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4.5 out of 5 stars53
4.5 out of 5 stars
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A traumatised Wolverine leaves the superhero world behind to become a farmer and raise a family, calling himself Logan and swearing non-violence for the rest of his life Meanwhile, the grossly outnumbered superheroes who remain are overpowered by a newly organised group collecting all of the supervillains to kill the heroes and divide up America amongst them. 50 years pass and Logan has fallen behind in rent to the Banner clan, Bruce Banner's family who govern their section of America. With the threat of violence against his family, Logan takes a risky courier job with his old friend Hawkeye, driving across America to deliver an unknown shipment to New Babylon. But will he make it back in time - and what happened to him to make him become a pacifist?

Mark Millar returns with his frequent collaborator, artist Steve McNiven, to deliver the goods on another fine book. I loved what he'd done, wreaking havoc on the America we know, and the gruesome ways in which the superheroes died. I particularly found the way Bruce Banner had turned evil and become a "greenneck" hillbilly interesting, as well as how the X-Men died, and the different rulers of the divided states of America (Red Skull is great as is Peter Parker's granddaughter).

The action is frequent throughout, all building up to the moment when - SNIKT! - the claws come out at last, but the anticipation is part of the fun of this book. The violence is what you'd expect in a Mark Millar book, that is to say it is very grisly and graphic, but that fits in with the character of Wolverine who is allowed to show the violence he is capable of in full view on the page and McNiven does a fine job of showcasing this.

Overall, a very fun, alternate take on the Marvel universe, and an excellent read with some fantastic art as always from Steve McNiven. A must-read for fans of superhero comics - Mark Millar does it again!
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on 14 November 2009
The story is set some time after the bad guys won, the last hero, wolverine has settled down to be a farmer. A pacifist after what happened he is no longer anything like the man he was. What will it take to turn that broken man back into the wolverine?
The art is absolutly fantastic. Once again steve McNiven delivers.
The story is a slow burner with various comedy elements, it also lays a few red heerings too, but it doesn't pull its punches either.
One of the best wolverine stories on recent years.
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I have a new-found enjoyment in graphic novels. I had not read comics in twenty years, and now find myself sampling different genres and styles of comics. This book is a compilation of a special series of comics. X-man comics and cartoons came out after I had stopped reading or watching them. I liked the X-Men movies and loved Wolverine. This story is set in a dystopian future, where the criminals have taken over the world. Most of the super heroes were massacred in a single night. Wolverine survived but was so traumatized by the events that he vowed never to unleash his claws again. The states have been split up into four separate kingdoms run like fiefdoms of old. Wolverine now just goes by the name Logan and is a simple farmer, with a wife and children. But the Hulk clan is threatening their lives because they cannot pay rent. Logan goes on a road trip across the continent for the pay because he needs the rent money, but still swears he will not fight.

What I loved about this book was the change in Logan/Wolverine; he is man tormented by his past, by his mistakes, and he is trying to change his life. It is the story of facing your own personal demons and deciding either to give up, or move on. It is a redemptive story. It is very well written and illustrated. It is a powerful story. I enjoyed it immensely.
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on 22 April 2010
Having been out of comics for a while, I came back recently to read The Ultimates, and was really impressed by Mark Millar. So I plumped for Old Man Logan because a) I like Wolverine, b) I like Mark Millar and c) I like alternate versions of characters because they're often so much more creative. This beautiful book did not disappoint.

As it says on the inside sleeve, it's pretty much the story of Unforgiven, but with Wolvie - sorry, Logan - playing Clint Eastwood. There's something delicious about watching someone that you know is the meanest guy on the planet, struggle with being a pacifist. When the inevitable happens, it's hard not to whoop with joy.

Millar paints an amazing vision of a future Marvel Universe USA, and I can't help but wish he would take it further. In some ways, it cries out sequel, even though this story is complete in itself.

For obvious reasons, it most reminded me of Dark Knight Returns, and for my money, it sits next to Frank Miller's classic well. It doesn't have the depth and satire of TDKR, but it makes up for it in unadulterated, visceral thrills.

Just one thing: why oh why does Mark Millar hate the Hulk so much?!
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on 6 April 2010
This is Wolverine meets Unforgiven meets Mad Max meets The Road. This really tries to use multiple genres & create an alternative world for Wolverine to inhabit. It works! I really enjoyed this book.
The world that is left after the villains win is very interesting & exciting when you think of the possibilities. The vagueness of how it all happens is similar to future apocalyptic books like The Road where an explanation isn't really needed. Villains ganged up they won. That simple. It leaves multiple stories that could be developed.
Logan is in a world of inner torment more so than usual throughout the book but by the end it's worth the wait. The Hawkeye & Logan journey & conclusion feels very much like Unforgiven. Logan is a man who has turned his back on his violent past but that can't last forever.
The ending has a sort of symmetry to it as the first ever foe we saw Wolvie face is the first foe of Wolvie's return.
This is a real enjoyable read & leaves you imagining and wanting more. Well worth a read.
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on 14 April 2011
This snuck up in the middle of the current Wolverine monthly comic book, out of the blue and unexplained. It's a sort of possible-future / alternate reality future for the Marvel Universe - I don't a definitive answer will be forthcoming - and it's absolute genius. It doesn't really matter if it's official canon or not, because you can imagine that it is if you want to and either way, it won't spoil the fun.

Excellent artwork, some great set pieces, and a really great take on the character and his possible future. Logan is humanised in a way you probably wouldn't expect. There are loads of cameos from future versions of other heroes from the Marvel Universe that strengthen this story.

I'd very much be interested in reading more stories from this timeline/alternate universe.

Apocalyptic and affecting. I can't actually think of anything wrong with it, so have no choice but to give it

10 / 10

David Brookes
Author of 'Half Discovered Wings'
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on 22 July 2015
Mark Millar wrote one of my favourite comic books of all time : Marvel Civil War. He wrotes this book too so this played a part in my buying this comic book, as well as hearing excellent word of mouth about : Old Man Logan. This book has loads of action, good storytelling, loads of twists and turns, a really good plot, as well as excellent dialogue. I am not going to do what somenpeople dl and write the whole story in the review. Instead what I will say is that this book, is set 50 years in the future, this has a lot of inaccuracies however. For example, loads of the villians are apparently still alive, so they must all be at least 85-90 years old. Anyway, a really good book, lots of suspence built towards the climactic finale. Must buy for all Wolverine and Marvel fans.
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on 10 December 2011
Fantastic gritty touching moving story, fantastic artwork, though violent, not for kids! but just a great great book, fantastic story highly highly recommended
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on 15 August 2015
So I really like this limited series. The story is excellent, so much so that Marvel has decided to bring Old Man Logan into their main universe. The artwork is good, nice and gory, the way a wolverine comic should be. The only thing that made me question whether to give it 5 stars is that the story is sort of predictable and straightforward but to be fair it's in the style of a western so you can't expect much else. Its reputation precedes it, this is one of the best wolverine comics there is.
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on 19 January 2015
Normally i hate wolverine
he's overrated as hell
completely takes over any book he's in and is made out to be a hero
when when he's a murderer at best
but when left to his own devices to do his own savage thing
he get an increasingly rare chance to shine.
Opinion is sharply divided about this book as it is about the author
but i love it it dark bleak mark millar classic
cant wait for the sequel
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