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4.7 out of 5 stars41
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Sophie has loved Jake since she was five. She's a twin and her family call her the nice twin. However, she decides to get Jake to notice her on the day of her Brother's wedding. What she didn't realise is that Jake has always noticed her but he feels he's not good enough for her owing to something in his background.
It's a sweet tale. Quite reminiscent of a Mills&Boon storyline to be honest and I found it all quite predictable even guessing what Jake's problem was long before it was revealed.
I prefer Bella Andre's Game for Anything series but this is still a good read.
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on 13 August 2014
Bella Andre says "my favourite romances have always been about families. I love following brothers and sisters and cousins from book to book" and I agree, many of my favourite easy read romances follow this theme. Bella Andre, in my opinion, has a similar style to Bernadette Marie and Melody Anne, and focuses on the Sullivan family from San Francisco. What makes series romances like this successful for me is the interaction between the brothers and sisters, the teasing and ribbing.

Book 4 features Sophie Sulllivan, nicknamed 'Nice' by her family, a quiet, reserved, sensible librarian, and tattooed, rough Jake McCann, a family friend who owns a chain of Irish pubs. They have known each other since they were children and ever since Sophie has love him. She's fed up of him not noticing her and for being so arrogant, what she doesn't know is that he pushes her away coldly because he's trying to resist his feelings for her, he knows he should love her like a sister but he feels more than that. Sophie decides to push the situation with Jake and he finds out she's not so timid and naive as he thinks.

Sophie is strong stands up to her overprotective brothers and Jake does the brave thing too when he confronts Zach. I liked the transformation in both of them, Sophie from a quiet librarian to a sexy seductress and Jake from an abrupt ladiesman to a protective, dedicated boyfriend. The series is getting a bit samey, the characters are different and the story of how they get together varies but the rest is fairly similar between the books, including the rather dry sex scenes.
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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2013
I started this one actually quite looking forward to Sophie's story. I really liked her in the previous book I read and was interested in her relationship with her twin and the issues they were having as well as looking forward to her story in general.

Well I am disappointed by the fact there was pretty much nothing about her relationship with her sister, only real thing we got was that she disapproved of Lori's relationship with "you know who"...I don't know who and its annoying because I want to know who. But maybe that's the point to keep me reading the series?

After the first chapter of so I actually had high hopes for this, I liked Jake and Sophie so wanted their story to go well. It was all going to plan for me until low and behold Sophie gets knocked up! God I really am getting bored of stories where couples finally decide to get together because the woman is pregnant. Even though obviously Jake had always loved her, why suddenly think he can boss her about and tell her what to do now she is pregnant with his kids. Eugh it just annoys me and for me it devalues the rest of the story because if he hadn't of actually got her pregnant he probably wouldn't have tried to be with her.

After this well I did carry on reading but the story fell flat for me and in the end I wasn't all that bothered about either character in the end. I thought the "secret" that Jake had could have been better. I can't honestly believe he would have thought himself an idiot because of reading fact as the reader it seemed very obvious that he was most likely dyslexic considering his problems with letters, writing and reading them. He was a successful business owner and made a lot of money, but he was an idiot? Didn't make a lot of sense to me.

For me the only real thing I ended up liking about this was a little more to the character of Zach and again Lori. Part of me would honestly like to say I don't want to carry on with this series but maybe I am the idiot, I seem to want to know how the rest of the Sullivan's are going to get on with their love lives etc even though the ones I have read so far haven't been brilliant. So as I said above maybe that is the authors intention and if so well done to her because I am sure I'm not the only one who hasn't loved the previous books but will read the next one at least to see if there is any improvement.

Read and reviewed courtesy of Netgalley
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on 6 August 2013
I Only Have Eyes for You is a really nice and sweet contemporary romance that I did enjoy. The big issue I had with it was that it is a storyline I have seen around a lot in the last year or so and I am kind of over it. The one night stand ending in pregnancy has been done over and over again. The man who feels worthless and used to be a player but is now devoted to the unsure future mother of his child has also been done over and over again. Unfortunately, for I Only Have Eyes for you I have seen it done better and I read a book about the same thing a week ago that I enjoyed a lot more.

I think that what set I Only Have Eyes for you apart from the similar book I read last week was the cheese factor. This book is just so cheesy and smarmy. It was readable but it was a little too much for me. The book opens at a wedding and goes through nearly every process of the day. The speeches go on for pages and pages and it was just so corny. It bored me in parts and just took far too long to get going.

Despite the cheesiness and long opening there was a lot to like about this book. I thought it was a very sweet romance and once it got going it had really good pace and was easy to get lost in. It was a relatively short read and apart from the wedding didn't waste any time with unneeded stuff.

The characters were nice but carried around a lot of self-pity. Jake is scared of becoming a violent drunk like his dad. I get why he was scarred by his past but I thought he was really grounded and that there was not even a hint of a dark side to him. I think in reality he knew he would never end up like his father but uses his past as a shield to protect himself against potential hurt. He was charming and sweet and I liked his dedication to Sophie. Sophie was not so full of self-pity but she was not as likable either. I liked her but I didn't really love her. She was a little naïve at times but a lot more open than Jake.

I Only Have Eyes for you is a sweet contemporary romance that is enjoyable but does nothing new. it is a nice way to spend a few hours if you are a fan of the genre.
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on 9 January 2013
I really don't know how many romance novels I have read in my life, but it's a lot, so I definitely have enough experience with this genre to judge a good from a bad. (in other words `way too cheesy', `just so-so' or `awwww'.) And, without doubt, this book falls into the `awwww' category!

I love family based romance series' where every book can be taken alone, or you can read the whole set and follow each sibling on their own journey of love. The bigger the family the better, by the end you feel like you know them all so well that they could be your friends, and it's sad to leave them behind. Although I started with book 4, Sophie and Jake's story, I can tell from Bella Andre's `voice' that I have found myself a keeper, and will go on to read every one of them.

I wont fill my review with plot details, but I will tell you a little about Sophie and Jake, and why I enjoyed their story so much....

Jake: WOW. He's hot, he's rich, and he's.... Inked!!! *drool*... Then to top it off, he has a secret that leaves him feeling like he just isn't good enough for anyone, let alone someone like Sophie. Give a hunk a vulnerable side and you make him irresistible to all women, of all ages, well all the ones with a heart!

Sophie: Nicknamed `Nice' by her family, and with a chosen career as a librarian, she does not appear to be Jake's type at all, but as the old adage says `never judge a book by its cover!' This is definitely the case where Sophie is concerned, and once she takes it upon herself to try something new, it doesn't take long before Jakes protective side begins to show.

Bella Andre is a new author to me, I haven't come across her work before, but I will be searching out every book she has written, and adding them to my wish list asap. I suggest you all run out today and buy a copy so you can see for yourself how easy it is to fall in love with the Sullivan's.

Copy supplied for review.
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on 16 October 2012
This book is about Sophie Sullivan. One of the twins in the family nicknamed "Nice" by her siblings. She is and always has been in love with Jake McCann, her older brother Zach's best friend.

She has known him nearly all his family life, but he appears to only offer brotherly love and as a player she is determined to get him to notice her. At her brother Chase's wedding she plots with him to try and get another man jealous, if only he will help her before she trots off to have her make up and hair done and decides on a last minute drastic change of image to get Jake all hot under the collar....and she succeeds!

Jake has been a family friend forever with Zach and because of this he knows Sophie is off limits. He's seen her brothers take down other boyfriends of hers so knows he has no chance with her. Until he sees her transformation at the wedding! He can't think straight enough to get down the isle let alone man the bar all night. When Sophie propositions him later he just can't resist and they both give into the most passionate night of their lives.

Jake then disappears leaving Sophie to realize it was one night and that her dreams are crushed....or are they??

This is my fave book of the series so far. The emotion and love pouring off the pages between the family and the couple, even in the middle of fights is inspiring because you can see the feeling for each other simmering under the surface. Bella has pulled it out of the bag again with another fab read!
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on 11 October 2013
The story begins with Jake and Sophie at a wedding, where at last Sophie catches Jake's eye thanks to a bold makeover and a less-than-subtle come-on. Poor Jake - how can he resist, especially given the fact he's been in love with Sophie for a lifetime?

From there, romance blossoms - and then is blocked by a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Which leads to a surprising twist. Which leads, ultimately, to a wonderfully satisfying `happy family' ending.

I love the characterisation of Sophie as a librarian - which doesn't have to mean remotely that she isn't a sensual and inventive woman:

Sophie was neither a virgin nor a prude, despite what people might otherwise assume of librarians. On the contrary, if people knew just how well-read she was on the subject of sex, they would likely be shocked. Especially Jake. Wouldn't it be something to shock Jude who clearly thought he'd written the book on seduction?

This is one of those books you can read in one, or perhaps two, sittings, because the story moves along at pace and isn't too weighty. But that's not to say it's a story without depth, or passion - such passion!

An ideal book for passing a pleasant afternoon curled up on the sofa, or to read over a steaming hot drink in a cosy café.
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This is the fourth book in this series and a pattern is emerging. All the men are rich and handsome and the Sullivan family is very close (despite being comprised almost completely of very rich and successful people with busy lives). Sophie is one of only two girls in the family and has always lived a quiet life being supportive of her more successful siblings. Jake has practically grown up as one of the family (although he is very rich now of course) and Sophie thinks that he considers her to be a sister. This is frustrating to her as she has been in love with him for years. Jake actually loves Sophie but thinks that she considers him as another brother and anyway he has a deep secret which means that he never intends to get married. Sophie decides to get Jake to notice her by acting out of character ..... You can probably work out the rest of the story ....

It's predictable and rather superficial. The characters have no real depth and the affluence and fame of the siblings is a little overwhelming. Despite this it is well enough written and plotted and is an engaging and entertaining read. I find that I am hooked on this series and that this is the best so far.
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on 20 February 2015
An enchanting story of a little girl's attraction for the boy next door who she thought did not feel the same about her, but the feelings for him stayed with her into her adulthood. What she didn't' t know was that he thought she was the most beautiful being he bad ever seen, and still loved her as an adult, but thought he was not good enough for r her and so avoided her and loved her from afar. So at her brothers wedding, Sophe made her move so that she would appear irrisisable to Jake and hope he would not be able to resist her.Eventually they came together and th result was explosive and she was pregnant with twins, but the fly in the ointment.was the question of Jake's feelings that he was not educated enough for her.Which Sophie assured him that it was not an issue. Finally their love for or another won on the day and they were married at her mother's house with all the family and love was in the air.
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on 15 August 2012
Bella has done it again, book 4 and it is better than the last. I couldn't pick a favourite from the series, they are all excellent and must reads.

Sophie is amazing, determined she is going to shed her 'nice' image she positively explodes into this book. We have met her throughout the first 3 books and had little snippets of her quirky personality, but here she has all guns blazing and Jake is her target. Jake is all alpha but Sophie repeatedly challenges him leaving him stunned, amazed and hungry for more again and again. She even manages to leave the whole Sullivan clan speechless - a feat on its own!

A smokin hot, feisty, funny, challenging woman out to catch her man - don't miss it!
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