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4.3 out of 5 stars56
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2006
Yes, I too put all the suggestions in practice and did not win the one I wanted back... but I think it was because I had already made too many mistakes for too long. However, the important point here, is although I did not win back the one I wanted, putting the principles into practice did improve our relationship, and above all I won his respect back and found my own self respect. As well as sparking his interest somewhat, I felt stronger and ¨more able to let go. It was a stoke of luck to come across this system when I did, I was losing my mind. I cant stress how much it helped me. It saved me from emotional colapse. Im confident it will help me in future relationships.
Ever wonder why you can never find a relationship or why it never lasts? Do you think, hey Im not bad looking and good person, what am I doing wrong!?!
Well, here are the answers. Invaluable.
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on 2 March 2003
If you've ever wondered why you go through life liking people who don't reciprocate, and yet you're being chased by people you don't want, then this is the book for you! Its a great guide to relationships...and as most of the book concentrates on the friendship basis of love relationships, the book works for all kinds of relationships, including friends. I wish I'd read this book when my last relationshp was falling apart. I have learnt so much about human motivations in relationships, and what to do. Its gives an honest account of how to make people like you, and the psychological techniques that underlie attraction.
Its clearly written, straight to the point and very easy to read. Excellent stuff.
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on 20 February 2011
I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but previous reviews being positive, decided to take the plunge. I do have to say that I wasn't buying it in mind to win my ex back as circumstances, rather than us not being right for each other dictated. It's a site more useful than Matt Huston's 'Win Him Back Forever', or whatever it's called. It's split in to two sections, the first about how to approach relationships, the second about how to re-open lines of communication and to try to re-establish a relationship. The advice given is insightful, and common-sense in that if you don't take time to speak to your partner and more importantly listen, and be willing to put the effort in to a relationship, then it's likely to fail. It's also mercifully free of a 'how to make your ex jealous' section. Not a fake facebook page in sight, or advice on how to look 'hot' and make sure that your ex sees you looking so. Perhaps not quite as American as some books, although the final chapter on putting your relationship in the hands of your faith can be passed over, unless you like that sort of thing. A book for grown ups, rather than silly teenagers or immature people playing games. I read this along with Stephen Carter's He's Scared, She's Scared, and found that more useful for my situation. The latter is geared to up to help you recognise relationship patterns, fears of committment, and has a really good and to the point section on why you sometimes have to just walk away from a relationship that can't ever change, and why you need to. Unless you want to be stuck in groundhog day for the rest of your life...
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on 13 June 1999
I have not read this book for almost ten years, but I recently referred it to an internet friend having trouble in her relationship. I too wanted to marry my boyfriend who was not of the same mind. We broke up and he was with another woman for about six weeks.
I swore I would never resort to such games, but, I thought... one last shot. I really loved him. I followed the book. I guess he really loved me too, but, he just didn't know it at the time. We have been happily married for nine years this September. This love has survived despite all odds ( financial problems and the Brady Bunch (combined family). The passion is still there and we have a really good bond. We were honest with each other. I also prayed to God to do what would make him happy and I didn't want him if it wasn't right for him as well. I dont remember the first one or two chapters being particularly useful for me but the majority of the book was right on target.So, to the person who thought it was only for lust not were wrong. I am as crazy about him to day as I was then. One of our children is getting married this year and I hope that they will be as close and committed as us. BUY THE BOOK
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on 11 November 2005
Don't read this if you really don't want a man cause it really works. The book, itself, has so many suggestions/tactics that it's hard NOT to follow a few of them from time to time. It's like they just creep up in your mind and there you are using them. I couldn't recommend it enough, though I would also suggest reading it along with "Man Magnet" (R. Miller).
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on 29 March 2008
I read this book in one sitting and it is absolutely FANTASTIC. Every single thing it said not to do, I had done in every single relationship, hence it always falling flat on its face. I had made all these mistakes with someone very recently who stopped talking to me, but got back in contact again and thanks to all of the wonderful pointers, I know exactly what to do now.

This book is written in a lovely, warm modern manner and simply unputdownable and I really think it has changed my outlook completely on relationships and my mistakes will never again be repeated. A complete godsend! BUY IT
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on 21 September 2008
This book is good but I read it after reading "why men love Bitches" and it was much the same, however I got on with the other book better, This book wasn't bad. But I have read better. The truth of the matter is love yourself before others can love you. Self respect and others will respect you. It's all about putting yourself first - men find pursuing you a mental challenge.
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on 14 May 2007
I am still reading this and applying the "tactics". I have to say that the tactics have worked like magic. What is very enlightening is that after going through this all, which is hard work, I have now reached the point of wondering why I want this person back at all.....! Having said that , hopefully I can use this to good effect on any future relationships!
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on 22 February 2005
I bought this book last year because I had been dating someone for a while and although we got on really well he suddenly stopped phoning. This book really helped me not to panic/act desperate and to my amazement 7 months later we are communicating again. It is full of straightforward, practical and common sense advice and is an excellent source of reference.
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on 8 August 2004
I have been a Amazon customer for the past 10 years and I must have bought/read a truck load of books from very different range of subjects. But I have very rarely stopped to write a review for all to see. I even didn't do it for my one of favorite books: "Understanding Power" by Noam Chomsky.
But I am taking my time to share my views about this book. One word: Excellent. It sets out to give tactics to build up, even save relationships but I couldn't help realizing these very important tactics such as "keeping a smile on your face","acting indifferently to what people may think about you" or "listening reflectively" can be applied for success in any kind of relationship in your life: With your family, your buddies, your colleagues, even with your neighbours! Isn't success in these essential for overall happiness in life? These rules are so important that most of us seem to forget or take them for granted!
So buy this book wherever, whoever, whichever age you are, whatever your job or background may be. Let us all remind ourselves the universal rules of being a human!
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