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on 14 August 2006
However good the Age of Apocalypse story line was, arranging the stories in "chronological" order is misleading, as the first volume is essentially a collection of prequels, most of which were written after the main story had been published, and the result is very sketchy conitinuity throughout this book, the ending is more or less given away, and a four issue Blink limited series which is set predominantly in a world called the negative zone and therefore entirely irrelevant to the story seen in volumes 2-4. If you haven't read the Age of Apocalypse before, I strongly recommend that you start on book 2, and only read book 1 after you've read books 2-4, and even then only if you really enjoyed books 2-4.

There are however two issues from this collection which although still prequels to the Age of Apocalypse story were originally written and published at the same time, and these two could be read before the main Age of Apocalypse story, but won't add too much to it.
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on 30 October 2010
As stated in another review volume 2 might be a better starting place.
This is more of a prequel. It is quite disjointed as you would expect.
I did enjoy it though and the artwork was generally decent throughout.
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on 12 August 2014
My book one came with the EXACT same issues as book two. The issues listed on the back cover of book one are not what was inside, but what is inside book 2. when my book 2 arrived I was initially annoyed at it, then realized it was this one, book one, that actually had the error. What was inside book one is literally everything that's inside book 2!
Be careful!
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on 30 June 2015
Age of Apocalypse was a defining moment in comic book history and this volume is one of four that captures it all. The only gripe with the the whole series is the extensive files on the characters in this alternate universe series mean that you lose a quarter of one of the volumes - they would have been better spread out
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on 8 May 2015
Not exactly the best of the omnibus collection, however a couple of stories on it make it worth having it, specially those stories about the early years of the AoA X-Men and how did Rouge and Magneto ended up together and, also enjoyed a lot the story about the brood queen such a nice twist!
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on 30 July 2006
Once when I was a boy, I had an X-Men comic. I loved it. The art was lavish, the dialouge (still) sophisticated beyond measure and the story. The story was like nothing else.

Often if I read a book or see a film I think - I wish that'd happened. That idea is conceptually what AoA is about.

The X-Men are nothing like you see in the regular Earth 616 continuity.

Apocalypse has siezed control as Charles Xavier is accidentally assassinated by his own time-travelling son. Magneto leads the X-Men in honour of his dead friend.

If you like the X-Men, if you really like them. Don't read about this series on the internet or ask your mates to tell you the story. Just buy. It's awesome. It's the blockbust event at marvel and it isn't disappointing.

The first book is just an opening collection of stories set in the AoA. With a four part Blink tale at the end. It's a wicked book. Wish they'd been published in hard cover but too bad.

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on 23 May 2016
Just starting my collection of graphic novels, this came highly recommended as one of the first I should buy. It did not disappoint, incredible story, visually excellent.
Arrived fast and as described.
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on 12 June 2006
Well if you got this far reading about this product I'll guess you know X-Men, Marvel and AoA (Age of Apocalypse) or at least know something about them. For those who weren't around during the original AoA spin its a question of what would've happened if Professor Xavier had never been around.

First off - this is Marvel's best "big" story .. and I mean big, this was a crossover of several major Marvel titles!

Second off - this first book of four is the setting up story mainly. Great art from all of the artists (unlike books 2 & 3 which is less good in places). Good fun catching up with your favourite characters (yes they're all here, plus a few newbies - but not always doing what you'd expect ... Cyclops is the man! unlike the wimp he is in normal continuity)

Forget Infinity Gauntlet and other big Marvel stories (which were always tenuous ... even for a comic). This is the bad-boy of Marvel stories!
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on 21 August 2014
i bought this and all the comics that where listed to be in it where all wrong they where all from book 2
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on 22 February 2012
Having read plenty of other x-men comics i thought i would give this a read, i really like the chracter apocalypse but not in this book. Did read the other reviews and should of started where the other people said. Should of sterted at epic book 2 and read this last, because when you start reading this you dont really understand whats going on and can become very confusing. Having read the others i do like the twist they have given the x-men and is a very good read with very good illastrations. But like i said read the others then read this.
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