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4.2 out of 5 stars102
4.2 out of 5 stars
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I really don't know why I persevere with these novels, but I do. It must be a deep loyalty from my love of the first few of these that has never entirely died. I can't say that Evanovich earns or deserves the loyalty much these days. Another paint by numbers Plum novel in which the same old characters get trotted out in the same predictable ways and nothing ever moves on. I usually find that there are a couple of laugh out loud moments in each book no matter how samey they get, but here I didn't even crack a smile. The only thing different about this book is that Stephanie has a lot more sex, which makes up for the dry spell of the last few outings. But we are still no further forward with the eternal love triangle. Rex the hamster staggers on as the longest lived rodent on the face of the planet and it all gets increasingly tired and depressing for me as the reader. Evanovich is a good writer who started out with a fantastic, fresh idea and who now seems to be milking it to death for every penny she can get out of her loyal readership. What a shame.
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on 31 July 2011
I used to gather some comfort from the predictability of the Stephanie Plum novels, but after 17 and the Between the Plums, it is getting a bit dull. The situations change, but not the story.
It would be nice to see Stephanie behave 7 years older, or at least realise that if you do the same things, you get the same results.
Easy bedtime reading for when you have no desire to engage your brain and want to go off to sleep quickly. If you lose your page you can pick the book up anywhere and it will be familiar.
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on 25 June 2011
This book was definitely better than 15 and 16 but I have to agree that the story line is much of a muchness with Stephanie and her capers but no definitive move in her love life. Expensive for what it is, but readable all the same.
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on 25 August 2011
I agree with the other reviewers that this is better than Fifteen and Sixteen but still lacks the spirit and originality of the earlier novels. Lula was pretty much her old self, but Granny Mazur has faded into less than a shadow of the riproaring Granny I grew to know and love. I used to laugh at some of her antics until it hurt, but not any more. In fact the whole family are similarly lack lustre. In fact there is a general lack of the madcap madness that was a big part of the enjoyment of the Plum books for me. One improvement is that it hung together a lot better than some of the other more recent books.

Ranger is still sexy and still says 'Babe'. In my mind's eye Joe is showing the first signs of turning grey, but still has the dog and Ranger's respect, but not a whole lot of Stephanie. Mum still irons when stressed, but seem sto have largely forsworn the bottle of restorative she kept under the sink, while Dad still spends his time digging into the mash potato and has clearly been desensitized to the not very great antics of granny. Good holiday reading along with Liz Evans 'Cue the Easter Bunny.
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on 30 June 2011
Awful. When are these characters going to develop? What happened to enable Stephanie to sleep with both men, without any of her usual guilt, the whole 'vordo' spell was ridiculous. I have been a huge fan of these books, and so am interested in what happens with the characters, but repeatedly feel that the author is taking us for mugs.
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on 1 August 2011
Not the most exciting book in the series, I worked out the mystery killer pretty early on. Stephanie needs to make a decision about the men in her life and wrap this love triangle up soon, its dragging on too long.
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on 22 November 2011
17 was more about Stephanies love life than the mystery(which was disappointingly obvious) and the family Plum also took a bit of a backseat.

Grandma still likes to try and open closed caskets, Mom likes to iron and fix stephanie up. These things felt like a straight cut and paste, no effort went into making them amusing.

Along with other readers I went from I wish she would just pick one, to both guys should move on as they deserve better than someone who hops from bed to bed so quickly.

Thats the trouble with long series, we grow to love not just the heroine but the other regular characters too and just as I'd be upset with Lula or grandma being messed around I feel upset for Joe and Ranger.

Let the guys get new girlfriends and have Stephanie fend for herself for a bit.

An entertaining diversion but time to move things forward.
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on 16 July 2011
With Janet Evanovich's creation of Stephanie Plum, she has clearly produced an enormously likeable character. Reading the 'numbers' and 'between the numbers' books are now almost like catching up with an old friend. It does seem to me though, that Evanovich continues with the Plum novels more because they are fairly lucrative, rather than she have anything more to give in terms of her characters and plotlines.

Smokin' Seventeen follows the familiar formula of Stephanie's lost or exploding cars / her dilemma between Morelli & Ranger / Grandma Mazur wreaking havoc at funeral home viewings / Lula's eye-popping wardrobe offerings etc. If you're expecting anything new in this latest offering, you're likely to be disappointed. However, I believe most of us who continue to read the Plum novels aren't really expecting anything new.

With the next release "Exploding Eighteen" advertised for release in November 2011, it will be a little less time that usual to wait for the latest installment. I suspect that we're going to be delivered more of the same. Having said that, I'll still probably be one of the first in the queue to read it.

Despite the 3 Stars, I will recommend this book for those of you who are, like me, a big fan of Stephanie Plum. For those who are completely unfamiliar to the Plum novels, I would suggest that you read numbers 1-8 which are, in my opinion, a lot fresher and engaging.
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on 14 July 2011
An enjoyable diversion but not as funny or compelling as others in the series, at one point my partner even asked if I was ok as I wasn't laughing out loud and reading back choice lines to him as usual. Still all of the gang are present and correct, there's the obligatory liberal miss-use of stun guns, fast food and cars plus plenty of the delicious Ranger to soak up but I have to agree with other reviewers it just felt a little stale. Still provided a diverting day off on the sofa and I look forward as always to the next one (as well as number 2 in the new Diesel spin off). Word of warning though you don't get a whole lot of book for your buck. It runs to 300 odd pages but that's in a very generously set type, with masses of space between lines and round the edges, suggesting that this was only ever really a novella length idea like the in-between books, maybe this series really is running out of steam but I hope not and I'm willing to hang in there and be proved very happily wrong by the next one!
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on 3 December 2011
this is the 5 CD unabridged audio book perfectly produced by Random House, if I read the print version I don't think I would have enjoyed as much, this is an excellent audio production and the reader is excellence she really brings the text to life.
I start from the premises that at the time of ordering I was not genuinely aware there were other books from Janet Evanovich about Stephanie Plum, however as far as I know at the time of writing this review 'smokin' seventeen' is the first in the series to be recorded by Ms King and Random House.
I don't know why other audio books in the series are not available from Random House Audio but for those who never read the Stephanie Plums novels before, this might just as well be as if this were the first one in the series as Stephanie introduces herself at the beginning.
this is one of the most hilarious books I have ever read, already when listening to the first CD I burst out laughing when the reader did the perfect characterization of Lula one of Stephanie's colleagues especially when talking to and about the 'vampire 72 year old client'!
on a deeper note, this is the pitimization and ridiculization of the sexual act, I wonder whether the author hides a very non positive vision of the world and indeed love where the falling in love - love relationship seems to be limited to sex only.
however my job as a reader is to say whether or not I enjoyed it and yes I enjoyed it and it's very entertaining, I could not recommend it highly enough! of course ultimately it depends on what one is looking for, one of the things I liked about the style of the narration of the book was that all is not described in a serious light except perhaps for the end where she is really in danger and 3 people want to kill her at the same time! even then however she sees the funny side of things when she comments to herself something like 'it must be a record that 3 people want to kill me at the same time'. The reader like I mentioned before does an excellent job in changing pitch and intonation of the voice when needed. this audio book deserves 5 stars only for the audio production!
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