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4.2 out of 5 stars88
4.2 out of 5 stars
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 14 September 2006
I read this book in three days and I really did feel for the plight of 'Elizabeth' and what she was forced to put herself through to help her family survive. I thought it was a good read and it was enlightening as to how these things actually work and how people can fall into such professions quite by chance.

However, for all that enjoyed about the book, I was also frustrated when I learnt that she was doing it mostly to be able to afford to put her children through private school! I know this was due to her bad childhood etc and I can totally understand that she wanted to give them everything, but I can say that, from my own experience of moving schools three times up and down the country from the age of 4 until 12, that this did me less harm then it would have to find out my mother had been a prostitute.

Call me heartless, but why didn't she just send them to a normal state school in the first place, which would have meant no school bills, and then maybe she might have been able to survive with either less time being an escort or without having to do it at all. Just my opinion.

I also thought that it was a shame that she didn't properly acknowledge any of the real issues surrounding people who are abused as children and what they carry into later life. That would have been important, and I think it should have been addressed more seriously as opposed to the Hollywood-style ending!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 18 April 2014
I turned to this when I needed something to while away a few hours. It was a lively enough read and did indeed help to pass the time. It seems to be presented as a true-life story, but I can't help feeling that even if the woman who wrote it did work as a prostitute, her portrayal of the other aspects of her life seems over the top! It is very hard to believe that such an apparently intelligent woman could have so recklessly produced six children from three fathers and stuck with the apparently waste-of-space father of the last few so long. Even more astonishing are the claims about her lifestyle: while her husband spent all his time drinking or sleeping, she apparently held down a full-time secretarial job, commuted long distances to London, cared devotedly for these six children, paying for their private schools, feeding them on healthy home-made food, taking them to all their after-school activities, sewing costumes for the school plays, etc, etc... Superwoman has nothing on her! And all this is before she starts working half the night as a prostitute while still holding down the day job, keeping her husband satisfied and having a lover on the side as well! Only well into the book does she decide this is a little too much and give up the day job to concentrate on all-night prostitution - and neither the husband nor the lover suspect a thing until the very end! The final touch: we are assured that she always declared every penny she earned to the taxman (though how she managed to pass these huge sums off as resulting from night time word processing, I can't imagine!). All I can say is, read this with a pinch of salt, and it may give you quite a laugh. But I really can't believe it is an accurate and unexaggerated account...
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 10 January 2010
This book left me feeling rather flat. I suppose I have to believe this is a true story but there seem to be so many 'unbelievables' that at times I had my did Paul really never question what she was doing night after night? He is hardly mentioned except to be slated,but she is quite happy to leave 6 children with him while she is working.He couldnt have been that bad. Did she have such high expectations of the men in her life that they felt inadequate?
Some of the story reads like a Mills & Boon novel...6 wonderful children who never seem to want her to stay at home with them,and David who appears like a knight in shining armour on the last page.Wonder what happened to him.

Yes,women have to make sacrifices all the time,especially when money is tight, but usually the first thing to be sacrificed is a high flying lifestyle,something that never seems to occur to this lady.Most women do not take up prostitution.
If anyone is thinking about this line of work there are some handy hints,so for this reason the book is useful. It is not titillating and her experiences are not embellished,but there just seemed an unreal air about the whole thing.
Very easy to read. Make up your own mind
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 October 2013
From beginning to end this is a well written book. Knowing that it is a true story there was always the possibility it would be oozing with self pity and anger, in truth there is not one iota of either. The writer has obviously 'lived a life', however i found myself gaining more respect for her with every page read. For any woman who has had a less than comfortable ride in life there will be aspects of her story that will resonate. By the end of the book i was crying with a mixture of happiness and relief that she had achieved what she had set out to do (bring up her children in a happy and secure environment). What she did to provide this environment will (probably) be a 'marmite' situation for some, as for me...I have nothing but admiration and respect for her.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 23 May 2005
Whilst this is largely a good 'holiday' read, I feel that Ms Annandale hammered home a little too hard the justification for doing what she has done in the many references she made to her children's extra curicular activities.
There are many inconsistencies with Ms Annandale's story but that does not detract from the guts of it, she sold herself for the protection of her family - not many mother's are that devoted.
Conversely, I in no way criticise her for earning a living that way. For those that have already read the book, I myself was a 'Trish' for some time, working for an escort agency based also in the South East. Whilst my income was no where near that of the working girls, I heard some heart-rendering stories from call girls who ranged from newly qualified Solicitors with huge student debts to drug addicts supporting ongoing habits - that really opened my eyes to life.
Many of the clients did treat the girls as human beings, this I believe is only the case with escort agencies at the upper end of the market.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 June 2013
Was recommended this book by a friend so ordered a copy. Was not disappointed and couldn't put it down, have lent it out to so many friends to read that it is now looking rather shabby so ordered another as one I would like to keep. Have also ordered the follow up book.
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on 20 October 2011
had this book past onto me from friends who all thought was a good read. and as a story i also enjoyed it. i thought it was very interesting, finding out the nitty gritty of what actually goes on in real life with this profession. i think we all must have this curiosity? however, while in no way do i judge or moralise on her doing this job (im a firm beliver in prostitution and think it serves a very real need) i think she has rather missed the point in justifying her reasons.
basically we can all live as she did, over and above our earning potential. i could go out today and spend thousands on new goods and change my lifestyle and very soon get myself into inescapable debt. oh god now they are going to reposess my house, i'll have to 'go on the game' to get myself out of it! if that is what you want to do, then fine. but please dont act as if you are forced into it and have no other option.
her children had no need to be going to private schools or have all the after school activities and extras. she keeps harping on about her own childhood and what she missed out on, but surely the most important thing to any child, is to be loved and wanted. they wouldnt have gone without food etc if she just lived a normal life within her means.
if thats how you want to live your life then fine, i wont judge that, but please dont pretend that you had no other choice.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2008
As far as this book's readability is concerned, it's fine. The prose is somewhat flat and detached (the sex scenes are not sexy) but it's okay for a quick read. Aside from the author's awful childhood, however, it's hard to feel much sympathy for her. She has the gall to describe herself as "one of an endless tide of women...forced to take up prostitution to make ends meet" when her main reason seems to be to put her numerous children into private schools. I also found it curious that she was sympathetic to some of the many lonely and isolated men who seemed unable to talk to their wives, but never seemed to stop and think that her poor husband, as apathetic as he is portrayed, may have been feeling equally isolated. The endless references to the children come over as mere self-justification, though this may be a flaw in the writing of the book. Whether the book gives any real insight into the lives of call girls I wouldn't know, but it does have a ring of truth about it. Okay for a quick read, but not a great classic.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 December 2012
this is a great insight to the taboo subject, and how some mothers will do anything for their kids. the excellent written story i feel was true and significant
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 16 July 2007
I wanted to like her but simply couldn't. She's not a writer and i didn't expect her to be but I got tired of hearing that she was doing it for her beautiful, talented six children. Did she really think that these six children would be happy knowing what mummy did to put them through private education. Were there no good state schools in the area? Then to buy a dog with the financial burden that it entails when you still have bailiffs knocking on the door is just downright irresponsible. I hoped this book would show prostitution in a more favourable light but it was just annoying.
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