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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars28
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 July 2011
I took this book out of the library some 3 years ago, to eliminate the kind of Learning Difficulties Robin was writing about. Unfortunately/luckily, I was unable to do that, as my son who was 6 at the time, fit the descriptions in the book in so many different ways (he was put on the SEN register in Reception). The upshot being we went to see Robin, he is a warm, charming, caring man who was very kind to my son whilst he assessed him and throughout the various treatments we have had over the last three years. Robin said he had Dyspraxia, Secondary Dyslexia (convergence difficulties) and ADD.

I rate Robins methods very highly, but I would recommend children have a hearing test (qualified audiologist)and an eye test (by a qualified opthalmologist) who can double check convergence plus short/long sightedness as well.- Thats what the specialist SEN teachers recommend.

We follow Robin's diet together with Patrick Holford's recommendations and my little boy is very much improved.

We recently however, saw an NHS Peadiatrician after about 6 months of waiting and she told us she did not believe childrens behaviour was effected by their diet or nutrition. She did go on to say 2 of her own children were currently on medication for ADHD.

This is all about choice, yes it costs money, but for me I can safely say Robin was our 'Life Saver' and I thank him for that.

Remember however, Robin should help with children 'already diagnosed with' SEN by an Ed Pych (as his diagnosis is not recognised by LEA's) - yeah right where's that budget then in regular schools? The most I got from the Peadiatrician (lovely lady that she was) above, was a recommendation for a private Ed Pych at Aston Univercity - so much for free education and health care then huh? That's why we need Robin - As my mum always says, you get what you pay for! Thanks Robin.

P.S. Was Robin a dingbat for allowing his title to be Dr on the cover of the book - yes, but we all make mistakes, that's what makes us human.
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on 2 September 2010
My little girl (7) has been diagnosed ADHD, so as any concerned parent,I am trying to educate myself with all the knowledge I can to help her. Dr Pauc ( who runs the Tinsley House Clinic in Hampshire) is extremely easy to understand & gives useful insight into why these children have the conditions they have & what can be done for them. I am now reading his other book The Brain Food Plan which is also excellent & includes the excercises he mentions in this book.
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on 7 July 2006
We paid outrageous sums to private school to get our son the LSU that

this school provided but at the end of his first year there our son

was 36th out of 36 in his class.

We endeavoured - but the one change we did make was going to Robin

Pauc and following the exercises and the diet (to a lesser degree)

that he prescribed. That was THE change. Everything else was

constant. At the end of the next year our son was 10th out of 33 in

the class.

This works - these people reviewing it as quackery would do

better trying it.
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on 5 June 2009
A friend recommended this book and after reading it I got in touch with one of the chiropractic neurologists that work with Robin Pauc. We took our son to see him and although not cheap has been worth every penny. Within 2-3 weeks the changes we could see in our son were quite amazing. He also noticed things he could do that he'd never been able to do before like catch a ball, kick a football and fasten his own buttons - he's 7. We can all sit down to dinner now without him getting up and down 20 times and the terrible mess he got himself into when eating vanished. All small things I know but 3 months on we have a calmer much much happier, more confident child and a better family life. School has improved as well and his teachers have noticed a change. Don't get me wrong we still have moments but things keep improving so we're sticking with it. It's a big commitment to do the things Robin Pauc suggests in his book but when you see the results it's most definitely worth it. If you want to give labels (which Robin Pauc doesn't) my son has/had eating and dressing dyspraxia, ADHD, mild OCD and a convergence in his eye.
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on 26 January 2007
I bought the book in summer 2006 after having looked at a number of avenues. My child was borderline ADHD so the NHS said. I read the book and started implementing the strategies that Dr Pauc recommended. We noticed a slight change. I then contacted Tinsley House Clinic and arranged for an assessment. Cut a long story short we are now 4 months into the programme and I cannot believe the child in front of my eyes. He\is calm relaxed, communicating as a 10 year old should, energetic and no longer fighting against us. I was a sceptic before, but my goodness what results expert support, guidance and determination can do. Good luck to all those out there who are faced with ADD and ADHD.
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on 20 December 2014
Clear, sensible and logical explanation to ADHD, add, Tourette's , dyslexia.

Optomistic that this will improve my sons behaviour, attention focus and keep him out of danger and jail or addicted to drugs, alcohol and casual sex.

Robin pauc is a very helpful doctor and we plan to see him shortly to help us with my son.
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on 1 October 2006
We were considering putting our child on medication for his hyperactivity until we read this book. Just implementing the recommended diet (which is really easy and simple to follow) changed my child's behaviour beyond recognition. The easy to read text is simple to understand, and everything written makes perfect sense.

Maybe the Child Mental Health Services of the NHS should get a copy of this book! They could save a fortune on treatments.
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on 15 May 2015
After reading the book , we visited Robin Pauc, We have been following his very simple but very effective diet, supplement plan and daily exercises (less than 10 minutes) for 2 months now. Even though it is too early to comment , we can see success. We are talking about a child with mild specific learning difficulties here. I really support this book and his approach rather than going for western medicine approach. Robin's approach does not include any medicine other than supplements (fish oil and vitamin) and natural diet.he tries to understand root cause and solve it , so it may take time , but it is the solution, rather than quick but temporarily western medicine approach with possible side effects. Since i met him personally I can say he does not run behind money. I really recommend reading this book for any parent, teachers , grand parents.
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VINE VOICEon 4 June 2006
Having had sixteen years experience of special needs (two daughters with dyspraxia and a granddaughter with dyslexia) I was interested to see a brand new book on these syndromes. What a load of rubbish! What's more it leads parents to believe these syndromes are curable - they are not. Pauc is dangerous because there is a grain of truth in his crackpot does seem that the cause is neurological but that being so how do you heal a brain?! NOT by diet and peculiar exercises thats for sure! I'm afraid that I got tired of him advertising his methods and his clinic at every second sentence; his insistence that these syndromes don't exist ( we're going back to the dark ages here when schools didnt "believe" in dyslexia/dyspraxia)and when I turned to further reading at the back of the book it manged not to mention the dyspraxia foundation or any of the excellent organisations which genuinely help parents whose children suffer with those conditions. One of the first principles in introducing a new theory is to cite studies with statistics etc... all Pauc does is give twee case histories of children with these conditions that have been miraculously "cured" after a couple of months on his regime; I don't think so! Please don't waste your money on this book!
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on 4 July 2006
This book is informative and interesting to read and I would recommend it to every parent or individuals who deal with children regularly, teachers, helpers, grandparents. It is so easy to 'label' children and having a daughter who has been 'labelled', it is wonderful to know that there are ways to help and encourage her to ensure that she can fulfil her true potential in the future. The 'science' bit of the book is easy to understand and the diet something we could all do with following. Read the pages regarding addictives and sweetners because you'll never view the list of ingredients on a food packet the same again. These are the sort of guidelines we should all follow. It takes a couple of days to read with a helpful menu and recipes included. Make your kids life happier.
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