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on 26 October 2006
So what you'd hoped for was a book written by someone who was an experienced user, and could tell you the little wrinkles and 'tips' that you need to know and which would save you hours of searching through the different sections and screens of MSFX.

This book is not something you'd have beside you as a reference 'help me' as you develop your 'flying' skills in MSFX. At best this book is 'advertising' eye candy.

Another is how do you find out if there is any way to write/store the radio frequencies, and add VFR reference points (visual clues you're on the right course) to your flight plan? Who knows? There should be but this book wont tell you.
I could go on. I've been getting to grips with my version of MSFX for a fortnight now (about which later) and this book does not provide a single answer to any of the questions I wanted/needed answering and contains no advice worth the name. But it does have some nice pictures, and its all very positive.
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on 25 October 2006
I have to say the guide is very poor, it has some very nice pictures and a few usefull facts and figures, what it does not do is tell you how to navigate, fly or go into any depth about the aircrafts systems. My advice is save your money and do what the author continually says in the book "Consult The Learning Centre". Very disappointing.
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on 12 November 2006
It's remarkable that this book has 271 pages. There's hardly any (additional) information in it. Almost every section has phrases as "We recommend visiting the Learning Center for more information" and "If you want to become highly versed in [subject], visit the Learning Center".

Then, this book has a lot of page-filling text that does not add any useful information at all. It simply tells you what you already see (e.g. "There are four main weather areas: Weather Themes, Real-world weather (Static), Real-world weather (updates every 15 minutes), and user-defined weather". Yes, we see that on the screen, thank you.)

The only positive thing about this book is the 'Quick Reference Card' that can be taken out. But then again, you can download such a card from many FS websites.
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on 5 September 2007
For a book that is over 250 pages long it lacks unique or detailed information. The Learning Centre section of the book mostly just repeats information of the electronic Learning Centre included with Flight Simulator X. The Missions section is mostly just a basic review of each mission; some tips and details on how to play each mission are included but more would have been helpful. The Appendix section is good as a in-flight check list; but most of the information included could still be found easily elsewhere.

The book is nice, clear and colourful to be useful for those new to Flight Simulator; I would not recommend it to already experienced users. The best use I got out of the book was using it for quick reference while in the middle of a flight; the rest of the time I just used the Learning Centre already included with Flight Simulator X.
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on 5 November 2006
Massive text and huge pictures illustrate such revelatory information as "use the display menu to change display settings." This is absolute guff and the game deserves better. There could have been invaluable guidance on navigation, instead it points you to the in-game Learning Centre. Microsoft, next time please use Bradygames not Prima.
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on 26 October 2008
I can only emphasise the points that most reviewers have already made. It tells you very briefly what the learning center tells you in much greater detail and constantly refers to it.
If you are hoping for an insight or handy tips on how best to complete the various missions in the game don't buy it as it literally regurgitates the information you get on the game and puts it onto paper. My version of the book contained numerous references to things that simply hadn't been included such as a non existant table on page 131 and countless spelling errors. I assume that this was due to the publishers haste to get the book on the shelves and start selling it and that these blatant errors have been corrected in later editions.
On the plus side the book looks good, has some nice pictures (which fill most of the pages), has a few half decent scenarios that you can setup for yourself and may save you the effort of sitting in front of your computer screen or having to print from the learning center as long as you don't mind very little detail. Is that worth £8.99? Probably not.
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on 16 January 2007
As a flight sim newbie before jumping in at the deep end I had a read of this book and- even though at the end of 60% of the topics it says 'refer to the learning centre for more info' it gives a good and simple summary of the topics, and a good source for information if you don't want to power uo your PC and turn the game on- which can take a very long time!

Although it would be better if they added some more about the user interface and flight controls.

It's great if your new to the Flight Simulator series, but it's not as valuable to you if your a veteran (although it can give you a refresh of the game and introduce you to the new featoures of FSX).
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