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4.3 out of 5 stars64
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2015
Excellent insight into a very critical juncture in US politics. Bush is often heavily criticised, however fundamentally when one gets to delve into his mind at critical moments such as in the aftermath of 9/11 a certain level of clarity in his decision making is clearly evident. Concurrently he accepts his failures in the handling of resources in the days following hurricane Katrina.
Moreover, one is given insight to the neocon influence in the Bush43's administration as he speaks of the influence individuals like Paul Wolfiitz had on decision making.
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on 17 October 2013
I don't know how much of this book was written by President Bush himself, so I assumed all of it. Given that he is a religious man I presume innocence unless proven guilty. I truly enjoyed reading this book, it is emotionally charged and engaging. I confess I've improved my opinion of George Bush after reading this book. What I liked is that George Bush had an ideology and he followed that ideology.
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I have always felt history will be kinder on George W Bush's presidency than the present commentators. He is man who had a good record as Governor of Texas and was president for 2 terms in very difficult times for ther USA. This book picks out the main challenges during his presidency and explains why he did what he did. You may not agree with him but he clearly thought a lot about his decisions and was prepared to make them. He comes across as someone who cares, someone who is decisive, someone who wanted to make a difference, someone with integrity and someone who is ordinary (as opposed to being arrogant). He lists his failures and regrets as well as his successes. He writes in an easy to read style which demosntrates a clarity of thought. You may not agree with him or with what he did but this book explains why he did what he did. It might alter your view of him. Political autobiographies can often be self serving (Major, Blair, Clinton), hard to follow and boring. This book is none of those. A thoroughly well written book and a very entertaining and informative read. Certainly one of the best books of its type in recent times. Plenty of ammunition in this book for debate on contraversial subjects such as torture, the middle east etc. Highly recommended.
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on 11 July 2013
I freely admit I was not a big fan of President G W Bush but having listened to the audio book I decided to read the full book and I realised how much i had been influenced by the media, that he was a bit of a prat and not very bright etc and i found myself changing my mind about him, he starts by telling how quitting drinking put him on the path to the presidency and then explains the decisions he made, he truly believes in what he did at the time was in the best interests of his country, he does express regret on some of his decisions ie Katrina. His decisions will be debated by others for years to come but he has made me rethink my view of him and I now think of him in a far better light than before.
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on 9 May 2013
Had to order twice as my first order somehow got lost in the Bit ether so had to reorder it; Ordered it during Christmas time, but heavy snowing in UK meant it missed the delivery dead line and both the orders turned up (the First one after a month) so went online and returned the book and got the refund.
Very happy with Amazon's system, generally try to look if the seller is Amazon because of the reliability
As for the Book
Good read for people to understand the most controversial US president, recommend for people in leader ship positions, some of it for what to do and some of it for what not t do ;)
All in all a good book Read this book,
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Former president George W. Bush presents the eight years of his presidency in terms of the major decisions he faced. Most he supports and explains; a few he regrets and also explains. The decisions range from his resolve to quit drinking to how he addressed the nation's financial crisis in the closing months of his presidency. Other major decisions involve choosing key personnel, conducting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, responding to hurricane Katrina, and providing foreign medical aid. There are fourteen such decisions.

It seems that some decisions faced by leaders of countries are qualitatively different from those most of us face. Of course they have greater impact, affecting hundreds of millions of people. Many decisions are made by subordinates--making personnel selection crucially important. The decisions that get to the top aren't easy, and rarely have solutions that everybody supports. They are made under twin pressures of urgency and incomplete information. Pressures not faced by those who later second-guess from the relative safety and clarity of hindsight. It's worth reading the book just to better understand these kinds of decisions.

I also formed a personal impression of George Bush. I wouldn't enjoy his company much. He has that hard achievement drive that I've found wearing in others. I wouldn't enjoy his competitiveness when watching baseball with him--even when he could get great seats because he owned the team. And I wouldn't enjoy the good-old-boy, play-aggressive teasing he is fond of. I believe he means it affectionately and is sometimes clueless when it hurts or offends. It's an interesting blind spot. I admit that these things don't have much to do with his decision-making.

I can see that George Bush loves his family and has great respect for his father and mother. His stories demonstrate that this respect is well-grounded--even though they teased him. ("Run faster George!" Barbara yells during a marathon, "There are fat people ahead of you!") And George Bush loves his country. He is committed to a vision for this country and others that is based on political and economic freedom and individual opportunity. This consistent thread runs through his politics, from building a democracy in Iraq to opposing the "soft racism" of low expectations in minority educational achievement. One can legitimately question this vision, its appropriateness, and whether another is better. I don't doubt his sincerity, though.

Read and decide for yourself.
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on 31 July 2011
This book is well-written and embodies a fresh approach to organising the narrative. The prose is simple and lucid but never dull. The discussions of some major issues of recent history are enlightening -- particularly so for being presented as part of a decision-making process.

The President's devotion to his country and the warm interest of this strong family man in the people whom he met shine out from every page.

The book contains numerous photographs and an extensive index. It's a high quality product and it works well on a Kindle. I very much enjoyed reading it and I heartily recommend it.
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on 21 August 2011
This is a concise account of some key policy and personal areas in W's life; and the various 'Decision Points' covers his entire time in charge of the world's most powerful country, and although this approach makes for an absorbing read there are a few issues. One, the chronology of events is confusing due to his non-linear approach to story-telling; by taking each area in turn, he ignores the interconnectedness of events which is usually, at least for me, the most fascinating part of a political memoir. Also, secondly, I feel there were areas that were not self-critical enough: Bush usually summarizes opinions he believes the public to hold of him and doesn't expand on his own beliefs enough and sometimes even misrepresents public opinions, although I think this is for no other reason than to simplify. So in conclusion, an interesting if not deep enough memoir. You do get answers for many questions that you would want to ask one of the world's most controversial leaders but it also leaves a lot of personal questions unanswered.
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on 25 May 2013
I don't know why I should be so surprised at this being really good, but it is! I read a few political autobiographies and this was one of the most engaging, articulate and readable I have come across. I came to it being far from a fan of Bush as President, but found the way he takes us through the key decisions of his Presidency very convincing and things made far more sense having read them than you ever got from the crude political pastiche you used to find on the news. I found myself looking up his Ground Zero speech on You Tube and having read the feelings he had when he replied to the crowd "I can hear you" you suddenly watch the segment with more grasp of what was really going on. I wouldn't say I finished the book agreeing with him all the time, but I understood so much better where he was coming from and there was real clarity in the piece which is coming through from so many reviews as well. I bought my copy on the Kindle but was so impressed with the read that I ended up picking up a copy in traditional book style (from Oxfam!) as I wanted on one my shelves. So I'd say give this a try as it really gives a sense of some difficult times and the thinking that was beneath them.
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on 13 December 2012
I would recommend this book to anyone who thinks to criticise George W Bush as it looks at some of his most important decisions (deciding to quite drinking, going into Afghanistan and Iraq and the financial crisis of 2007-2008) which could ultimately change your perspective on this controversial President.

This book is a must-read for anyone studying the 8 years that George Bush was President!
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