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4.8 out of 5 stars53
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Alpha is my first Rachel Vincent read and though it is the final book in the Shifters Series, the first I have read of it. While I'm not very fond of Urban Fantasy, even I will admit this is one bloody good read! I enjoyed this book a whole lot - action-packed, romantic and thrilling, Alpha is one very engaging read.

The book is really built as part of a series. It begins right in the middle of the conflict, and if I'm not wrong, directly after the events of the preceding book. Throughout the plot it also consistently refers to events and characters from previous books. Not much is explained and the book half assumes the reader is aware of what happened previously, but what really made me stick to it is the fact that instead of putting me off, it only enticed me to read the previous books. So if you have not read the series yet, this is a brilliant time to start - you don't have to impatiently wait for the next installment!

The primary character, Faythe, is by no means perfect. Her faults are laid out as it is from the very beginning. She's stubborn and heedless, yes, but also strong and unwavering. In Alpha, Faythe struggles with her affection for both Marc and Jace, two toms who vie for her heart. While I cannot begin to understand how she can love both of them, her indecision and guilt over hurting either of them is palpable in her actions. And while I vehemently stand against her infidelity to Marc, her acknowledgment of this mistake and the punishment she endures placated me.

Out of all the characters, I like Marc the most. Sure, he has a temper, is easy to provoke and is angry for most of the book. But he is such a genuine character; this may sound funny - but I do see a cat in his personality. I love his every word in this book - they are so honest and so genuine, and his hurt is strongly present. I'm glad he is not as forgiving to Faythe at all. His anger gives a sharp edge to the romance, and I'd be damned if I did not enjoy every single second of it!

Alpha is not all about romance - there is also a huge thrill surrounding politics, loyalties and disputes. It is in this part that Alpha fails to make me feel like I have grasp the whole of what is happening. I believe this part heavily refers to occurances in the previous books. There is a lot of tension involving the werecat council and a war amongst shifters is brewing - Faythe is in the thick of it. Tied to this is a very thrilling action interspersed throughout the book. Despite the fact that I lack previous knowledge about what led to certain events in Alpha, I loved being part of Faythe's world. The action, the thrill, the sense of danger following her footsteps is exciting!

I wish the ending was longer - it appeared too abrupt for my liking. Here's to hoping for more!

Simply put, Alpha is one exhilarating read. Forget werewolves, werecats are definitely in. And I just have to add this - I am in lust with the consistency of the Shifter Series' covers!
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on 1 October 2010
I loved the series - each book was better than the last, so whilst I liked this book I didnt love it as much as the others i.e. Prey (Faythe Sanders - Book 4) (MIRA).

The book is very much all about Faythe, her struggle to grow up and the whole choosing between Marc and Jace. I would have preferred slightly more about the secondary characters - mention of secondary characters felt rushed just to wrap things up. There were parts where I was getting a little sick of Faythe, it was just a little bit too much me me me.

The pace of the book was fast and action packed, it starts with a bang and ends with one, with some really emotional scenes in between.

The book obviously ends with Faythe's choice, who she chooses is pretty obvious to me in the last few chapters which is why I was dreading the end, hoping desperately that somehow she would choose the other guy instead of whats-his-face - which is probably why I didnt like this as much! I am a big Team *a** fan (like I'm gonna give away the ending!)

On the plus side, whilst everything has been wrapped up (the big bad slain, boyfriend chosen...) there seems to be a lot more to tell, please Ms Vincent, can we have another book - pretty please?!
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Lets just say i agree with the other reviewer, there will be no spoilers in my review, as i absolutely hate it when people leave them telling you exactly what happens in the book.

All i can say is wow, i read this in 3 hours today and i have a headache from crying, and when i mean crying i mean sobbing like a baby.

It was sad, powerful, dramatic and it ended the only way it could to be honest. I was let down by the choice she made as i was pro the other one but like i said in my title, we cant have it all.

I have spoken to Rachel on twitter and asked if there is another book to come out, as like you i don't want it to end and the way it was left, made me think that it was done on purpose to be able to continue the story but as Rachel has told me personally, Alpha is the end of Faythe's story.

I am hoping however that she was being cunning and vague and will give us more installments but from someone else's perspective
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on 14 November 2010
I'm a fairly big fan of the shifters series, having read and enjoyed all the previous books. This final chapter on Faythe Sanders' story is well written, enthralling and as action-packed as ever. Following the relatively calm (in comparison) 'Prey' and the more action packed 'Shift', 'Alpha' delivers a lot more action, romance, tragedy and conclusions to the events that have been building throughout the last 5 books. Faythe does get a lot of screen time here, but as a first person style novel it's hard to avoid that and after witnessing the character grow and develop, there's something admirable in how she sticks with her beliefs and flaws that Vincent presented in the very first book. Not everything she chooses is correct, mistakes are made which adds to a sense of reality and helping to draw you into the plot so you're feeling the emotions with Faythe and feeling very tense at times too.

This book in particular deals with Faythe finally having to choose between her lovers and what's right not only for her, but for everyone. Faythe tackles an even bigger challenge and the book ends fairly open, but due to Vincents presentation of Faythe, you can almost imagine exactly what her next move is going to be. My only complaint is that this is said to be the last book in the series, however there are so many more points that I would personally like to see explored and so I can only remain hoping that Vincent does continue the series, or release a spin off, in the future.

Overall, if you like the series this last enstallment will not disappoint at all. I've really enjoyed the entire series and can reread them all the time without the story getting old. Final books are often hard to read and easy to badly write but as Vincent has never been afraid of placing loved characters in danger for the good of the story, even the most extremes of happy ending haters and lovers, if you can class the ending as happy, won't be disappointed,
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on 19 October 2010
I justed finished the shifters series and i enjoyed it but i don't see how Alpha could be the last book in the series.It just don't feel like the end Rachel Vincent have left it open to write more book's for the series.Cause i don't think it is the end for Faythe,Marc and the pride there is so much more for them to do as a pride and for the story to go.So i hope she feel's like she can go on with the series cause i don't think Faythe have got her happy ending till she get's what she want's for her pride and the tabbies.So if you have not read the series i would say reed it cause it is a very good series.I'm hoping for more of it.
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This is the 6th and final book in the Shifters series so it is very difficult to review without giving spoilers for previous books. There won't be any spoilers for Alpha included in this review but if you're new to the series I strongly recommend you stop reading now as this series really should be read in order - why not check out my review for Stray instead. This is my favorite Urban Fantasy series though so I'd definitely recommend you check it out!

Anyone who knows me probably knows by now what a massive fan I am of this series, I have been completely hooked since I first read Stray and my addiction has only got worse as I continued reading. I think it's fair to say that I've been anticipating this book for what seems like forever but I've also been dreading it too. It's always sad to reach the end of a series you love and know that you're going to have to say goodbye to characters you've come to know and love and I know I could have happily read many more books set in this world. I have to say that I'm pleased that Rachel Vincent decided to end this series on a high though rather than drag it out until I wanted to stop reading like some authors who I refuse to mention here!

I doubt you'll be surprised to hear that as soon as this book arrived I immediately dropped everything else and settled in for the long haul. I did manage to make it last 2 days but that was more due to lack of reading time than anything else! If you've read the other books in the series then you'll already know how action packed the story lines usually are and Alpha was even more of a roller coaster ride. There were plenty of times I was reading with my heart in my mouth worrying desperately that everyone would survive the final battle. I'll admit that I was worried about Rachel's ability to tear my heart out and I'll confess to shedding more than a few tears during this installment in the series.

I really did go through every possible emotion reading this book & was glad I was reading in the privacy of my own home as I literally shouted in indignation at the bad guys, sobbed my heart out with both joy & sadness and jumped up and down with glee. This probably isn't a story you'd want to be reading in public!

There are a lot of threads that needed to be tied up in the final installment but one that was at the top of my list had to be the love triangle between Faythe, Marc and Jace. I'm not going to say if I was happy with the outcome of that as I'm sure I've mentioned in other reviews which guy I was routing for so I'll just say that Rachel managed to ratchet up the tension until I wasn't sure if I could stand any more. I swung wildly back and forth over who Faythe would eventually choose until I almost decided that she would be left without either of them. It was both heartbreaking and uplifting to read.

If you're a fan of the series you need to get hold of Alpha as soon as possible but if you're yet to enter the Shifters world then I'd urge you to do so as soon as possible. As soon as I'd finished the last page I wanted to pick up Stray and start the journey all over again (the only thing that stopped me is that it's already been packed in anticipation of my house move!). I'm pretty sure re-reading the series is one of the first things I'll do when I've unpacked. Faythe has come on such a massive journey since the beginning of the first book and I feel lucky that I got to share that experience with her. I can't recommend this series highly enough and am looking forward to seeing what Rachel Vincent comes up with next. I just hope that one day she will revisit the world of the werecats and that we will get to see how the future pans out for the characters we love.
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on 13 February 2011
I read these books after being recommended them because I love the Kelley Armstrong series - however this nearly put me off as a lot of reviews seemed to suggest it was too similar. Yes there are similarities however the female leads are quite different. Half the time you want to scream at Faythe about being so stupid, however this has you hooked as you really aren't sure what shes going to do next. The male leads in Marc and Jace are great and Faythes band of brothers are so different there is something for everyone.

So the books are about a Pride of Warecats, Faythe is the only female in her pride (hence the first book) and as there are so few female warecats that they are fiercely protected by their fathers and the rest of the pride. However this means that female independence is discouraged and this does not go down well with Faythe. Luckily she has been born into a more liberal pride, however this does not stop her from getting into trouble every time she opens her mouth.

Alpha being the last in the series has you hanging on until the end for the final big decision, its action packed and you get to see the whole family in action, which is excellent fun. It's a good end to the series for Faythe, although I do feel the story could continue so that we get to find out what happens to everyone else. Part of the appeal of the series is the other characters and I'd love to know what happens to them!!!
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on 18 October 2010
My mum bought me Stray for christmas last year and I kinda liked it so I followed the rest of the series, getting more and more into the story of the werecats. When I found out Alpha was to be released this month, I couldn't wait :) I ordered and waited painstakingly for 2 weeks (was gutted about the length of time it would take to get here, but it finally did). I read the book in a day. I cried and smiled at the events that took place.

Fayth has definately mutured as a character through the series of books as much as she has in Alpha, in which she has to finally become a leader. Vincent has done a good job of showing Fayth's struggle to do what she needs to lead the South Central Pride.

It is an amazing book that I will no doubt read again. I recommended it to my more book crazy friends so I would recommend this to anyone who likes supernatural books, I would also recommend it for the romantic lovers out there. Fayth's indecison to choose between Jace and Marc had me waiting impatiently to see who she chose, however I was rooting for Marc to win her heart from the get-go.

I am now waiting for Rachel Vincent's next series Soul Screamers to be released in January. Let's hope they are as well crafted and gripping as this series of books.
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on 15 October 2010
Alpha is the last book in the Faythe Sanders series and does not disappoint.
It is fast paced and it made me want to keep reading until the very last page! It has twists and turns and it keeps you guessing as to whom Faythe will choose to be her partner but the reader (I feel) is rooting for both of the 'toms' at different points within the book.
The choices Faythe has to make are well thought out conundrums and these choices are well explained so the reader knows what will happen if the choices are wrong or unsuccessful.
The reactions to events are methodical and the implications shock the reader as well as the characters! I found the explanations and the writer's focus on how Faythe was feeling a genius move as the reader sees Faythe's motivation for acting the way she does. Some feel she is spoilt but I think Faythe from the very first book has grown up and is, ultimately, Pride-focused.
A brilliant last book in the series but the ending leaves the door open for more books in the Faythe Sanders series. This leaves me in no doubt that this series of books needs more volumes to continue Faythe and her Pride's story.
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on 8 July 2011
I can say one word to sum up this fantastic finale to the Shifters series and that word is ..... WOW!!!!
I'm so sad to see the series ending but what an ending!!
Faythe has had a lot to deal with and she and her pridemates have still not really avenged Ethan's death so they're still looking for payback for that. As well as all the other crap that's happened to Faythe and her pride throughout the series.

One thing I love about Faythe is she can kick ass with the best of them but Rachel doesn't write her as "my heroine is the best and always comes out on top". She doesn't always come out on top, she does lose on occasion and she can screw up, which I love.

There's not a lot I can say about Alpha without giving too much away and I hate reading spoilers. I read one about Alpha that made me sad but luckily it didn't ruin the book for me, and the particular scene that got spoiled for me was just as heartfelt and meaningful for me evern though I knew it was coming.

All in all, Shifters is a great series by a great author and Alpha is an awesome ending to that series. A must read.
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