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4.7 out of 5 stars360
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 May 2010
I have lost 64lbs in the past 12 months and I could not have done it without this book.I am 50 years of age and I have always struggled with my weight.BUT what made this book so special you may ask,the answer,this book deals with your head and not your stomach.Like most people I knew what I should and should not eat, but could not keep it up for more than a day or two at the most,this book helped me understand my behaviour around food,it took away DEPRIVATION and replaced it with choice MY CHOICE.Whether I ate something or not it was up to ME,have you any idea how liberating that feels. I have not eaten chocolate in over 12 months and this is from a confirmed chocoholic, I made the decision to cut it out of my diet, no one else ME.I recommend this book wholeheartedly,I have just finished reading it for the FOURTH TIME as I find it so motivating,there are many light bulb moments within the book,buy and read it, is my advice to you.
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on 25 July 2012
This book has changed the way I think about food the way I feel about myself and changed my weight quite abit already. It's been 6 weeks since I opened the book and I am 1stone 7lbs lighter. I read every single review on here before I bought the book and then again afterwards as it inspired me so this is why I've returned to write my own. You need to read the book when you have peace and time and follow every activity that she tells you to do, listen to the CD every day for 3 weeks and you won't look back. I am 32 and have been on a 'diet' since I was 14 but never felt this way before or had as much success. I have a holiday in 2 weeks and I used to think when on my previous diets 'oh Ill have a week off' etc but this time I think no I don't want a week off I will continue as it's so easy!!! The first 3 days I had a bad head due to stopping the excessive chocolate bingeing (could easily eat 5 bars a day)but since then I have felt great, my body feels healthier and my mind is clearer too. It's not a quick fix, it's not magic but it does work as you can see from my results and over 200 others on here, it become part of you! If you feel like you have no where else to turn and want to change forever then buy the book you will not regret it! Marisa is also available on email and twitter and offers me support whenever I need it! *****
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on 22 May 2012
I bought this recently and read it at the weekend (now Tuesday) and I have to say, so far i would definitely be recommending this book to anyone who has struggled with diets of all types so far.
Since finishing the book, I cant bear the thought of using cow dairy at all (from a die hard cheese and latte fan) and bread/wheat products haven't been touched!!
that's not to say i won't ever eat them again (the book does say you don't HAVE to give them up either), but i certainly now CHOSE willingly NOT to eat them.
I've eated lots over the last 3 days, breakfasting on goats yoghurt, fruit and nuts, snacking on bananas and fruit, lunching on huge prawn and avocado or goats cheese salads (with olive oil and vinegar dressing), dined in the eveings on juicy meat with veggies and so far haven't felt deprived of anything.
The stack of biscuits in the office have held no appeal to me, chocolate hasn't even been thought about. So far, it truly is very weird!!
I've spent a fortune over the years on various diets and foods etc and this is the best £6 i've ever spent.
Read it with an open mind and focus on what she's saying, don't skim read. I guarantee no matter who you are, you'll relate to at least one section of it.
Just try it.
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on 28 January 2014
I read the book from cover to cover, and listened to the cd with a completely open mind.... I have no idea who Marissa Peer is, I bought the book purely based on reviews, and after recognising that having dieted on and off for the last 30 years, and still being overweight a different approach was needed. The book really does make you look at food in a different way, and has made me see what kind of an over eater I am, and how to address that. The book is repetative to a degree, but this really does make it sink in. I have lost around 4lbs in 8 days, I GENUINELY have no desire to snack, and am really aware of portion sizes. A couple of key realisations are that I have CHOSEN to sacrifice wearing the clothes I want to wear, and running long distances cross country, for the sake of the short term fix given by an extra helping of roast potatoes/ a bar of chocolate / over-large portions of food....Visualising myself at my ideal size, wearing a new outfit, looking how I want to look, and wandering round a fantastic food hall, looking at the cakes and pastries - none of which would make me feel as good as I do because I have shed my excess weight.
This book / cd is an excellent support for anyone wanting to shed weight. Highly recommended. Will try to update my weigh loss here
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on 5 July 2013
Can't explain how amazing this book is! I read this book fully two and half years ago and I listened to the Hypnosis tape every night for three weeks and I have effortlessly stayed slim ever since!
I haven't eaten any Bovine Dairy, bread, starchy foods, processed food, fast food or junk food for at least 2 years (NO LIE). I don't crave any of it anymore, I don't miss at all.

I'm not even disgusted by any of it, there's just total indifference. I trained as a Chef last year and I was preparing deserts, pastries, high-fat breakfasts and mains, etc. and while all my College group would pick at and eat all the excess food I NEVER once are any of it!

There wasn't any temptation. I just didn't want to eat any of it! That's how amazingly powerful the methods in this book are!
I crave raspberries, Sheep's yoghurt and cashews the same way I used to crave crisps, chocolate and fast food and I treat myself to the odd fruit and nut bar as a snack.

I LOVE fruit, I genuinely crave and I even see it as a huge treat. I eat loads of protein and I used to HATE eggs with an UTTER passion before I read this book and I now I absolutely LOVE them! I eat them every morning and I drink black coffee regularly and I also drink lots of green tea.
Just BUY this book. The world would be a better place if everyone in it just read this book. Every single paragraph has so much meaning and is significant.

There's no hard work involved. There's no pain. It's just the TRUTH and nothing but the truth but Marisa is sympathetic, caring and relatable with her words.

I also read her book Ultimate Confidence and that too is a fantastic book. It's totally changed my personality and my entire life! Absolutely amazing book and has changed my life so much. Thank you so much Marisa Peer, a truly amazing gifted woman.
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on 5 September 2012
After having 2 children in my mid 30's and relying on sugar, crisps and caffeine to get me through the sleep deprivation and general fatigue which comes with having kids, i had found myself a slave to constant food cravings and i was piling on the weight. I felt tired, hungry and had lost my self confidence. I stumbled upon Marisa's book while browsing on my Kindle late one night in bed. Reading these reviews persuaded me to download it there and then. That was on May Day this year and 18 weeks later i have dropped 2 dress sizes and am 33 pounds (15 kg) lighter and so, so much happier. When people congratulate me on my 'will power' or say 'well done' (and people are commenting daily recently on how good i look - this feels good, especially as I have just turned 40 2 weeks ago!)i almost feel like a fraud as I can truly say that the process has not felt like an effort but an absolute pleasure! I have not felt deprived, hungry or frustrated at any point in the last 4.5 months and i know that i will continue to eat like this for the rest of my life. Will power does not come into it. I have been freed from a life of slavery to food and can now enjoy, but not be ruled by, food. The hypnosis aspect of the book and CD had a profound effect on me immediately and has made the process pretty much effortless. A huge thank you to Marisa who is a truly amazing person. I emailed her today to ask a food-related question and her personal response was almost instant and extremely helpful, so you feel that she is a woman who really cares and doesn't just want to sell you the book and then abandon you. I am so grateful for all the other reviewers here on Amazon too because if it hadn't been for them, I would not have bought the book at all.
In summary,if you are a person addicted to sugar, carbs and food in general, and in need of help, just do it - buy this book!
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on 12 February 2014
I saw Marisa Peer being interviewed as part of a tv programme on channel 5 I watched in January "50 Shocking Facts about Diet and Exercise" talking about what we should eat. Marisa's advice made great sense, so i looked up Marisa Peer on the internet and found some articles in mainstream newspapers and magazines on diet and what to eat for a bikini body and also some interesting videos on Youtube and also reading her blog with her recipes and tips.

I gave up dairy 7 years ago, due to being averse to the pus and hormones for baby animals contained in it, and enjoying better health since doing so (no colds, aches and pains and no skin breakouts) Marisa repeated what i now to be true about dairy. Furthermore, all the words i read on Marisa Peer's articles were ringing true to my own experience of having changed my diet over the past 2 years to include more salad, vegetable, chicken and fish, all cooked from scratch and leaving all the processed food in the supermarket and not in my household !

I found this book You Can Be Thin here on amazon and it is one of the best books i have ever read having spent way too much money on failed diet classes like SW, which allowed me to eat processed and hi glycemic loading food like pasta and relied heavily on dairy which did not work for me as it did nothing to change my eating habits and i could easily cheat.

The book is very good at indentifying different types of overeaters and why we do it. This book is a kind of hypnosis style education and works on visualisation and exercises which make it so easy to change your mindset. It all makes perfect sense.

For me,( as Marisa says in the free cd you get with the book to listen to) this statement is so so true ie there is no food i have ever eaten, or could eat, that could ever make me feel as good as I would feel reaching my ideal weight and looking so good in my new outfit in a style that I have always wanted to buy !! It is true and i have changed my eating habits and given up processed food, chocolate, and my hardest habit to kick of all .... bread easily, because the book, backed up by the cd works !!!!!!!! I don't know how it does, as i am a real sceptic, but this book and cd works and is helping me without being hungry or feeling that i am missing out on goodies as i am now CHOOSING to be in control and leaner and the bonus is that i have dropped 6kg since 2nd week in January without trying hard and I am not living to eat ....... i am eating to live. I am so glad i watched that tv programme on chanel 5.

Marisa Peer is on facebook and is very helpful and answers all our questions personally and gives us advice and encouragement so that we all feel that we are enough and have enough and are in touch with her even after we have bought the book, without having to pay for expensive hypnotherapy sessions. We have a small group on fb to support each other who are reading the book and doing the eating plan. It is so heartwarming and encouraging when someone in Marisa's position gives for free .... it is mostly unheard of in today's money motivated, selfish world .. Marisa Peer, if you ever read this, I salute you M'am !
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on 27 November 2009
After years of going to diet 'clubs' and meetings I needed a change of direction. Marisa Peer has helped me to choose the right food and eat healthily forever. The book has become my Bible, for not only is her writing convincing, easy to read and sensible, she also includes the amazing CD that reinforces her message. I play it every day and am mesmerized by it. I have shed over one stone in weight and am at last very comfortable and within my correct BMI (hurray!!). I have no food cravings and am enjoying my new way of making decisions about food. I would thoroughly recommend the work of Marisa Peer to everyone.
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on 24 June 2014
My first reading of this book left me deflated. It was a diet with rules so I thought. But I read the book again and it does free you from the tyranny of the more commercial diet. I have really thought about my relatrionship with food and why I am fat. Over the last few months I no longer binge and that is massive for me. I do feel able to eat whatever I want and I often leave food now last time I did that I think I was 8. However, I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any either. This book does make an interesting read but an end to dieting? I think that is a bit ambitious.
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on 28 July 2012
Sometimes in life you read or hear something that just makes sense. Not only have I dropped 8kilos since reading this book but I have turned my life around and, made a kind of peace with myself. Marisa helped me to open up to who I really am and I found out I actually like me. I have recommended this book to so many of my friends and family and we are all happier and healthier for it.
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