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4.2 out of 5 stars58
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2008
After the let down and stupidity of the "Civil War" event (you're not american unless you have A Myspace and watch Nascar), there was a lot of anticipation for WWH. Part of a trilogy of Hulk sagas, starting with Planet Hulk and ending with Skaar: Son Of The Hulk, WWH, doesn't fail to deliver what it promised, hulk smashing things.

Having returned from Sakaar, Hulk is seeking revenge for its destruction. The action never reall lets up from th start, with Hulk taking on the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Dr Strange and the Sentry.

Reading WWH Hulk is a bit like reading a Hulk Vs thread on the internet, and although a massive fan of the Hulk since Planet, the excuses used for him winning are sometimes a bit shoddy, something some on the internet refer to as "plot armor", he's so angry he can do anything because it moves the plot along.

John Romita Jr, one of the better artists of Marvel's stock, does well. Sometimes during the many fight scenes his art begins to suffer and not make a lot of sense, but it's good enough to convey the emotions of characters without making things so bad you don't want to read.

All in all, it's everything I ever wanted from a Hulk book. It has enough depth to make it more than just a bunch of maniacs kicking each other, but enough smashing to be fair to the violence expected from Hulk.
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on 27 November 2014
Compared to Marvel events like Avengers V X-Men, Civil War, Schism, and Secret Invasion - World War Hulk (WWH) is refreshingly straightforward. Hulk was banished, they tried to blow him up (in Planet Hulk) and now he’s back…and mad.

What follows is quintessential Hulk. He’s angry and, as a result, he smashes stuff. This is Hulk going about his business on an epic scale, delivering some truly spine-tingling moments; like demanding his tormentors come forward whilst holding aloft the broken Black Bolt and breaking the hands of Doctor Strange.

The art in WWH is absolutely spot-on, as it is really intense and the Hulk in particular looks awesome (and rightly so).

Overall - 5/5 Stars for an awesome, epic, quintessential and thoroughly enjoyable Hulk.
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on 31 March 2015
From having read Planet Hulk I read this the following day and this story is far more complex with regards to Hulk's character. It is heart breaking and really makes you hate Iron Man, Mr Fantastic and Dr Strange. There is a big question if they caused the 'event' at the end of Planet Hulk but even ignoring that you begin to see all the weak rationalisations for all the horrible things done by the Illuminati and House of M peeled away.

This is about Hulk making the world pay. Any Hulk fan knows that the angrier the hulk gets the stronger he gets and he has never been angrier. This is a Hulk of pure rage, even Banner fights when he is forced forward and that just shows how thoroughly this is a story about loss.

The Hulk never comes across as unfair, only willing to bring back what they caused him. There is a question of if he is bringing his rage to others unduly but when it comes down to it all the characters on Hulk's side know that 1. many of the marvel heroes deserve it for something they have done and 2. they are going to be damned no matter what but they are with the Hulk because he deserves his revenge. It all ends in the epic showdown of Hulk vs Sentry which has to be read to be believed, in a seriously good way.

This is an excellent comic and is very sad. I would have liked to see the 'event' at the end of Planet Hulk not happen all together but que sera. the last few comics are what ifs if things had gone different ways and they are interesting to see almost the road of good intentions and what the Hulk is to others.
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on 21 July 2010
This is not really a bad book, it just suffers due to the quality of the preceding book 'Planet Hulk'. Both the story and the art here are just not as good/effective as in 'Planet Hulk' and I was therefore quite dissapointed. While I am a fan of John Romita Jr's artwork, he is quite character specific. For instance I loved his run on Amazing Spiderman and also, although you would not think it, his work on the 'Armour Wars II' storeyline in Iron Man (showing my age here) but I have never felt that he quite got Hulk right. There seems to be a lack of detail which just does not make the artwork emotive enough. You're looking at pictures , but without being drawn in as much, they just don't seem to be as expressive or convey feeling.
I was new to Greg Pak before reading 'Planet Hulk' but throughly enjoyed it and so had high hopes for the second installment, but it just did not have the same 'oomph'. Ironically it seems like Greg Pak is very capable when dealing with a whole world and characters that are entirely of his own creation, but not so hot here when it is our world with known characters that someone else has created.
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WWH is the continuing story arc leading on from Planet Hulk - we see the Hulk, very mad from the warp drive explosion on Sakaar, swear vengeance on the people he ultimately holds responsible for his exile and subsequent events; Black-bolt, Iron-Man, Mr Fantastic & Dr Strange. When the Hulk lands on the moon and defeats Black-bolt, he informs the residents of Earth that they have 24 hours to evacuate the cities and for the aforementioned, to meet him on his return. Cue much scrabbling as all of Earth's heroes prepare for the Hulk and his wrath. Hulk sets up Madison Square gardens as his gladiator arena and fits obedience disks to the defeated - but will The Sentry manage to clear his mind for long enough to battle the Hulk? Does Earth deserve reprieve after the way they have treated the Hulk again & again? Time will tell...

This is a real treat for Marvel fans, the ultimatum the Hulk gives means that nearly every hero in the Marvel universe is mobilised to stop him, as a result, nearly everyone gets to see their favourite character. I personally loved the showdown between Iron-man & the Hulk, with some of the best frames of animation I have seen in a comic (see my uploaded frames - no spoilers) for a long time. Loved the appearance of The Sentry and the script is well-written and intriguing (Greg Pak) whilst the illustration is fantastic (John Romita Jr.). It shows a side of the Hulk that is more than just rage and ultimately it sets the scene for the Red Hulk. Worthwhile for Marvel fans and must-read for Hulk fans, highly recommended!
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on 30 March 2013
I rated this as a 4, but really a 3.5 is probably more realistic. If you like action with your comics, this is the one, as its end to end smash, bash and crash from the mighty green monster. However, coming after "Planet Hulk" which I rate as possibly the best graphic novel Ive ever read, this is a little disappointing. The problem for me as a comic fan is that they boosted the Hulk for this story to such ridiculous levels so that he basically smashed each and every opponent that came his way. Avengers? Wallop, fantastic four? History. Dr Strange? broken hands! They then wheel out the superman rip off "Sentry" to fight Hulk to a standstill, well sort of. Anyway, I prefer my heroes to have at least some weaknesses to make the story interesting, but in this story, it seems that no one in the Marvel Universe can stand toe to toe with old Green Skin. There is none of the sensitivity that we saw in Planet Hulk, just rage and angst and to be honest, although I am a fan of the Hulk, this story lacked the "greek tragedy" element you used to get with Hulk Stories where you felt for Bruce Banner trying to wrestle being the alter ego frankenstein. Its just smash and more smash. So if you love WF wrestling you will love this, but if you like some storylines to your comics, not so good!
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on 30 September 2008
Here is a book whose cover and title say it all.
With a good story and simple theme (revenge), the book excels for the sheer feeling of might you get when reading it.
The art by John Romita Jr. really expresses the rage the Hulk is in, giving him that "Hulk smash" look that everyone is truly afraid.
The writing by Greg Pak makes the dialogues that the Hulk has with everyone add an extra feel to it.
One of the Hulk's line describes his rage the best: Never stop making them pay.
It is, in my oppinion, a good reading that adds a great story to the Green Giant library.
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on 27 August 2013
I was a huge fan of Greg Pak's Planet Hulk and the moment that I finished it I automatically ordered it's follow up 'World War Hulk'. It picks up from the moment that Planet Hulk finished and the energy and speed doesn't let up. There are something fantastic set-pieces and battles with those that wronged Hulk and a few shock turns of event along the way. Personally I felt the moments with Dr. Strange and Hulk were the strongest but that's just my own choice, there are enough characters from throughout the Marvel universe to keep many fans happy.

The reason why I don't feel this is a five star book is that it can become a little too prosaic in places and the early pace of the book dissipates slightly when we fall into a formulaic Hulk v Iron Man, followed by Hulk v Dr. Strange followed by Hulk v...... additionally the ending was a little bit unsatisfying simply because it felt a little rushed. These are minor things though and it shouldn't change the fact that this is a great book and a great follow-up to Plane Hulk. I'd never been a fan at all of Hulk but these two books have changed by view entirely.
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on 13 April 2015
Bought this for a friend for his birthday but had a cheeky skim-read; the pages seemed to well-detailed even during the especially heavy action parts. The plot line carries on well from Planet Hulk and provides good entertainment. My friend thoroughly enjoyed it. Would recommend.
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on 16 February 2011
World War Hulk follows on from the superb Planet Hulk and continues the high standards achieved.

The story of a Hulk, single minded in his determination to gain revenge on those who sent him away is perfectly encapsulated within these pages.

Lavish and colourful artwork by John Romita Jr never fails to capture the raw power of Hulk and the battles (of which there are many) are beautiful yet powerful in their composition.

Greg Paks' Hulk is powerful, savage and unrelenting yet noble and just. The many shades of humanity are envisioned on these pages through the eyes of numerous participants.

Spellbinding, stunning and raw, World War Hulk is a wonderful reading experience.

Add to this the two 'What if?' stories that compliment the main story nicely and you have a package that does not fail to deliver.
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