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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars13
3.7 out of 5 stars
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It's certainly not difficult to see the comparison to The Bourne Identity in Jeff Abbott's new thriller - secret CIA agencies operating to cross purposes and causing major havoc in the world of international terrorism, with no accountability for their actions. Abbott's a good writer for this kind of material, achieving the same immediacy and kinetic energy within the first few pages of the book and creating an incredibly tense situation. There's a difference however - Abbott makes it credible.

Not too credible (our heroes manage with surprising ease to shrug off a number of bullet wounds to manfully get on with the task in hand), but by viewing the situation from a number of different perspectives, Run presents a wide view of the motivations of each of the parties involved, and in the process shows that there is no clear line that can be drawn between the good guys and the bad guys. Everyone is involved in murky activity outside of accepted legal and moral laws, where good and bad are relative terms.

That makes Abbott's thriller a little bit more relevant than the Bourne films, taking the activities of the CIA, IRA terrorists and Arab militants and tying it into the current global climate of home security and lucrative business interests generated by war and terrorism. It's all held together by the author's terse, lean and dramatically dynamic prose, which wastes not a word or scene. At any point, you're never more than a page away from another major revelation or explosive situation. Brilliant.
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on 24 August 2008
I bought this book one month ago for a long flight to Japan in September. In the book store I really didn't know what book to buy and I have never heard of Jeff Abbott before. Then this silver shiny cover flashed out from the bookshelf. I read the first two pages and though this is it, the book I have always been waiting for.

I think The Bourne Identity is not even close as thrilling and exciting as this story about a man, who's life is about to change.
This increadible tension throughout the whole story chains you to the book and lets you read page after page without wanting to stop.
Listening to music (lounge,cafe del mare,...) while reading the book,makes you vanish into your own world of imagination. I though I was watching the newest thriller in a theater, but RUN gives you so much more than that.
The book's buildup is like a movie itself, seperated into different scenes, which at the end leads you to the one thing you will love most, wanting more of this story.
I already bought PANIC before I even finished RUN and I can't wait to get on that flight!
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on 5 December 2008
This book is what it says on the tin, a fabulous escape, a fanatstic adventure, chock full of excitement yes some cliche but occasionally a cliche is what is needed, the characters were as beleiveable as say rambo or bourne, there arent really that many of these people runnning around the streets but if there were you would want them to have the ability to sort tight situations like they do.
As for not believable the lead is scared witless throughout and I can say so would I be in his shoes.
A good book, but if you want shakespeare take the hint, it doesnt say shakespeare on the cover!
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on 1 July 2010
This book really was just a random pick, I just wanted something slightly different to read, and this seemed to fit that bill.
I like Abbott, I really, really like him, he's someone who isn't afraid to push boundaries and was utterly bold in implying of corruption within the C.I.A. I'm not for one moment going to insinuate that there is corruption amongst the Central Intelligence Agency, and I'm equally sure that Abbott doesn't either, but still it's a credible plot.
Run is a tale of two men, both of whom have completely different lifestyles; Ben, a freelance Security Negotiator, and Pilgrim, a secret agent seeking to infiltrate terrorists, and both men are ultimately brought together with devastating consequences. It is set in Abbott's very own Austin and his knowledge of the streets there becomes quickly apparent. Also, the title is apt in that the pace of the story is consistently quick, and therefore the plot is easy to follow. Ben is without doubt the story's hero, Pilgrim is equally prevalent throughout, and it wouldn't be wrong to label him as an anti-hero. The antagonist of the story is undoubtedly, Hector Sam, Hector's character is steeped in egotism, selfishness, disloyalty and greed, his connections are powerful and when Ben puts the puzzle back together, peace by peace, it is Hector's face which is shockingly revealed.
I liked the way Abbott shows us the viewpoint of each character, and although I do not condone Irish hit men, I do at least understand some of their motives; furthermore, the character of Jackie Lynch pretty much sums up the ruthlessness of the story's characters. Throughout the story Abbott uses a first person narrative to describe the story of a man from Beirut, this appears at first to be pointless and predictable, however his reasons for doing this by the end are pleasantly surprising. I also felt that the epilogue is particularly moving and is without doubt the way Abbott should have ended it.
I do, however, feel there are a number of flaws within the story; as a reader, I felt that the characterisation was a little poor, we didn't really get to know the characters background too much, although it is understandable considering the pace of the story. Also, maybe it's just me, but at times I felt a little confused of whom the characters were and what they were supposed to be doing. I also felt a little uneasy with the amount of shootings that occurred consistently throughout; although I suppose this was the only way to maintain realism. This is a well researched book from an author who I will make sure I read more of, It is testament to the story that has since been commissioned as a movie, But why wait for the movie, get the book!
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on 17 September 2011
This book was recommended to me by a friend, for anyone with imagination and a tendency for adventure novels, this has to be the one.
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on 26 October 2014 it quick! Good read!
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I find the author a bit of a mixed bag, have really enjoyed some of his stuff while finding some others rather tedious. Here we have Mr Abbot venturing into Jason Bourne territory.

Innocent guy becomes hunted by both the good guys and the bad guys when it appears he has been involved in an assassination. Add into the mix a secret US black ops team that has been compromised and our hero is forced to work with 'Prophet' a survivor of a betrayed group from the black ops organisation to try to find the truth and save themselves.

Fast moving with caricature bad guys, this is an entertaining rush. There are plot holes and slips of logic, but the pace is non stop and you tend to keep turning the page rather then worrying about the plot holes. This ends up as a solid action thriller which is ideal holiday, aeroplane or beach reading. This will not change your world but will entertain you for a couple of hours,
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on 8 January 2009
The rear cover understates the core of the plot here - there is more than the story of an ordinary guy running for his life. Equally dominant in the storyline is the tale of a former spy who remains caught up in some unsavoury agency work. And there is also a minor terrorism angle.

But it is otherwise a typical Abbott novel - action aplenty and writing which is not very inspirational. And, of course, improbable event built on improbable event to keep the story moving - the type where our hero walks into a warehouse and finds an unsecured laptop which reveals crucial clues.

In summary, as others have suggested, this is little more than an action-filled airport read which will kill a few hours when you don't want to be too challenged.
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on 29 August 2008
i found this book in our hotel reception 3 weeks ago and it took 2 weeks to read it (bit busy on holiday). as i was reading it, it certainly made you feel as though you are running next to the character just to see what happens next...brilliant.
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on 30 March 2009
Jeff Abbott attempts to get as many action sequences into this novel as is possible. The action never dips for a second and the reader is left breathless. These are the best chase/action scenes I have read since Robert Ludlum, but where the authors' differ is in the depth to the story and narrative. Robert Ludlum always gave the reader a sense of time and place and locations were intricatly described in a way that put the reader at the heart of the story. Abbott dosn't allow time for this so the characters do not fully develop. Having said that, this is a fantastic page turner and I look forward to reading more.
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