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I loved Wintercraft so was looking forward to re-visiting the world Jenna Burtenshaw has created in Blackwatch. This really is a fabulous dark fantasy series and one that I would highly recommend. This story is told from both Kate and Silas's points of view which allows us to follow two very different journeys as they face the aftermath of events in the first book. Kate and her friend Edgar went to the Skilled for help and protection but Kate finds herself wrongly accused of murder and placed under arrest. When she is found guilty and imprisoned Edgar is horrified and determined to find a way to release her. Silas is on the run knowing that the whole of the High Council believe him to be a traitor. He flees Albion and heads to the continent in search of Dalliah who he believes could be a strong ally. However nothing is quite what it seems and there are events in motion that neither Kate or Silas are aware of, someone is manipulating them both but who is it and just what are they trying to achieve?

Silas was my favourite character in the first book and that has continued into Blackwatch, in fact I think he's one of my favourite characters of 2011. He is so complex and you're never quite sure what to make of him, he definitely has a bad side - we saw in Wintercraft how lethal he is to his enemies but he also has a kinder side even if he does keep it well hidden. I never know quite what to expect next when it comes to Silas and I love it when a character can surprise me as much as he does. I really like Kate too but I would have liked to have seen a bit more of her using her new found abilities in this book. We hear a lot about how Kate is the most powerful Walker in memory and the Skilled are all afraid of her potential but we don't get to see much of what she is capable of, I'm sure this is something that will change in the next book though. I have a bit of a soft spot for her friend Edgar too, he is so caring and goes out of his way to protect Kate no matter what risk it puts him under.

The plot is so fast paced that I didn't want to put the book down, there are some great twists that I didn't see coming and it makes it really difficult to figure out who Kate can really trust. The ending has left me desperate to get hold of the next book in the series and I can't wait to see what happens next. Another great installment from Jenna Burtenshaw in a series I'd highly recommend.
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on 17 August 2011
4/5 Stars
After two months of searching I managed to get a copy of Blackwatch thanks to Jenna :D. But Blackwatch was well worth the wait.

Even though Wintercraft didn't end on a huge cliffhanger I still had to grab myself a copy of Blackwatch and I am so glad I managed to get it.

I loved how Silas and Kate aren't really together at the start, but end up together, but then get torn apart.

The book starts with a chapter about Silas and then Kate and is like this most the way through the book until Kate and Silas are together again.

Kate and Silas are both on the run from the Skilled of Albion because of what happened on the Night of Souls in Wintercraft.

Kate is on the run with Edgar after the High Council find her guilty of murder of their leader.

Edgar helps to keep Kate Grounded when she enters the veil which's pull is stronger than ever before.

Silas is on the run and flees across the sea to the Continent. Silas goes to the Continent in search of Dalliah Gray for help, but she has other plans for him. Silas lands right into the hands of the Blackwatch who are working for Dalliah.

I found myself beginning to like Silas and hating everything that he was put through. Which is completely different to how I felt about him in Wintercraft. Silas continues to develop into a great character. In Wintercraft he was a bad guy but he comes much more than that, and learn that deep down he's a nice guy. I hope Jenna doesn't make Silas become a bad guy again in book three.

We get to read much more about Edgar in Blackwatch and he is just as brave as Silas, and it is made aware that he is very important to Kate. Even Silas cared for Edgar towards the end.

Jenna ended Blackwatch with a massive cliff hanger and I am eagerly awaiting book three.

I have no idea if Jenna has a happy or sad future for Kate, Silas and Edgar in the last book, but for the moment at least a happy future not found :(.
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on 26 May 2011
One thing I loved so much about the first book in this series, was the fact that it was much darker than other YA books and the setting certainly helped that. This time around, Jenna Burtenshaw steps up her game and goes even darker and even more sinister. It all starts with the cover really, which is black and red. Having a cover with such strong colours not only makes it stand out against other books but also makes you want to know more about the book.

Blackwatch is told from the POV of main characters, Kate and Silas, who find themselves in very different situations. Kate has been captured by The Skilled and is imprisoned in the underground with very few options to escape and Silas is on the run after the end of the previous book. I liked how I still got to find out what was happening with each character throughout and was anxiously waiting for the two of them to finally cross paths again. Unlike many books with multiple POV's, the chapters don't state which character is telling the story but as their voices are so distinct and strong, it is easy to follow.

Due to Kate's circumstances at the beginning of the book, I was unsure about where the story was going to, and could, take her. Stuck in an impossible situation, Kate doesn't really have much of a choice about what is going on and sees no way out of her predicament but obviously, the book would have been quite boring if she had been stuck underground the whole time! Seeing as Kate is not the kind of character to take things lying down, she finds a way out, along with some help, and off she goes on a massive adventure again. The bravery and determination that she showed was admirable and I wish I could have some of that in myself. Also, she isn't stupid. Kate knows when things aren't going her way and she knows when to say enough is enough!

Silas is still my favourite character of this series. He's dark, brooding and very mysterious. He is also cold, uncaring and a bit heartless at times but I think this is an act more than anything else as he is able to show that he really cares during other moments. Over the course of both books so far, I still don't feel like I know everything I should about him. While this would normally be a bad thing, I loved this about his character and the way that Burtenshaw has written him. Maybe if too much was revealed about him, I wouldn't have a such strong attraction to him. Maybe the mystery would disappear and I would end up disappointed and I don't want that to happen.

Blackwatch is a very quick paced book and at just under 300 pages long, it needed to be. There is always so much happening and it was hard to catch my breath while reading. There aren't too many slower parts in this book but that just added to the excitement and intensity of the story. The story isn't all about the excitement though. Burtenshaw builds a completely fascinating world full of things I have never seen in a book before. The ideas of The Skilled, the veil and other things are truly original and I couldn't seem to get enough of learning more about them all. I can see that the third (and final) book in this series is going to just as amazing as the other two and the world created is full of amazing possibilities.
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on 8 May 2011
I really enjoyed the first book in this series and so was really looking forward to getting back into Kate and Silas' stories. Unfortunately I felt that the story didn't really go anywhere.

I did enjoy the events of Silas, and the new character Bandermain (an old enemy of Silas' and leader of the Blackwatch), but felt that Kate just seemed to do what she did best in the first book, escape from capture only to be kidnapped again moments later. I felt no character progression with Kate, she learnt some history of her ancestors, and it makes reference to her learning more about Wintercraft, but we never see her abilities tested, just that she has alot of potential.

Overall I did enjoy it, but I woulnt recommend it as strongly as I did the first book :( I disagree slightly with Vivienne's review in that I felt some of the writing didn't quite fit with what I knew about the characters, but this was only an occasional thing. Although, and this is probably a reflection on what I enjoy to read and why I maybe didn't enjoy this book as much, it is true there is less going on in this book, and is more about the background info, especially about the veil, which got a bit wishy washy at times. Hopefully the next book will focus more on Kate and she will explore her abilities more and develop into the hero figure :)

I don't mean to put people off, I like Jenna B and enjoy her tweets, but these are my honest thoughts. I think reading 'A Game of Thrones' has spoilt me in what I expect from a book now!
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on 14 April 2011
Jenna Burtenshaw has a very dark mind! And I for one, LOVE IT!

This is the second book in the Wintercraft trilogy and I found that it was a much darker fantasy than the first one. Jenna Burtenshaw is excellent at creating a Gothic style world that slowly envelops you until you cannot escape. From the first pages, you are handcuffed and instantly engulfed with a fear of foreboding.

The Skilled have captured Kate and imprisoned her. They fear the power she now has at her fingertips. She is stronger than any other Walker who has held the Wintercraft book before her, she is also volatile as she is unable to cope with the power sweeping through her. Whilst the Skilled decide upon Kate's future, others are keen to find her. Blackwatch, a sinister and elite force who fear nothing, will not stop until they have brought Kate to Dalliah Grey, a rather well known character from the past who has constantly defied death for two centuries.

The author has successfully brought back the feisty Kate, the dark, brooding, dangerous Silas and the sarcastic, slightly annoying Edgar from the first book. Along with these familiar faces, there are two new characters. Dalliah Grey, a quietly determined woman who gives off an air of benevolence and Banderman, the leader of the Blackwatch, who seems to be constantly defying death; a malignant growth that needs to be surgically removed. Kate worried me as a character, as I felt she on the verge of following a macabre pathway; she is now so unpredictable with the power she holds inside her. Silas is still one of my most favourite characters. As unpleasant and cold as he tries to appear, there is a heart hidden deeply within and occasionally he has to give in to it. He suffers physically and emotionally in this book, which shows a more humane side to his character. Thankfully neither Dalliah or Banderman appear as openly posionous as Daru did in the first book, yet looks can be deceiving and I think Dalliah is yet to reach her full potential of evilness.

Yet again, Jenna Burtenshaw breathes originality in to the fantasy genre. The veil and the spirit wheels are unique to her writing style. Within this book, we are given a deeper understanding about how they came to be, their origins were a lot darker than I would have ever expected.

What I love about the Wintercraft books is the author's use of descriptive language. I find myself getting lost in the world she has built as her descriptions come to life. I find her use of imagery quite outstanding. Within this book, we discover the underground caverns that appear endless, a whole world beneath your feet, ready to be explored. Although the darkness of the underground setting does gives off a claustrophobic feel to the reader. I felt Kate's immense relief on reaching the surface and seeing the stars light up the evening sky.

Within the actual writing, there is never a trace of a clunky phrase or unsuitable word, the prose just continues to flow beautifully. This storyline wasn't as intense as the first book, allowing me to breathe easier this time. Some of the spoken passages by the characters were brilliantly written and eloquently said.

I found myself reading this book in two sittings,as once I had reacquainted myself with Kate and Silas, I didn't want to leave their company. I think if I had to choose between the two books so far in the series, I would have to say that Blackwatch is my favourite, but it is a difficult choice to make as I have enjoyed them both.

This book ends on a cliffhanger, yet the story within the book is wrapped up leaving only the last chapter with loose ends. I can't wait for the final part of the trilogy in order to discover how it all will end.From reading the last pages of this book I can only imagine an apocalyptic finale to the series,

This is a fantasy series I would highly recommend, especially if you are new to this genre. Each book is just under three hundred books and quick to lose yourself in.
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Having read the Jenna's debut, Wintercraft last year, I was wondering whether or not she'd be able to match the passion, as well as skill of the first title in this, her second release which for me is more the make or break title for a debut author rather than the first book.

What unfurls within is a tale that is wonderfully plotted with characters that continue to grow and whilst this title is thinner than the previous due to a lot of world setting having already been done, it gets down to the nitty gritty and gives the reader a story arc that will keep them glued from the first to the last page. Add to this snappy prose, great dialogue as well as characters that you really care for and it's a book that will make this a must not miss series. All in, this was a great read and one that I'm pleased I started, it can only go up so get on the bandwagon now and join the crusade to help Albion.
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on 26 November 2013
Fantasticly well written book, an interesting story line and characters that are seem real. Would recommed to anyone with a love of mystery, murder, gothic or adventure (those with an interest in romance, this book may still suffice).

Following on from Wintercraft, Blackwatch just gets better! Silas and Kate lead two different paths but their blood link from book 1 soon enterwines their destinies once again. Gripping read.

Jenna Burtenshaw is a great author and deserves much credit for her works.
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on 16 October 2011
Amazing! Shipped on time, even though it had to be shipped overseas!! Product was just as described if not better! Great book also, only the first one is available in the U.S. Happy I could find the second on here!
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on 5 April 2013
Terrific book just what I was looking for so great to get a whole triolgy and such a fast service.
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on 7 February 2016
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