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4.1 out of 5 stars48
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2006
Usually I love Tess Gerritsen, I have most of her books which I have rated 5 stars. However, this one seems almost as if it is written by a different person, the plot is ok but some of the script she uses is so overused it's like listening to a manufactured pop song. Maybe this one was written a while ago and the publishes decided to cash in on her recent success, I don't know but I'm hoping her next book is better than this. It's not terrible, don't let me put you off, but it's certainly not her best.
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on 31 May 2007
An early work by Tess Gerritsen, well before she got into her stride. It's not a bad story, set primarily in Vietnam, about a woman looking for the body - alive or dead - of her Air America pilot father, missing for twenty years. It's competently written, but the book doesn't have the raw appeal of her later work.
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on 5 August 2009
I was so disappointed with this book. Tess Gerritsen means to me, a book that once started will have you gripped to the bitter end. Not on this occasion. I have tried to read this book on about 4 separate occasions and have yet to finish it. There is nothing in the story line to keep me gripped and is nothing more than hard work to concentrate on.

So glad that this was the last book of hers that I had to read. I this was the first, it would have stopped me from trying the others.
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on 5 September 2007
Bill Maitland's plane appeared to have been shot down over Laos, during the Vietnam war, and he was never seen again. The plane was carrying a special cargo. Over twenty years, his daughter, Willy, has gone to South East Asia, to try and locate her father. The local authorities are unhelpful, and worse, someone is trying to frighten her off.

The pace of the novel is quite good. Although, the dialogue between the two main characters, Willy and Guy, can be a bit cliched and annoying, at times, but,I felt, there was enough action, throughout the novel, to keep me interested.
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2007
I liked teh story, I found the setting interesting and so on, but I just hated the characters! Willy, the main character, was bearable but Guy! He was maybe one of the most annoying characters i've evr encountered while reading! He spoke like he was stuck in 1930's London as did Willy.

If you think you can put up with the constant 'Oh gollys' then buy the book, but if like me you're likely to become annoyed with it then steer clear of this 1 and go for another of Gerritsens books like 'The surgeon'. It's a shame to becuase the story actually isnt that bad.
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on 26 May 2011
Another explosive novel from Tess Gerritsen. Oozing with suspense it makes the reader desperate to read further. Another Tess Gerritsen marvel. I would highly recommend this crime novel to anyone who enjoys the excitement of the chase.
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on 6 May 2015
I enjoy books by Tess Gerritsen. I enjoy thrillers and mysteries so her topics are right up my street. Gerritsen has not always been an author. Although she longed to be a writer, her family had reservations about the sustainability of a writing career, prompting Gerritsen to choose a career in medicine. She was born in San Diego, California, USA on 12 June 1953. In 1975, Gerritsen graduated from Stanford University, California with a BA in anthropology and went on to study medicine at the University of California in San Francisco She received her medical degree in 1979 and started work as a physician in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Gerritsen has now retired as a physician. She has two sons and lives with her husband, Jacob Gerritsen, who is also a physician, in Camden, Maine.

I picked up Presumed Guilty from my local library. It falls into the romantic thriller category, so it is slightly outwith my usual comfort zone. However, I really enjoyed the book. The heroine, Miranda Wood arrives home to a dark, cold cottage – and a man, stabbed to death, lying in her bed. Miranda is the obvious suspect and as she fights to clear her name, she unearths a murky history of blackmail, corruption and scandal.

Presumed Guilty starts for Miranda when, after a terrible couple of weeks, she quit her job and broke up with her married lover, Richard Tremain. She had decided to leave her home and start afresh with a new job as he was also her employer. Then, Richard telephoned her at night. He wanted to see her and did not believe that she would actually leave him. He told her was going to come to her home but she did not want to see him. So, she went for a long walk and sat by the water for an hour or so before slowly making her way home.

She arrived to see Richard’s car was still there, she was angry and determined to confront him one last time. However, her horror was complete when she found his body in her bed and he had been stabbed to death with one of her kitchen knives. Miranda was taken to jail for the murder of Richard. She was the obvious suspect.

While this was happening, Chase Tremain, Richard’s brother, was driving all night to get home to his family. Miranda’s bail was posted by an anonymous donor the following day but Miranda had no idea who had posted the bail. She did not know anybody who could afford it. However, it is not clear whether this anonymous gesture was a kind one, or a manipulative one.

Miranda found herself in immense danger with the secrets from Richard’s dark past coming out in the open. She was fighting to prove her innocence but no-one believed her. Her friends all deserted her, her colleagues at the newspaper office where she had worked would not look her in the eye. Even the police chief was convinced of her guilt.

It is not clear how Miranda could prove her innocence. The twists and turns in this great thriller lived up to Gerritsen’s usual style. The pace was fast, the action full on. I had no idea who the killer was until the very end. I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend Presumed Guilty.
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Never Say Die is the 6th stand-alone novel by popular author, Tess Gerritsen. Physical anthropologist, Guy Barnard works for the US Army ID Lab, identifying remains of MIA US soldiers. On his way to Saigon to do just that, he is blackmailed into looking for a US pilot turned traitor who flew for the VC, known as "Friar Tuck". Willy Jane Maitland has come to Asia to try to find her father, Wild Bill Maitland, MIA in 1970, but whom she and her mother believe is still alive. Wild Bill is also believed by some to be the notorious Friar Tuck. Coincidentally (??), Guy and Willy encounter each other in Bangkok, where Guy is drawn to Willy not only because she can help him find Wild Bill, but also because he is really very attracted to her. As Guy and Willy try to track Bill down, they are shadowed at every turn: the CIA? The Vietnamese Government? Someone acting for Bill? There are many throats slit and Willy finds herself wondering if there is anyone she can trust, but eventually, help comes from and unexpected quarter. This Gerritsen offering has plenty of action, drama, romance and a bit of sex. The heat and humidity of South East Asia is palpable and the dialogue is credible. It has an interesting plot with a few twists. Excellent early Gerritsen.
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on 11 June 2007
It's border line between 'ok' and 'didn't like it'. I opted for 'ok' based on the fact it was easy to read and essentially the plot was of Jack Higgins standard.

Basically Willy has a very famous father, a pilot carrying something that needed to be kept secret. The plane is bombed, he and the cargo is presumed dead and 20 years later Willy is convinced he isn't and goes searching for him. She meets Guy, who is responsible for getting dead soliders identified. Very predictably they fall in love. What a surprise!

The whole story is around them finding out the truth. Lots of death and gore on the way. If this is the first Gerritsen book you've read then you are in for a treat as they get better, much better. If you've read her before and looking for a change of direction then still try it. It is 'ok'. Easy Sunday afternoon reading, comfortably sat on the sofa with a few cups of coffee!
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on 18 June 2013
This is the first Tess Gerritson book I have read. I realise it's an early one so I assume she's since improved.

In fairness it's not a bad read but it's extremely shallow. The `adventure' side of the novel is riddled with holes and never stands up to scrutiny. The plot isn't too bad - it's just the delivery is weak. The `romance' side of it is farcical though - really wouldn't pass muster for the cheapest end of a Mills & Boon novel.

If you're happy to park the serious reading part of you and don't expect any interplay within the novel of believability, plot and characters, then it's an OK read. And it's a reasonably quick read - so at least it won't waste too much of your time!
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