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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars22
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2008
I should start by saying I absolutely loved Belle's first book. So much so, it inspired me to start writing my own blog - not as successful as Belle's, mind! I enjoyed the second book hugely too, and was excited to read on Belle's website that there was a third book on the horizon. Perhaps the fact that I'd not read any reviews of it should have rung alarm bells...

I understand that this book is a novel, and looks at what might have been. Belle's wit and warmth still shine through, but the pace is much slower than the previous books, and instead of tearing through it in a night, it's taken me several days to read - I've picked it up and put it down, unlike the others which I just couldn't be parted from. Bits of this book seem incredibly familiar, and I'm sure they've been lifted from the second book, which made me feel a bit cheated.

All in all, this was an enjoyable enough read, but won't be a book I'll go back to. Perhaps Belle's success means she doesn't need to try as hard now, but this was slightly disappointing.
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on 17 November 2008
I borrowed this book from my local library, after having bought and read both of Belle's previous works, and was slightly baffled to see this labelled as a work of fiction.

She claims that this is a story about how her and her mates may or may not have turned out. However, having devoured the book in almost five straight hours, and basing my knowledge of Belle on her previous works and Weblog, I get the suspicious feeling that this is not fictional, but a third "Intimate Adventure Of A London Call Girl"! In other words, there's more truth here than fiction!

If you like the first two books, then this pretty much continues Belle's day-to-day journey through her friendships, her family and the occasional client. It's by no means a difficult book to read, and although sometimes it can be a little irritating when words are spelled incorrectly, (and in these cases, a deliberate attempt to appear trendy - like adding the letter "z" instead of "s" onto the end of some words), you feel that Belle is being told to write this way, rather then her being allowed to simply write how she wants to write.

This is not a negative review of the book! Far from it. In fact, I really enjoyed it! It's rare for me to devour any book in so short a time period, but the fact I stayed up until the small hours of Sunday morning to complete it, rather than waiting until the next day, shows that it is a fun read.

I just wish that Belle could give us more insight into her and her world, because they are the most interesting and controversial aspects. I like reading what she really thinks about the people around her: her friends A2, A3 and A4, her family, and her clients. These are the most intriguing parts, and what make her books so exciting to me.

I'm less interested in what her characters "say". This book is set-out in more of a fictional way, with some pages of dialogue, as if the characters are speaking. Yet, the more you read on, the more you think this is simply a different way of Belle writing her diaries. And, in all honesty, this is nothing more than a third diary, and not a fictional tale.

Whilst not the best of her works (for which the first one will always be the best), this is still worth a punt. There's less explicit detail, than in some of her previous works, so it's not so "adult" in tone. However, it's certainly not child-friendly. Discussions of certain sexual proclivities, mean this is still for mature readers!

All-in-all a fun book, and now I eagerly await Volume Four.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2008
Marketed as Belle's first fictional novel, rather than a diary, Playing the Game simply reads as a continuation of her first two books. Packed full of witty quips and amusing anecdotes, fictional or not, this is a great follow-up book.

I don't think the book works as a stand-alone book though, as there are many, many references to past characters. You will get more amusement from this book if you know who Belle is referring to, and what has passed between the characters in question before. You'll still enjoy the book if you haven't read the others, but you just won't get the 'full' Belle experience.

However, if you have read and enjoyed The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl and The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl, you'll love this. It's told in the same simple yet refreshing writing style which means you can sail through the book without too much trouble and just enjoy it for what it is. I certainly did.
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on 8 January 2009
I absolutely loved Belle's first book- I remember buying it on a Sunday morning, taking it home to read and eagerly rushing out the next morning to buy the second.
It's clear to say that the primary reason that her books have been so popular because it gives us those filthy intimate details that we privately crave, all written by a brilliant author. Yet where the first book did exactly this, the second fell short. Unfortunately, so does the third. Not only this but it all appears to be stuff we've already read, and not even about her being a call girl. An earlier review mentioned feeling 'cheated' and I have to agree- even the ending wasn't really "Belle." I work in the same industry and from what I can guess, almost half her age- discretion aside, this book could have been so much better.
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on 28 April 2009
So Belle has stopped working as a call girl - good for her! Although that does make this book basically all about her rather mundane sounding office job and complaining about her waste of space boyfriend. Written in the same style as the first two, this is definitely readable, but the subject matter is just so dull and different from her debut novel I struggled to stay interested. I'd still buy her next book to see what she's upto, but if it's more of the same I'd have to say no thanks to more Miss De Jour.
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on 17 October 2011
I'm torn between giving this a 3 or a 4 star rating. It was good to read at my own leisure but I wasn't desperate to keep picking it back up. Saying that, it was an easy read and I loved the writing style - the laid back and quite casual tone of Belle really helped me to make a connection to her. The book was very frank and quite humorous. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't say it was a must-read.
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on 13 July 2009
I'm a first time reader of Belle's books. I got it as a holiday / by the pool book and it certainly did the job. I enjoyed reading it for the most part but the number of typos was appalling. There were three on one page as I recall it and about a dozen or more all-in. Was going to send a friendly note to the publisher / author but as there is no email address I'm leaving feedback here!

As a first time reader she did enthuse me enough to want to read the other books and will get on that soon. Even had a look at the blog today as was hoping to find out what happened to SF, Giles and a few other characters...
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on 9 May 2011
Yet another fun, fab book from Belle, great value, great condition, speedy delivery& hilarious witty story you just can't put down! Fantastic, Happy Customer! :-)
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on 10 November 2013
Belle de Jour is funny - no denying it.

However, this was a lazy hodgepodge of the previous two books and the timeline is inconsistent.
Anyone that read the previous two books can see right through it. It's basically a concatenation and abridged version of the first two books with a little bit of additional commentating along the way.

Not impressed with the lazy cut and paste from the two really good previous books to make one cheap hybrid and pass it off as a "new" book
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on 23 March 2011
I was really looking forward to reading this and was left dissappointed, after watching the series i thought the book would be amazing but it ended up being hard to get into and not a very good read at all. However if your going to read any of the collection i suggest this one to you. There are 2 other books from belle de jour but this one summarizes them both. I made the mistake of buying all three so they kinda repeated each other.
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