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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 1 October 2010
While the content of the book contains the expected 'Stark Disassembled' issues of the continually spectacular Invincible Iron Man, I found only after making my order that an error was made in the solicitations for this trade and it does not contain the promised 'Mandarin' annual, which would've been the best issue in this volume had it been included. So while the quality of the script and artwork are definitely deserving of four stars, make sure that you're not buying this for the 'collected' annual issue.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 22 March 2013
This volume of the Invincible Iron Man reprints issues #20-24, wherein the extremely Vincible Tony Stark lies in a coma for five issues. If you have not read the previous couple of volumes, you won't know that Stark has been 'disassembling' his mind to prevent Norman Osborne from getting all the secrets of SHIELD,
Stark technology, and the database of the Super Power Registration Act signatories. Well, he succeeded - Stark that is, not Osborne - and now his dedicated team of support staff have to reboot him with an old backup of his brain. Madame Masque sends the Ghost to kill everyone (for revenge only, nothing political), who are hiding out in Broxton, Oklahoma, home of the Norse Gods. Guest stars abound as the team battle the Ghost and Tony battles his inner demons with the help of Doctor Strange. If you are following the Matt Fraction run of Iron Man, then it is unmissable; otherwise you'll be wondering what is going on and why anyone cares (which is also part of the storyline, by the way, as are those inner demons, as we will discover in Volume 7). Stay away or start from the beginning.
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on 20 June 2012
The Invincible Iron Man series is fantastic! I've bought all of these graphic novels in order, they are fantastically well illustrated and the story line is engaging throughout!

Invincible Iron Man was the first 'comic' that I had ever bought, I've not been disappointed once.
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on 24 January 2011
I love Iron man and as a whole, this volume of Iron man has all but blown me away. As an end to that "story" (but so far as I know not an end to the volume) this book does very well at twisting things on it's head and exploring the mind and some of the peripheral characters in Stark/Iron man's life. It doesn't have any bearing on the Siege war and that's probably why it doesn't carry Siege in it's title, although it clearly takes place during Siege.

1) Good continuation of Iron man Storyline.

2) Art work is good but not exceptional.

3) Good use of peripheral characters.

4) Although a little cliched storyline ending it's well executed.

Overall, it's good but not amazing. Not what I'd say the norm from this volume really!
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on 9 August 2010
Slows the pace down from the last book but still a must. The Maria and pepper moment is hilarious! any appearance by Dr. Strange warrants reading, all in all this series of Iron man is till one of the best out there!
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 18 August 2010
This edition of Iron man, has honestly been my least favorite of the new 'Invincible Iron Man' era. We pick up from worlds most wanted pt 2, with Strak brain dead. This story is about the return of Tony stark to conscience-ness. This book is a 5 parter, the shortest of the IIM volumes. The story makes with the same visuals from the worlds most wanted story ark, which honestly, I think are not as defined as of that in The Five Nightmares (volume 1).

I won't spoil, the story obviously has one direction however. It doesn't deviate much from that, and most of the book is spent in the metaphysical world where Tony Stark appears to be trapped. The pace is granted, slower than the others, which some readers may appreciate, but everything else also seems to be slowed down. Reading the blurb of the book, it spoke of an Asgardian war which Thor was tied up in, yet there is no mention what so ever of this in the book, furthermore, Thor is brilliantly drawn on the front of the cover, and the inside 'previously' blurb mentions has Captain America, Thor, and War machine will now have to all team up to save him, but reading through the breif story, this could not be further from the Truth.

Thor, literally, only features in ONE frame of the story, the rest is played by Donald Blake. Captain america (which there happens to be two of now? (I'm not a CA reader, but this confused the hell out of me) features for only a few short short moments also. War machine also does in no way appear as war machine, as is also only drawn in a few frames, with only a few connective scraps of dialog. Half way through the story, all the characters seem to disapear, when Maria and Pepper hide in the basemest, they explain that everyone has 'taken off' for no apperent reason? Black widow does not feature at all, another mistake in the blurb.

Oddly, the story is actually filled by a large chuck of Dr. Strange! When he seems to have no mention what so ever on the cover, even when he is present ten fold what the other supers are! The story features only a 'psuedo villian', and the whole 'being haunted by Norman Osborn' arc is pitifully killed in a few short scenes, with him announcing to the super villian world to leave Tony alone, and then sometime later, they come out with some speil about how 'Norman will destroy himself'. A big waste to what could of been a great piece of storytelling there, unfortunatly.

Overall, I've been very impressed by the new Invinsible Iron Man era, but this is by far the most dissapointing volume, an indeed mabye Iron Man volume, i've read. The story simply suffers a lack of action, depth, and the characters we were promised! It features no repulsors, no Iron Man, no 1616, no C.A, no Thor, no fighting, only dialouge, and even the first few pages are filled with a speil from Tony, each frame drawn exactly the same as the last!

This could of been done so well, made into a giant power struggle, but instead it got caught somewhere inbetween an epic, and a small, rather obligitory part to the story, and what they have ended up with, is a book that is too long for the short story within, that on reflection, probably could of been effortlessly fitted into maybe 1 or 2 episodes, but it definatly did NOT need its own volume.

I look forward to the next story ark: Resilliant, who knows, maybe there will actually be some Iron Man in it!
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on 23 May 2011
The current run of Fraction/ Larroca is one of the best ever of Iron Man and is worth collecting. It will still be a good read some years from now.
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on 2 January 2013
I bought this as a xmas present for my boyfriend and he loved it, packaging was great, came on time too :)
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on 2 August 2014
delivery was fast and the item is as described
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