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on 29 April 2005
I have been a 'reader' of tarot for many years now and have got by on some very good traditional decks. This was the first one I have ever used that just blew me away with the ease it can be used by novices and experienced alike. It is not a traditional tarot deck, and some may find it difficult equating the suits to the traditional decks. However, if you are willing to break away from that traditional mold, and to actually use the imagery and key words in their own right, it is possible to find very indepth and accurate interpretations. Each image really does inspire the mind to create a story or meaning that seems to fit perfectly. This is definitely something that is away from the norm of standard tarot but I find it to be refreshing and insightful to the extent I have a second deck on order to act as a permanent travel companion! The book is also very good and offers some interesting spreads as well as how the Zen 'system' sees the emotional and mental aspects of each of the images. Those who follow Buddhism may find they click with this fairly easily, whereas others may find the descriptions useful when looking at the cards for the first time.
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So far I've got only two items created by Osho - The Book of Secrets, which I had to get because I am passionate about Shiva sutras, and the Zen Tarot deck, as I am a Tarot cards collector and when I read Osho's interpretations in either of these two works, it's not just like reading a book or tarot card interpretation, but rather like savoring honey drops of wisdom. Often I may ask a question, pull out a Zen Tarot card and find myself spontaneously contemplating the wisdom expressed in that card for days to come, not just intellectually, but feeling and experiencing it with my whole being. The experience is that of awe and sheer delight.

I have many beautiful Tarot decks and I tend to use different decks for different purposes, but this one is in a category of its own and I highly recommend it to those who are actively involved in their own spiritual unfoldment. Your soul will rejoice.

I should add here that while this deck contains 78 cards like any other tarot and the interpretations of the cards are in the spirit of the tarot, the imagery on the cards is very different and it is particularly suited for bringing out information most appropriate for one's spiritual unfoldment.

And the end of the enclosed booklet there are suggestions for several spreads, however I personally prefer to pull out only one card from this deck rather than doing spreads. I use other decks for spreads. With this deck, for me, it's more like each card is like having a "full meal", and gives me plenty to contemplate.
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on 19 March 2010
Just got this and can confirm that it contains the full set of normal sized Tarot cards plus a guide book.

It's packaged in a vinyl case - the sort VHS video cassettes used to come in. The case and contents were shrink wrapped but the plastic case is very, very thin and was cracked and broken. I don't think it would have lasted long anyway and the depression holding the cards is too large so I'll need to sort out a better home.

The book is post card shaped. Undecided if that's good or bad. It's physically awkward to read cover to cover but great to flip back and forth. The commentaries are pretty brief but I suppose it's up to us to fill in the blanks. I'll probably end up buying the supplementary paperback but I don't feel forced into this by the conciseness of the booklet and it's not essential.

Overall I'm very happy and I wanted to share because there's an array of products with similar names. As for the readings? Well....Let's just say, I've got lots to think about...sigh. Have fun.
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on 7 May 2012
The subtitle of this stunning deck is 'The Transcendental Game of Zen', by which Osho is referring to the practice of reading the cards. The deck follows the regular Tarot format plus a seventy-ninth card, 'the Master'. To quote Osho, "The Master card symbolizes the ultimate transcendence of journeying itself, a transcendence that becomes possible only through the dissolving of the separate, individual ego in enlightenment".

The book which accompanies the deck is in landscape rather than portrait layout, making it really easy to flick through the pages. Osho introduces a number of spreads, including 'the Paradox', 'the Key', and 'the Mirror', all of which are simply explained. In fact, the whole book is similarly written without any unnecessary adornment, making Tarot immediately accessible. For each of the seventy-eight cards there are two sections - an exposition of the name/memory prompt, which is short and to the point, plus a commentary on/interpretation of the images.

Only two of the Major cards have retained their original titles - 'the Fool' and 'the Lovers'. Some examples of the changes are - 'the High Priestess' becomes 'the Inner Voice'; 'Death' becomes 'Transformation'; and 'the Tower' becomes 'Thunderbolt'. The artwork throughout the whole deck is absolutely exquisite and has to be seen to be appreciated.

The suit names of the Minor Arcana are 'Clouds' (Swords), 'Fire' (Wands), 'Water' (Cups), and 'Rainbows' (Pentacles), whilst the Court cards have retained their original names. At the bottom of each card, is the simple single word/phrase that sums up its interpretation, with the numbers of the cards appearing within a coloured diamond shape appropriate to its suit - 'Clouds' are grey, 'Fire' is red, 'Water' is blue, and 'Rainbows' are rainbow -coloured.

I love this beautiful deck and it is absolutely ideal for meditation.
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on 16 April 2009
Osho Zen tarot is a beautiful way how to reflect here/now on various aspect on everyday life. You can open the cards by yourself or with your partner. Cards are beautifully designed and have very clear and simple instruction on how to play the game. With the card deck comes also the book of card descriptions with short Osho quote for each card. I would recommend this to anyone who is open to Osho and his work.
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on 6 July 2009
I bought these cards on recommendation from a friend, they are absolutely mind blowing. it's like communication with your soul. The guidance and accuracy is absolutely unbelievable. I have angel cards but these are just mind blowingly accurate.
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on 31 January 2012
The Zen Tarot cards are self descriptive and easy to use. Everyone I show them too fall in love with them. The picture and the intuitive wording on the cards give an excellent insight into the reading to be given You don't need to be a clairvoyant to read the Zen cards. The pictures and the words are sufficient to give an amateur clairvoyant a very good insight as to the message to be given and the wording of the reading. You can also use them very effectively to give readings to yourself.

I use my pack of Zen Tarot Cards in Psychic Development circles held at our centre, and even gifted mediums are enjoy using them. One trainee medium used the zen cards to give the most indebth clairvoyant message that he had ever been able to give, both he and his sitter were very impressed. He immediately ordered a pack of Zen Tarot cards for himself. Several people who visit our centre to give or receive messages have already ordered packs for themselves - or will be doing so.

Pat Sterrett - Assoc of spiritualists & Healers Birmingham
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on 26 January 2013
l bought this deck as a second back up, my first has been very well used and its also been loaned out to friends who have loved it. The images are beautiful and l can relate to them very well intuitively. l find them extremely accurate for readings and they will tell you as it is. Some other tarotists l know have made unfavourable comments about the swords suit, l agree they do seem harsh at first glance but if you have had the Rider Waite tarot you will be able to read the images quite easily and put the meanings into context, this gives a much fuller rounded reading. l love the Osho Zen, its a wonderful deck for readings and for meditation.
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on 20 June 2013
I admit I am getting close to owning 50 tarot decks. I can read books from any religion - I am the most open person in my life. But it depends on who you, it depends on how open you are - life is many things and this tarot is many things. If you are being political and going in the wrong direction - your friends will not tell you but this will.
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on 7 April 2015
Love these cards! They follow a theme of traditional tarot however the words/phrases are changed. The cards speak to the soul, the images are very pretty yet basic (but that works) I find these cards answer questions of the heart, they tell you what you already know!! The card stock is average like most decks with a shiny finish. Love these!
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