Avengers, Marvel or even Ms. Marvel book collection. 100% Well Worth Purchasing
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on 2 September 2013
And loses its way somewhere along the road. Opens up with great artwork and brilliant dialogue and characterisation.

Sadly is let down later on by poorly thought out action sequences, badly scripted time paradox plotting full of absolute nonsense and bungled continuity, and jarring artist changes that fail to fit the tone of the book.

Worth a look for the early pages but expect a limp ending.
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on 6 January 2014
bit confusing unless you buy new American imported comics because carol danvers in british mavel time is still miss marvel and an avenger
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on 10 May 2013
Having read the previous Ms marvel series i had high hopes for this series. Sadly it does not live up to this or the praise it was getting. Here's hoping it improves in volume 2.
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