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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2009
There is a lot going on in this book and functions at a lot of different levels. The major problem for British readers is that it is about American Political Correctness. If you are interested in the roots of Political Correctness in America; you will have difficulty finding a better book. If however you are interested in how it spread to the UK; it is of limited use. The author is a `recovering Political Correctness thug' who was involved in many of the early campaigning to impose Political Correctness on the multitude; purely for your own good of course. I have read a number of British books on Political Correctness which make reference to this book; but to appreciate the sheer mindless viciousness of these people you need to read this book. Some of the tactics are of interest since they show the arrogant narrow mindedness of these thugs; but much of the tactics used simply would never work in the UK. As I read my way through this book , I was struck by the similarities between their tactics and the behaviour of the Ku Klux Klan. It was obvious that they had just copied them. Of course this book only gives the reader a highly selective view of the subject and is difficult for British readers to try to get a balanced perspective on the subject. Of course the book is just full of the usual gibberish about America being the country of free-speech. Anyone who has read some of the books coming out of America must be struck by the sheer volume of bigotry between different factions. One word out of place in America and somebody will jump down your throat about `that not the American way of doing things' . It amazes me that a country which must have the largest number of races and religions ; has a single recognised way of doing anything. Anyone who has read about the Ku Klux Klan or the `Scopes monkey trial' has to be shocked at the sheer range of bigotry in America. Only in America can people openly claim that free-speech is bad for you and get away with it. The author makes a number of references to the way various special lobbying groups are hijacked by political parties. To me this implies that Political Correctness has spread through our society because it suits the politicians. If you lie down with dogs; you get up with fleas. One of the ways Political Correctness spreads is by indoctrinating people at school and university and as these brainwashed zombies infiltrate the running of local and national government and the police; you are guaranteed to meet the `three wise monkey' which ever way you turn. Extracting anything useful for British readers will require some serious thinking; since much of the book is not directly transferable to the UK. Interesting in places, very repetitive, can be boring when rambling on about people not known in the UK. The book gives a very one-sided view of the early days of Political Correctness and you can detect the bitterness the author feels for her co-workers who `stabbed her in the back'. I also feel that the author still does not understand the concept of free-speech judging by many of the statements she makes in the book. For British readers the main aspect of the book is the sheer bloody-mindedness hypocrisy of these people. I use the label `these people' to describe these bigots because it is difficult to work out who they are. They are frequently referred to a the `Left' ; but when you snuggle up to main-stream political parties and receive government funding: you are really part of the `Right'. Confused ?. One aspect of the book which is directly transferable from the US to UK; is the extent to which Political Correctness paralyses the thinking processes of a society. The author implies that Political Correctness has its roots in feminism. She also implies that women don't function well in reasoned logical debate; therefore they shout down and prevent their opponents from giving their point of view. I think a lot of intelligent women would find this assessment highly insulting. The author seems to have difficulty in coming to terms with the fact that the disgraceful lobbying methods used are the usual `tried and tested' methods which have been used in America for decades; who knows perhaps even centuries.
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on 17 November 2014
This is a brilliant book. Feminism is a nasty business in whatever guise it comes and this book reveals how it threatens, intimidates, coerces the media, police, politicians, public services, companies and individuals ... why isn't this blown open in the media and the public outraged .... "Why?" indeed. A serious question ... with a very serious answer.
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on 7 May 2009
Published 2000 so somewhat outdated, though in a way this can help give perspective. The material is mediocre - all the topics are north American 'news' items, formatted as separate pieces thrown together under chapter headings. Important, trivial, joke, and irrelevant items follow one after another. The cultural stuff is almost exclusively film and corporate magazines and other material. It's obviously aimed at a mass market of people assumed - probably rightly - to be 'dumb' - with the accompanying tripe - 'award-winning'.

She assumes the naive modern American dream:-- the Civil War was about freeing slaves/ Walter Cronkite was truthful/ Martin Luther King was a great reformer/ 'for over 300 years, people have left everything behind... [for] freedom' when in fact many came for money, and many kept connections with their roots/ the 'Holocaust' happened as in the media.

To keep this review short, I'll make notes:--

[1] Secrecy. Steinem, Ireland, Friedan are revealed to be 'communists'. NAACP gets some mentions, including its handling of Rosa Parks. So does ACLU with its 'pro bono counsel'/ and the ADL 'one of the more respected Jewish hate-monitoring groups'. All this of course shows the Jewish influence which is at least officially unmentioned. It's difficult to tease out the other threads - obviously other groups have interest groups too.

[2] Examples of money. By comparison with national scams, the sums are tiny, of course. Note therefore the evasion of serious issues involving money including the likely funding of anti-free speech groups:--
* Jesse Jackson has three homes.
* NOW - National Organisation of Women, only a few thousand members - took $800K during Clinton/Lewinsky (1995 on)
* 'ebonics' invented to try for money for bilingual teaching

'The left's assault on free speech' is something of a code phrase. If you want to understand the bizarre way some crimes are ignored and others made into endless 'news', and how pressure groups work and laws become corrupted, this unfortunately isn't the book.
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on 24 November 2014
Excellent book. It gives a good insight to how the loony left are attacking our freedoms.
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