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5.0 out of 5 stars All Hail Asgardia, 30 July 2013
Culleton (Winchester, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction - Vol. 2 (Thor (Graphic Novels)) (Paperback)
There may be spoilers ahead...

Matt Fraction continues to tell the tales of the Odinson in his run on The Mighty Thor. In this volume, which collects issues 7 - 12 and 7.2 of Fear Itself, we find out what has happened to Thor in the aftermath of the Serpent War.

To recap, Odin's evil brother Cul, aka The Serpent, was freed from his imprisonment by Sin the daughter of the Red Skull. He waged war on the Earth and Asgard but was defeated by Thor but as foretold millennia ago, Thor died in the process. This all happened in the Marvel event Fear Itself.

But Thor is not in Valhalla. He is in limbo and on his way to be consumed by the eater of Gods, the Demogorge. He cannot remember who he is, and neither can the citizens of Asgard. Thanks to some nifty magic by Karnilla, Queen of the Norns, she replaced Thor's presence and history with a new God of Thunder - Tanarus. Tanarus is actually Ulik the Troll who is under orders by his King Geirrodur to infiltrate Asgard and assassinate the All-Mother and pave way for an invasion by the Troll armies.

Asgard meanwhile is undergoing change. After the Serpent war, Odin returned to Asgard-space in self-imposed exile, leaving Fallen Asgard in its ruined state outside Broxton, Oklahoma. Tony Stark and his Stark Resilient company have begun construction of a new floating city whilst the All-Mother; Freyja, Gaea and Idunn, rule in Odin's absence and begin a new era as the entire Nine Realms attempt to unite into a single new republic of ASGARDIA.

But no one remembers Thor.

No one except Loki. With the help of the Silver Surfer, recently 'retired' from active service as Galactus' herald In Thor By Matt Fraction - Vol. 1 (Thor (Marvel Paperback)), Loki tries to recall his brother and stumbles across the Trolls plans to attack Asgard.

Can Loki succeed in helping the Asgardians remember Thor, thus exposing Tanarus/Ulik for the imposter he is and his plans to wipe out the All-Mother?

Can Thor escape the graveyard of the Gods inside the maw of the God-eater Demogorge and return to the land of the living?

Can Asgardia prevail against the combined might of the Troll army and Queen Karnilla?

All will be revealed inside this fabulous story.

With stunning artwork by Pasqual Ferry and Pepe Larraz and colouring by Frank D'Armata, this is an excellent tale of magic, mayhem and might from one of the current best comic book writers on top of his game. You may want to read Fear Itself to give you an idea of what has led to this story, but it's not essential. All hail Asgardia!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dead again, 17 April 2013
No More Mr. Mice Guy (London, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction - Vol. 2 (Thor (Graphic Novels)) (Paperback)
This volume reprints The Mighty Thor issues #7-12 and Fear Itself: Thor #7.2. We begin with a flashback to Odin and his brother Cul's first falling out at the dawn of Asgard's history, which led to the scattering of the Seprent's Worthies, whose return starts the Fear Itself event. We then return to the aftermath of the event, and the funeral of Thor, the return of the All-Mother, and the resurrection of Tanarus, God of Thunder from the pyre, Tannarus, who has always been the God of Thunder, and is remembered by everyone. Except Loki, that is. Now, when I first saw Tanarus appear, I thought to myself - "in that pose, he looks just like Ulrik the Troll from back in the 1970s". Well, who'd have guessed. Anyway, the All-Mother(s) decide that a new beginning is required, and decide on a democracy for the new Asgrdia, which Tony Stark soon has up and floating again. Meanwhile, Loki is looking for others who remember differently, and after annoying one of the three fates, who is wandering the desert looking for her lost love Bill, he gets zapped with a bolt of lightning; not their best idea, considering what one of them is up to... Anyway, Loki visits Don Blake, who doesn't remember anything, so Loki steals his cane to annoy him; then he decides to annoy the Silver Surfer, who sees the cane for what it is, and converts it into a hammer: "Who was "Thor"?".

Meanwhile, Thor himself (the real dead one) has woken in an `afterlife' outside normal space-time, where he and a number of other dead/forgotten gods are falling into the mouth of the Demogorge, an extradimensional being who consumes the aforesaid gods. The reawoken hammer calls to its master, who calls it across and out of the normal universe, where he puts it to good use, and as the plot on Earth is revealed to us, and the conspirators attack Asgard, there is a flash of lightning...

And, at the very end of the book, as Loki finishes recounting the story to a group of children, one of them asks what happened to the witch who was looking for her lost Bill, and who thereby started to unravel the plot, so Loki has to give her a happy ending. And so, dear reader, remember that act when you come to read the end of Everything Burns, which is the final volume of this series of Thor and Loki.
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