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4.5 out of 5 stars513
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2010
I won't review the film itself as it's been done so many times before, and it's a given that it's a modern sci-fi classic. So, my comments are on the blu-ray itself...

I've seen this film loads of times over the years, and have bought the video and dvd versions of it in the past. Quite simply, this blu-ray blows all previous versions away! I didn't realise until I saw this version quite how much detail I've been missing from the film. The clarity is astonishing, the sharpness excellent, and the colour and overall picture vibrancy superb when compared to previous dvd/vhs editions. The daylight scenes in particular are remarkable, as is the dusk scene in the desert that focuses on the amazing Linda Hamilton - every striation and vein is visible on her unbelievable arms/shoulders. The action scenes too are fantastic, with explosions lighting up the screeen like never before. A word of caution though - great as this edition is, if you've been brought up on blu-rays such as Casino Royale, Transformers, Terminator Salvation etc, then you may not be as impressed. It cannot compete with these new films that were filmed and produced with blu-ray very much in mind. Also, some fx shots early in the film show their age a little bit - the future war machines are more obviously than ever miniatures, and the Arnie stunt double on the motorbike is borderline distracting. However, this is by far the best this film has ever looked.
As for the audio, again, it's superb. A DTS 6.1 soundtrack that will sound awesome on any half-decent surround system. Another upgrade over the dvd.

The only reason I gave this 4, rather than 5, stars is because of the extras. They are just annoying. I don't think it's possible to watch any of them on their own - you have to watch "Picture-in-picture" while the film is running. That is just distracting, whether you are trying to watch the film or the extras. Why they couldn't make the extras viewable on their own I don't know. Probably saving that for the next, inevitable ultimate edition.

But for now, in conclusion, if you want to see this film in the best possible way, then this is the version to get. And if you've only seen it on dvd or vhs before, then you're in for a real treat.
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on 21 January 2011
I have just spent several hours of my life exploring this blu-ray release. I have a top notch sound system and a big expensive telly and movies are my hobby. This is a cracker. One of my favourite movies in full 1080p glory with a hd soundtrack that will leave you, and your neighbours, hearing the bass rumble of the harley in your sleep. The picture quality is astonishing. I never knew that Arnie had a hairy chest in the early bar scene until I watched this disc. Other scenes benefit from increased clarity, like where the processor in Arnie's head is surgically removed by Sarah. The blood-smeared metal skull looks more convincing, the squelchy sound of the scalp being peeled back is all the more stomach churning. Off-screen noises increase that feeling of immersion. I could track the sound of a hunter-killer over my right shoulder coming to the front right speaker then onto the screen then off onto the left front speaker then off-screen and exiting the sound stage over my left shoulder. I actually called a fellow movie-geek to come over to see that bit. The highlight, for me, was the scene where Sarah was rattling the wire fence at the kids playground as the firestorm wreaked destruction. I could feel the hot blast of skin-shrivelling air. This is a great action movie presented brilliantly.
The menu system for me was a bit slow to load but no biggy. The extras were good but not really important to me.
The extended special final directors cut with added scenes approved by the cleaner or whatever it is requires the date of judgement day to be entered as a password. For those not as geeky as me, the code is on the case. The extra scenes, especially the ones involving Kyle, are truly relevant and I cannot believe they were cut from the original film.
Like Spielberg (for he is blessed) I believe you should watch a movie with a bucket of popcorn and be entertained. I was truly entertained by this blu-ray. Its a movie I have seen many times but I am happy to have shelled out my hard-earned cash for this. You should too.
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on 12 January 2002
On disc 1 when you come to the menu, type 82997 (8/29/97 Judgement day) and you get another menu which offers two deleted scenes, the alternate ending and T1000 searching johns room, I liked the alternate ending better than the original. I hope I have helped you get more from your dvd.
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on 21 January 2011
I must admit I was a little wary of purchasing this blu-ray as there are some pretty damning reviews but, I thought what the heck, it's cheap enough for me to take the risk.

I can certainly say I was not disappointed by this edition, i've never seen this movie with so much vibrant colour and with such sharp images! and the sound quality is excellent even through a standard stereo set-up like mine.

The disc plays fast and competently through my PlayStation 3, I've read in a lot of reviews that they were disappointed by the whole experience, I am however of the opinion that they either brought the wrong television or they have a serious flaw in there set-up, my 40" Sony Bravia showed this film incredibly!

I've loved this film since childhood and have had it on all three formats (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray) and as you'd expect this is by far the best edition yet, I couldn't recommend it any more highly to a fan of this timeless classic! It made me feel as if I was watching the film for the first time again.

Unfortunately i can not elaborate on extra features as i'm not the sort of person who enjoys trawling through menus and little videos etc. but at a glance the menu is very impressive.

Happy Viewing...
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on 3 July 2014
I'm not going to go into detail on the content of this excellent Blu Ray presentation mainly because I will be covering old ground already well trodden in previous reviews.

I will say that from what I saw of the movie last night during a small test, the picture quality is just stunning, and I do mean stunning. I first saw this movie in 1991 and went back for repeats quite a few times. I then bought the VHS sell through and later DVD that improved on the grainy VHS. I have to say that the set up I am using now, a 50" LG Plasma TV and Samsung BD-C5500 player, rendered a picture that was better than the cinema release, in fact, better than being there and seeing it being filmed. You can see the most minute detail, hairs, stubble, faint creases and marks on clothing and even see mm sized scratches on John Connors cash card machine readout!

The sound is excellent, the menu set up and animations are wonderful too and add to the overall feel of the experience. A very good disc for the Judgement Day fans as you get two versions too, theatrical and special edition.

Do yourself a favour and get one for this price.
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on 18 October 2006
I'm not going to review the film, we all know it's a masterpiece and I'll leave it at that. What I will comment on is this particular DVD release of the film. In short, this is THE most feature packed edition of the film ever issued in the world. That's not MY opinion, that's a fact! Ignore the others with fancy new covers and confusing names like 'Extreme' edition. Also the PAL release of the same name is NOT exactly the same, as it ommits the complete 'Extended Special Edition' of the film which has a completely different ending. Instead it bungs in the different ending as part of the DELETED scenes section :(

The 'Extended Special Edition' cut of the film on the DVD is hidden, and only available on disk 2 (or side 2 if you have the 1 disk version) by choosing 'Title 3' before the main menu pops up OR entering the code '82297' on the main menu.

This is the the ONLY release you should buy until this get's either a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray release. All others simply pale in comparison.
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on 3 March 2016
Anyone with any sense will already know that Terminator 2 Judgement Day is THE best example of this type of movie and perhaps the best film ever made. There are plenty of reasons for this. One because it has the best of everything. Two because it has Arnold Schwarzenegger at the absolute peak of his powers. Three because some of the best and most dedicated film makers pulled out all the stops, and four, because this film not only raised the bar, but set a new standard of what movies should and needed to be.

One thing I really love about T2 is the use of CGI. Yes CGI which I'm not the greatest fan of, unless it's used properly and not just an excuse for special effects to make up for a lack of story. T2 uses the correct amount of CGI and practical effects which keeps the continuity of the original 1984 film. When you see the T800 Model 101 being shot to pieces or being smashed to bits it puts a new perspective on the part machine of the cyborg. To me, seeing the pratical puppets and models makes the terminator more machine like in these situations. A bit like seeing him starting to malfuction in a way that would not have been effective with just an actor or full on CGI. I love it in the original when the terminator is repairing himself and scanning through the diary with his eye missing. He looks more sinister and scary with the fly on his forehead, obviously being drawn to the decomposing human tissue. It's brilliant and shows off what a genius Stan Winston is and was.

I would say that the original film was a full on horror Sci-Fi and is a bonafide cult classic and T2 is an action Sci-Fi extravaganza. It's an absolute masterpiece and has not, and never will be topped. There are a few films that are game changers that set a new standard. Die Hard is one example because I hear people (including me) comparing other action films to it and the original Star Wars trilogy, which is much the same. But T2 is something else. The story is still so dark when you examine it, even though it's takes on a slightly different tone to that of the first film but still manages to excite at the same time giving the viewer something to think about long after.

I've been watching T2 ever since I queued up at my local multiplex in 1991 where I saw it a number of times. The film is as enjoyable, if not more today than when it first came out. I watch all of the Terminator films a couple of times a year and enjoy them more with each viewing. The only thing that irritates me in T2 is Edward Furlong playing John Connor. I love the interaction between the T800 and JC but just can't stand Furlong with his teeth itching voice and piss boiling mannerisms. I think the John Connor in the third film, Rise Of The Machines is far better and plays the part far more convincingly (see my review). Also they should have dropped the rather silly line in T2, "I NEED A VACATION". It does not fit with the rest of the film.

Arguably, T2 is the better film, but I prefer the original. They are both 10 out of 10 but my personal favourite is The Terminator. T3 and the new film, Terminator Genisys (see my review) are worthy sequels that take the story in a slighty different direction but are nice little additions. The only misfire is Terminator Salvation which should have been a whole lot better.

If you are a collector, as I am, then I recommend the steel book Bluray versions of the four Terminator films (I can't comment on Salvation because I only have the standard Bluray). And it you really want to push the boat out, a full size Terminator skull bust of T2. I have one and it's looks great in my movie room next to my Predator bust. Both versions of T2 are on the Bluray, unlike the DVD where you only get the extended cut, unless you get the R1 version.

The special features on T2 are filled to the brim with everything including all the trailers. Remember the teaser trailer with the T800 being built and having Arnie clenching his fist and looking into the screen with his red eyes saying "I'LL BE BACK". I love that trailer and remember having sleepless nights waiting for the film to be released, thinking that Arnie was coming back as the villain. Perfect film and very fond memories.
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on 27 April 2003
T2 is a thoroughly enjoyable film. I can't quite say whether or not I like it better than the original, but I can say that it is one of my favourite films. Here we have Arnie giving a career-best performance. He may not be the finest actor in the world, but he usually creates memorable roles, this of course being his most famous ever. It has its fill of cheesy lines but in this film they're actually written well and help develop the T-800's character.
Cameron's direction is awesome in this, and while I think Linda Hamilton 'hams it up' a litle (no pun intended), everybody generally gives it their best.
The Terminators' story has always interested me, and this film is a great conclusion to it (I wonder if T3 will actually be any good. The trailer doesn't really endear me to it). The T1000, played by Robert Patrick (who was great on The X-Files' final years) and he's just a brilliant villain. The effects are by no means dated and the action sequences are still very exciting, and unlike your bog standard fare of today, well thought through.
OK so generally it's a great film which I insist you buy on this DVD. It's a very good package with a huge number of featurettes and added value. But also, this Region 2 version ONLY allows you to watch a new Director's Cut of the film. At first I was dubious about that. I wanted to have the theatrical cut too, but after seeing the extended version, I don't think I'd go back to the original cut. The new scenes for the most part expand on character development and for that reason they are a welcome addition.
Add to that this really, really extensive monster making-of, all the storyboards and several script drafts and you have a complete package.
Later this year an 'Extreme Edition' is being released, with a proper commentary from James Cameron (the one on this has Cameron plus many cast and crew members) and a Hi-Def transfer of it with unbelievable picture quality. However I wouldn't hesitate to buy this existing version, because this one has features of substance and that one sounds slightly iffy.
So, buy this DVD if you want to live.
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on 25 August 2009
At the time of purchase I found 17 quid a bit steep for an 18 year old film being released on Blu-Ray for the second time! Nevertheless it has been one of the best buys of this year for my collection. Warned off by negative reviews I did not buy the previous transfer, so I cannot compare, but can confirm that this release has phenomenal sound (6.1 DTS HD Master Audio) and very good picture quality, particularly in close-ups. It contains 3 versions on one disc via seamless branching (why, oh why can't all BDs with multiple cuts have this?). The best version for me is the middle one, the extended but not "ultimate" special extended edition. One addition in the longest cut is footage of the T-1000 searching John's room, take it or leave it. But the most dramatic addition is a different ending which actually makes Terminator 3 and upwards impossible in my view!

But then the "Terminator" franchise has never worried about things like this. T-2 just suddenly announces in a Sarah Connor voice-over at the beginning that 2 Terminators were sent back, not one as stated in the original "Terminator", and no satisfactory explanation is ever given for this change to the story. I guess most people don't care because they liked T-2 so much.

It is a classic 90s action film, and has not dated badly at all. I notice on Amazon that some people have had technical problems with this disc. If you have a Profile 2.0 player and have installed the latest firmware there should be no problems. I found that the disc loaded in reasonable time (given the fancy menu and extras) and I had no problems of any kind. Always having to type in a code to view the long version is quite silly, but I would recommend the second version anyway.

This release could stand to be a bit cheaper I think, but it is undeniably a must for "Terminator" fans.
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on 12 March 2015
We all know the film is a classic, the actual disc has been cleaned up really well and plays in full 1080p quality. The steel book has great art work. No complaints. It has 3 versions of the film as well.
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