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on 28 October 2009
Most game guides seem to be written in about two minutes; no detail, just the bare essentials, and they leave you with the impression that the writer of the book has no real interest in what he's writing about.

Not so with this guide!

With in-depth detail and advice on each and every weapon found in the game, along with tactics on how to best beat the enemy and complete all the main missions (not to mention the maps, detailing the whereabouts of the diamonds and Jackal tapes), this guide can be infinitely useful for players of Far Cry 2, whether they are stuck on a mission of the game (as I was), or are simply completists who need to find that last pesky Jackal tape. I found the written biographies of the characters to be enlightening - they are never told within the game, they were written just for this book - and I see them as proof that the writer/s of this guide genuinely enjoyed the game and were interested in writing about it.

All in all, a very well-written and interesting guide.
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on 25 February 2013
I bought this game after watching episodes from Far Cry 3, and thought that even for an experienced GTA & Max Payne fan, that might be a step too far. So far however, even with the aid of the Prima game guide, I am having difficulty progressing. The game is clearly very well thought out and presented, with excellent features.The landscape is beautiful and varied, although fairly restrictive, due to unclimbable hills constraining your direction. It is clearly going to require serious concentration to get the most out of it, but should prove an interesting and rewarding journey. Recommended - well worth playing!
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on 2 July 2009
Well what can i say about this guide alot but im not gonna be here all day lol.

right 1st things first it tells u every mission the normal way and the Buddy way which is great tells you best way to go about the missions example night time better for sum missions but not all

it also tells you all about the weapons you use and whats best to use in certain situations. it has maps for all the diamonds but no explanation as to where they are tho but i didnt find that many of them a problem. jackal tapes also shows u on the map overall the guide was worth every penny i payed for it it helped me alot on infamous difficuilty which i just wanted to beat as a personnel goal. i have most trophys for the ps3 now just a few online then im done currentley rank 19

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on 3 September 2011

The guide gives you a one way method into which you can do each mission, which works well, but the guide could have been even better if each mission was given a full labelled map which then could give the suggested routes, but also coupled with other ways into which a mission could be done successfully.

Also, the guide never actually tells you whether to do the levels at day or at night time, which is is annoying in some respects as all the screenshots are in full daylight but in fact some missions are said to be better in the dark, but, some are better to do in the day, so the guide should have stated for each mission what time of day would be most suited.

The guide never actually tells you which weapons or modes of transport would be best suited to get you to each location and perfor the mission(s) well. The guide does give a good amount of detailed information about each weapon that is available in the game, it could have been made better if they are gave tips on using some of the more "special" weapons to the full effect, particularly the mortar which can take some getting used to before it's used effectively.

THE GUIDE DOES NOT GIVE YOU ENOUGH WARNING ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO RETURN TO THE SINGLEPLAYER WORLD AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE LAST MISSION. The game gives you a little warning saying you can't return, but I think the guide should heavily envisize the fact you can't go back, much more than the games almost subtle warning (such as, you should finish any business you have before proceeding) that you won't be able to get the trophies/achievements if you go any further.

I did like the biographies that were made for each character in the game, which I hope they do for Far Cry 3, but because while I played Far Cry 2 I never really remembered which characters were which, it didn't really fascinate me too much, but it's an inexpedient extra which is good for a bit of light reading if you're bored.


Full maps are given for each level, the classes are explained in a certain degree of depth, but it could have been improved by saying which weapons/classes would go well with particular situations or map.

The map editor is also explianed very well with a seperate mini-section created for it for people completely new to making maps, which is a good help, although you could work it our yourself without it.

A footnote on some popular maps to look up which have already been made would be a nice improvement, although this may not have been possible due to printing deadlines for the book to be released.
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on 22 March 2012
Great product. I'm really into Far Cry 2, so having this book completes my collection.
It's a great and handy book, but do know that it's a lot of reading. This wasn't a problem for me though.
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on 3 December 2008
I bought this item for a very reasonable price and am very happy with it. Extremely helpful in my gaming needs. Recommended buy.
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on 14 August 2013
a good guide for a fairly large game. it cover all the main stuff well enough, then gives you alternative ways to play which in my book is always fun
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on 31 January 2013
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on 23 June 2011
This is a well written and well illustrated guide. There are a lot of useful tips and maps that might help to get the most out of the game.
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on 19 April 2014
I found it an advantage when i get stuck in a game having a guide very helpful to get you through that part of the game.
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