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4.6 out of 5 stars36
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2009
Life doesn't get any easier for Eve Hollis, bearer of the Mark of Cain and unwilling warrior for God, in this, the third of S. J. Day's Marked series, which takes up her story shortly after the conclusion of the previous book, Eve of Destruction. In the intervening time, Eve appears to have reached at least a temporary accommodation with her new reality as a celestial demon hunter, while simultaneously continuing her uneasy dance with both Cain, recently promoted to archangel, and Abel, whose interest in her continues to grow. All is not well, however, as increasing numbers of Infernals - demons dwelling on Earth - are congregating in southern California and more specifically around her, meaning that the Marks under Cain's command are being run ragged dealing with the dangers they pose. All becomes clear when an Infernal Eve is assigned to kill reveals that Satan has placed a bounty on Eve's head, meaning that every demon wishing to curry favour with the Prince now has her in his, her, or its sights.

To add to Eve's difficulties, Cain, who has been stripped of the ability to feel love for anything except God as a result of his promotion, is displaying distinctly un-angelic tendencies, behaving more like a stalker than a lover, and Abel is making greater efforts to win her affections, all while the three of them find themselves sharing an intimate mental bond, feeling the thoughts, memories and experiences of the others, often whether they want to, or not. As if this were not enough, the other archangels seem to be showing a marked lack of urgency in seeking to recover Raguel, currently a prisoner in Hell, and a demonic serial killer Eve believed she had vanquished in the first book, Eve of Darkness, makes his reappearance, attracting the unwelcome attention of the mortal police to her once more.

She thus has no choice but to navigate her way through a dangerous web of both Celestial and Infernal plots, and attempt to find out what Satan has planned, unravel the mystery of Cain's transformation and, arrange the rescue of Raguel, all while trying to both stay alive and deal with her own tumultuous feelings for the two brothers. In this she finds unlikely aid from Hank, a shape-shifting Infernal who has transferred his allegiance to the other side, and hindrance from the archangel Sarakiel, Abel's former lover who appears intent on winning him back.

Eve of Chaos is a worthy sequel to the first two volumes in the series, and Day keeps the plot moving at a smart pace: from the opening fight with a Japanese snow-demon at an O-bon festival to the final climactic battle, action and events come thick and fast, leaving one hardly a moment to pause for breath. More characters, Biblical, Infernal and Celestial are introduced, and even though many threads are neatly concluded at the end of the book, there are plenty of unanswered questions (and a final, somewhat contrived, cliff-hanger) to make one eager to read the next instalment of Eve's adventures. Eve continues to be an appealing protagonist, struggling to deal with her three-cornered love-life, while demonstrating that she is far more clever, capable and clear-sighted than at least some of her celestial superiors. Cain and Abel, too, continue grow as they contend with the changes Eve has wrought on their lives and relationship.

Overall, then, if you've enjoyed Eve's previous adventures, you'll enjoy this one, and find yourself hoping Day gets the next book out as quickly as possible.
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**Warning - contains spoilers if you haven't read book 2**

The adventures of Eve Hollis continue as things begin to heat up in the battle between good and evil. Eve, a new "Mark" whose soul hangs in balance is attempting to earn redemption by reluctantly working for God; a being she doesn't particular respect or even like, whilst trying to untangle her immensely complicated love life. The man she truly loves Cain has now attained Archangel status (leaving him capable of only loving God) whilst her attraction to his brother Abel is deepening into something far more than just a casual fling.

Eve finds herself in deeper trouble than usual after Satan places a bounty on her head for killing his Hell Hound. Soon every Infernal (demon) imaginable is hunting Eve and the only person seemingly able to get her out of this mess is none other than Satan himself.

Again the plot line is a whirlwind of action. Eve is determined to rescue Raguel from the clutches of Satan, whereas Cain appears willing to believe him dead rather than cede his new Archangel status. Abel is negotiating for his own promotion, whilst everyone is noting the change in Cain as he struggles to contain a growing darkness inside him, a darkness which raises some very interesting questions. Adam and Eve stop by, wanting to meet the woman both their sons have fallen in love with, whilst any of Eve's friends, family or even casual acquaintances may be targeted at any time by a vengeful Infernal.

The complexities of the relationship between the three leading lovers (aggravated by the fact that although pre-archangel Cain and Abel both love Eve, they hate each other intensely) are never overwhelmed by the rollercoaster plot line; as both Infernals and the supposed good guys working for God are all prepared to engage in treacherous acts in a never ending game of one-upmanship. I initially thought the "Marked" series was intended as a trilogy; however thankfully SJD has further novels planned. The ending of "Eve of Chaos" is a huge cliff hanger, so much so in fact that I'm left rather incensed that no further books are currently available, and worse still, no future release dates are mentioned on SJD's website.
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on 31 May 2013
Absolutely fantastic! I love Sylvia Day's books and this series did not disappoint!
Even in the beginning of the books I instantly fell in love with Cain and Abel. The whole way through I kept changing who I was rooting for! S.J. Day has an uncanny ability to captivate her readers and make them fall in love with her characters.
It was a perfect mix of action, romance and heartbreak. Not too much of either!
The only criticism I do have is.. Bring out number 4! You can't leave the ending of number three on a cliff hanger like that and not give us more!
To anyone who is hesitant about buying this book, it is well worth the money and you will not be disappointed!
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on 1 June 2013
This book is un-put-down-able, from start to finish. It's got action, romance and hotness, in the form of both Cain and Able. How Eve can choose between them, I don't know! ...It is very well written and the angels, archangels and demons are all as believable as the main characters (who are also angels, archangels and a Mark). I totally recommend this third book of the Marked series.
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on 27 March 2013
Decent plot and def a series I would continue with - although because Amazon's description didn't say which number this was in the series this is the one I read first! I probably won't read the rest now.
I think Silvia Day has better written books out there and I do wish the endings were better and not so open for the next book we'll get who knows when...
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on 3 August 2013
Sylvia Day has published yet again another non stop page turning series of books. The Marked Series has an under current of sexual tension but without all the jumping into bed on every page. There is a love triangle between the main characters whilst they go about fighting the demons sent from hell.
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on 11 May 2013
Sylvia Day is an exceptional writer with a vivid imagination....and for me it filled all my expectations as did the previous two. I have just finished Mark switch is a follow on I do hope she does a follow up as it feels as though there is still unfinished business.......
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on 4 January 2014
I enjoyed the story line and the twists and turns along the way but feel that I missed some of the story out as it refers to things in the book that you know nothing about leaving you feeling as if there should be another book to fill in the gaps.
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on 6 January 2015
Disappointing 3rd book in the saga. The story-line between Eve & the brothers is not further developed.
This is a pale & uninteresting continuation of something that started out very promising.
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on 17 May 2013
Better than the first book but lacking in substance. I did not feel any sense of fear or any emotion during this story and I prefer to be moved in some way and I did not get that with this book.
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