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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars9
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2012
After the whole venom situation peter parkers life gets quieter well not that quiet just some insane mutant blowing stuff up but all in the job description for are hero.

The book is defiantly a very nice slow down we see into peter parker what he is going through we also see him returning to sanity and just becoming fun again

5/5 very fun book
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on 23 January 2004
After the big success (to me) of translating Venom to the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, Brian Michael Bendis scores again with the brilliant volume 7. This time Peter's without a costume and still suffering from the breakup with Mary-Jane. However, he's soon to be distracted by a new, powerful foe and the first crossover within the Ultimate universe (apart from the Marvel Team-Up volumes).
Bendis' brilliant dialogue ensures that though the plot might not have the high stakes volumes 1-6 do, it still seems just as important. There are some classic moments in this volume, from a hilarious encounter between a costume-less spider-man and some thugs, and the 'Vhat Accent?' conversation with Geldoff, the foe.
There's also plenty of material for Marvel nerds to pick up on, such as Geldoff's original place of birth. Perhaps the one down side would be the final chapter, which focuses more on Aunt May than anything else, but it's not so bad as to ruin a absolutely essential piece of fiction. Buy it.
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on 28 March 2016
I can't quite understand where all the negative reviews are coming from, but I would most certainly agree that there was a lot less action to this collection. With the introduction to the X-Men, the absence of the famous Spidey costume, and a long-winded therapy session with Aunt May, a lot of Peter's issues are tackled over a slowly told story. If you ask me, we needed something like this to strengthen the characters a little. How will I feel if I discover the next volume is more of the same? Not good. But if you're reading this series in order, you have nothing to fear about this one being bad. It's just rich with some much-needed character building.
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on 8 June 2015
i admire ultimate universe creating new characters rather than relying on old ones but they only created 2, geldoff and magician and both have no effect on the universe, disappointing
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on 3 December 2008
Mary Jane has broken up with Peter and he is taking it hard, enter Gwen Stacy to cheer him up by taking him to a party only to see MJ there dressed to impress. However their split is short lived as they both are drawn closer after a mutant appears at the party setting things alight for the entertainment of his friends. When Spiderman goes to speak with him the x-men arrive and Spiderman is taken to their school.

The volume is entertaining and a nice break from the previous volume where Peter faced Venom who turned out to be a friend from his past. Though Mary Jane keeps thinking Gwen is interested in Peter things aren't helped when they both are at the party together but Peter and MJ get back together by the end.

One of my favourite parts of the volume is when the x-men arrive and Jean tells Spiderman she can read thoughts and he is one of the only people not to think of her naked at which point she puts the thought in his head and there is an embarrassing moment when Spiderman is trying to stop thinking about it but can't and Jean stand glaring at him for a time. This is also the first meeting between Kitty and Peter as they become an item in later comics.

I loved the piece as it was just nice and entertaining and a good read. Worth getting if you're into this type of thing.
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on 17 October 2014
run for cover you bad guys
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on 4 July 2011
I'm reading pretty much the whole Ultimate Universe run from the beginning and I just thought it might save others a few quid if I warned them that this is definitely the most boring of the books so far. If I had the option now, I would've just read a synopsis somewhere and moved onto the next one, which so far is back to the standard of USM that I've been accustomed to.
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on 4 July 2004
I have read this story as a ' Ultimate Spiderman Comics' issue.
i subscribe to ' Astonishing Spiderman' and was expecting the same sort of past as you get in his ' Amazing Spiderman' backstory. however, this is a different version. it's quite like the film really: Peter Parker is bitten by genetically modified spider, he becomes Spiderman, vows to protect city. he really wants to be with Mary Jane Watson who is his girl next door. the main baddie in this comic aint Doctor Octopus or Green Goblin. it's a new villain called Geldoff who can make things hurtle into the air with his unusual powers{ he's a mutant} and the film has a lot of backstory: Gwen Stacy blames Spiderman for the death of her father. Gwen is in love with Peter Parker. but she dosen't know Peter is Spiderman. from what i'v read this was definately a winner. you should read it. it's worth it.
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on 20 July 2004
this book is an average one as the ultimate spiderman series goes as the plot is not up to scrath and the pictures and colouring seem to be the only thing holding it together. i might be a little harsh but the book does seem to give an insight to some the characters
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