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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2001
As always with Penny Vincenzi's books, I bought and devoured the hardback the moment it hit the shelves.
A fat delightful and utterly compelling read, following on from her last novel, No Angel, and developing the stories of the characters who came alive on the page the last time.
Celia is as dreadful as ever, Michael as long suffering and LM as wise. The social and political climate of the time are brilliantly evoked and skilfully used as the backdrop for the usual page-turning, compulsive plot.
It really isn't wise to start reading this if you have things you must do, as I found I resented every moment spent away from it until I had finished it.
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on 25 May 2009
I believe I will upset a fair few Penny Vincenzi fans here: I have just finished the second book in the trilogy ("Something Dangerous") and to my surprise and slight disappointment I have to disagree with the majority of reviewers of this book who have given it five stars. I did not think this was quite up to the excellent standard of "No Angel", the first book in the trilogy, which I read immediately before starting this one.

Whilst "Something Dangerous" is on the whole a good read and much happens to keep the interest of the reader, there are some parts where I felt slightly let down. Although the description of the second World War was good some parts were, in my opinion, dragged out. It was as though the author was using her research on the war to pad out the book a little.

Towards the end, the story was rushed. I am talking specifically about Barty here. Without wishing to ruin the story for anyone who has not yet read the book, I think that her change in status felt very sudden - and given that she is key character, I think a little more thought here would have been nice, especially as the author had 722 pages in which to develop this! Also, more significantly, I didn't particularly like Barty as I approached the end of the book. I think she seemed a little too superior and ungrateful to the family who had raised her and given her so many opportunities in life. The fact that I have taken a slight dislike to her is not such a good sign as I look at the third book 'Into Temptation' which is still on my shelf awaiting to be read', as I understand she is central to this book also.

Despite this book's faults, I am looking forward to reading the third novel because I still admire Penny Vincenzi's style of writing in general, however I think I will take a break from the trilogy and read a few other books before embarking on the final book to avoid Lytton overload!
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on 30 August 2002
This must be one of the most un-put-downable books I have ever read. The stories of the individual characters made some of the most compelling reading I have ever experienced in this type of book. Penny Vincenzi made them and the huge problems they faced so totally believable. So many books these days attract such hype and praise and I've been disappointed with other best-sellers. But certainly not this one. I'd give it more stars if I could!! It really was a fantastic read and I can't wait to read the final title in the trilogy.
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on 22 October 2002
"A total Vincenzi junkie", I supply many friends in America with her wonderful yarns. A recently hooked Bostonian buddy had this to say in a recent e-mail after I sent her "Something Dangerous'along with "The Dilemma", ...........
Now....about Penny Vicenzi....the thing I don't like about her books is
that when I start one I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE until I finish
reading it. After a few days the house looks trashed and I lie on the
couch, sit on my chair, sit on the potty, sit at the dining room table -
reading the ENTIRE time. I take the book in the bathroom, in the
bedroom, out on the balcony, etc. Her books are extremely addictive and
I have LOVED the two I have finished. I will mail the latest one this
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on 31 July 2014
Continuing the family saga of the Lytton family and their publishing empire of the same name. Following their individual lives through their many trials and tribulations (well what can you expect from a Vinzeni book?), two world wars, the depression there-after and the births and deaths of a few which over shadows them all, no-one comes away unscathed.

At the start of the book, Ms Vincenzi says that she had all three books in mind for a long time and to put this tale together with all the varying characters in their different roles is simply amazing. Lady Celia Lytton, the matriarch of the story has many secrets up her sleeve which are very intriguing, I wont spoil the book and tell you what they are. Suffice to say, I did guess a couple but there were some that I didn't see coming.

I enjoyed getting in to the characters, learning their strengths and weaknesses, getting angry with them when they were down right selfish and nasty, mourning with them when they lost some-one close, crying with them when all seemed lost and felt sorry most of all for Barty, who despite all her hard work was still not considered a 'Lytton' in the full sense of the word and forced to take second place once again. However good things are on the horizon for her and we see her character develop into a major role in the publishing world at last.

A delightful tale if you can manage it at nearly 800 pages but well worth the effort.

Well done Penny, you certainly kept me entertained and I am pleased to be able to recommend it to other readers.

Thank you
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I could not stop turning the pages of "No Angel" and the second book in this trilogy is just as fantastic. The first chapter sucked you immediately back in to the power of Celia, the kindness of Wol, and the whole Lytton family. I cried with Sebastian over Pandora but yet found myself yelling out loud about how cruel he was treating Izzie. I felt so scared for Adele on her way back from Paris, Venetia I kept saying tell Boy now about the baby so he has something to live for whilst fighting in the war. Kit (what a twist). Barty so confident but yet so vulnerable to the family wishes. I really like the way the story has continued with Laurence, Robert, Maud and the Brewers over in New York. This is a book in which when you read it you honestly believe you are there in the moment with the characters they are so well written and alive. They are your friends and family. I cannot wait for the final book but yet I am sure I will be sad that it will come to an end. Great Great Great read!!!
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on 27 May 2014
This is the second book in this trilogy and I am just about to commence reading the final book. I just love Penny Vincenzi's style of writing. I am always impressed by this author's research into all the books she has written. The characters are all wonderful and although Something Dangerous is a long book I was never bored as every chapter had another twist and turn. I know I am in for another good read with Into Temptation and can hardly wait to read about the next generation. Thank you Penny for all the many hours of pleasure you have given me in reading your books.
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VINE VOICEon 14 August 2002
Something Dangerous is a follow up to No Angel and is the second in the trilogy of The Spoils Of War, which is full of surprises, wonderful expectations and anxious moments.
This is a long story so if you are like me and like fat books, this one is yours.
Centered around the Lytton Publising House in the UK, we are introduced to the owners of the business; husband and wife Celia and Oliver Lytton.
Celia is the perfectionist and fault- finder while Oliver who is more approachable and less difficult, is in fragile health now after the first war but still has the last word in the firm.
Something Dangerous focuses on the offspring of the Lyttons as the Second World War and the rise of Nazi Germany come into play. You will meet Giles, Celia's eldest son who having never done well in the family business goes off to war much to his family's delight for at least he will make something positive of his life. Also the twins Venetia and Adele who were born with silver spoons in their mouths come into adulthood just in time to experience first hand the ravishes of war, as food is being rationed and the lovely things which were taken for granted are now not within their grasps. Venetia falls into an iffy marriage while Adele moves to France where she struggles to bring up two kids as a single parent; and Barty Miller who is in a category of her own as Celia and Oliver's adoptive daughter.
Circumstances change however when Barty longing for a bit of independence, requests a transfer to the USA Lyttons in New York , and it is in that city that she is truly transformed as she links up with one of Oliver's nephews, and this link as simple as it looks leaves the English company to either sink or swim when it falls into financial trouble and almost goes for broke.
Something Dangerous will be followed by Into Temptation the last in the trilogy.
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on 7 June 2014
I have so ENJOYED the two books in this series so far, can't wait to read the 3rd. first time I have come across this author. I will certainly be reading more of her books. the characters are so alive and the story intertwined between them all and is fast moving. I highly recommend this family saga.
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on 6 May 2002
The best ever yet by Ms Vincenzi!!
I was hooked from the first page to the last. The Lytton twins come of age in the first chapter, but do not truly come of age until the last. I found their journey through Londons' society to occupied France both touching and shocking. the author writes of the emotional struggles and those of their families in such an absorbing manner that I read over 900 pages in four days (I was on holiday!). I truly hope that Ms Vincenci is planning a sequel as the last sentence in the book is..."My God, said Sebastian,clearly this story is far from over"
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