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4.0 out of 5 stars50
4.0 out of 5 stars
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21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on 11 August 2012
Ok, I am a HUGE SK and dark hunter fan and had been eagerly awaiting this book since I first heard about it on her website. The day before I go on holiday it is delivered (excellent stuff!). So, hubby and friend take kids out and I thought I'd read it. A couple of hours later my head is throbbing and I have to say I am disappointed :(.

In my own opinion I see the Dark/Were/Dream Hunter world as a fruitcake. Full of great ingredients but really moreish. Sherrilyn has added a few more ingredients to this already great recipe which have left a bit of a nasty taste in my mouth. I am sad to say the least.

SPOILER ALERT coming up.

Time Untime kinda carries on from Retribution. This time about Renegade who we thought was a dark hunter but isnt. He is the son of a pleiade and a cherokee warrior chief. Artemis is his protector and keeps him alive for his mother who was turned into a comet only seeing him once every 75 years. Kateri is the hummingbird and the only one that can reset a calendar. (Told you it gets complicated). For a fleeting moment the reader meets Time/Untime who are brother/sister gods. No idea where they come into it. Have read the book three times since.

Admittedly it was nice catching up with Ash, Talon and Nick again. Seeing a nicer side of Nick was fun as well as meeting up with Sasha as well. However, these sidetracked the reader (me) away from the romance between Kat and Ren.

The best way to put it is like a Star Wars film. At the end there is too much going on around for the reader (again me) to concentrate on the pivotal stuff, namely the romance between Ren and Kat. Adding the extra pantheon with the Mayan Gods just confused me, as well as having names which really I could not pronounce even in my head.

I really hope that Sherrilyn will go back to what she does best and continue with her Hunter stories the way she can write and keep the reader wanting more, more, more. If you are reading this Sherrilyn, this was a very confusing book and I am hoping the next one I read from you will be as great as before.
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 9 September 2012
Firstly I don't see any real connection between this story and the original Dark Hunter line, other than having some of the old characters popping in and artemis' crossbow and arrow mark.

With "Time Untime" I decided to read it as a new series and having got past my "This isn't DH novel" issue, I liked it.

I got a little annoyed at the unpronounceable names. As for the Mayan storyline, it got a little confusing. Too much too soon, I think. With the proper DH novels you were given the storyline piece by piece making the Greek mythology easier to understand.

I feel the Guardian series is a little rushed compared to SK's other works of art but again I enjoyed reading it.

If you decide to buy this you CANNOT compare it to the Dark Hunter novels you've already read. If you do you will not enjoy it. I made that mistake with Retribution.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 21 September 2012
I've always looked forward to a new Sherrilyn Kenyon novel, especially the Dark-Hunters. And i appreciate the problems in continuing such a long running series, however i feel since Archeon's Story the world of the Dark-Hunters has changed too much from the original story archs. This novel continues quite heavily from the previous novel, but for some reason Kenyon seems to have shifted the Greek Mythology element to the Mayan culture, and its a bit confusing to be honest!
Also i know that these sort of Male/Female lead characters finding each other stories are predicatable, but the Female lead of Kateri seems so perfect and capable, and the Male lead of Ren is a typical warrior who had problems in his past, but it is SO cliched now. And there is so much intro-spective dialogue, i almost found myself skipping passage of re-hashed tales. Also the way that Kateri and Ren got together was so rushed and there was no sense of 'story' between them. It was almost assumsed that they would - find each other, like each other, tell each others sob story and then fall into each others arms and live happily ever after!
You did meet some of the previous Dark Hunter characters again, surpringly Sunshine and Talon popped up again, and Archeon and Nick were of course mentioned, but again i don't know where the wider story is heading.
I want to get back to New Orleans, and the more 'normal' set of Dark-Hunters and find out what is happing with Nick! I will still end up reading Kenyon's books, but i won't re-read this as often i have the early books.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 15 August 2012
I think this is the first book I have read of Kenyon's that left me totally confused.

I'm not sure if I have lost some brain cells along the way of reading this, or maybe it is just me?

I mean what is Ren: Thunderbird?? or wolf??? or Grizzly??? Dark Hunter?? Guardian???

To much going on with all the myths, names, what, where and when.

Maybe you need to have a bit more understanding of the Mayan's, who the hell knows.

Needless to say I didn't enjoy this one, and I'm hoping the next one will steer away from this kind of story line, back to what we love from dark hunters books.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 8 August 2012
I am a huge huge Sherrilyn Kenyon fan, I love all her books this is a first for me, I didn't like this, I feel like I am stabbing a friend in the back with this review but for the first time I found myself flicking through the book to get to the action and parts of the story, I could follow there is soooo much in this about the gods and Native American mythology I was just lost the first five chapters were so hard to get through but I kept going by chapter six I was starting to get into the story as thats where Ren ( from Sundowns book) and Teri first meet, as a couple they were great I love Ren and felt for him when Teri was getting flashbacks of his life, plus Teri was a great female lead she was funny and strong together they were great and the parts of the book with them or Sundown and the rest of the dark hunters was like being in a fab Dark hunter book, you had the banter between the men and the action plus it was great to see Ash back in the book Nick pops up too, so for this I gave the book three stars but I had to drop two for the large parts that I found were TMI on mythology, for me it is so overpowering you lose parts of the story, I found myself flicking through big chunks which I hated doing but it honeslty gave me a headache trying to keep up, I hope the next Dark Hunter book whoever its is will be more like the old ones and less like this

Ren was an outcast among his people from the day he was born, he suffered rejection from his dad and his brother, and he suffered from a stutter that people tormented him about.

When finally Ren thought he had found someone to love him she turned out to be a evil cow! who leads him to make a bad choice and become possessed by The Grizzly Spirit, thousands of years later, he is still trying to right the wrongs of his past. Artemis, takes his soul and he becomes a Dark Hunter.

The latest in a line of Native American women with mystical powers, Teri has to keep closed a portal between humanity and hell. She never believed her grandmothers stories untill she is attacked in her lab and meets Ren, the same man she has been having visions of since her childhood.

This is a first for me normaly I give Sherrilyn Kenyons books full stars but not this time, this for me was the worst of the Dark Hunter series, I'll still be pre-odering her books as I am hoping me and mythology just dont mix and the next book ill be loving all the way after all after 22 books, one you dont like cant be bad!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 August 2012
No no no no no. I really don't like this Mayan/Native American mythology stuff. I found myself skipping paragraphs of it - especially during the first 1/2. These books are usually filled with history which is great as it sets the backdrop to a character but for me there seemed to be way too much of it in this story. So much so that it left very little room for the present day story to develop. I really would have thought that the possibility of the end of the world would make for more action but it was a minor sideline to lots of history and a naff bit of mills and boon romance. SK is one of my favourite authors and I don't like to be negative but this book was, for me anyway, the least enjoyable of all the dark hunter novels and rather boring. Sorry!

What a shame as I was so looking forward to it. I really hope that the next book gets back on track (I've certainly had enough of this type of mythology). I have given it 3 stars mainly because of the funny banter we get between the heros and also for an insight into Nick's emotions (he's a very likeable character in this book even if he's barely in it!)
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
SK delves back into a Native American theme in this book. Dark-Hunter Ren Waya has a history with the spirit world, and not a pleasant one as he was once used as a conduit to try to destroy the world. Now his old enemies are breaking free and perhaps he can find redemption if he manages to save mankind rather than destroy it. But he has only 11 days before evil is released into the world, and he must find and protect the Keeper who will save the day. He's had visions of her and is determined to do the right thing, even though in his visions she stabs him in the heart and leaves him to die.

Kateri Avani is the full blooded Cherokee cousin of Sunshine yet has no knowledge of the supernatural world until she is threatened and saved by a warrior she has dreamt will kill her. Yet she has no choice but to accept Ren's help and during their time together they learn to trust each other and fall in love. Yet the clock is ticking, and Ren is determined to ensure the safety of Teri and her success in preventing Armageddon, even if it means dying soulless to protect her.

Even after dozens of books, SK still manages to keep this series exciting. The level of action and adventure is great, as is getting re-acquainted with familiar characters who pop in to help. The dialogue is as sharp as ever and of course the love story between Ren and Teri is tender and passionate in all the right places. SK proves she still has plenty of steam left as she produces yet another Dark-Hunter winner.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 September 2012
Its a while since I delved into the Dark Hunter world, and I usually really enjoys the books. This one however quite frankly bored me. I found the main leads Teri and Ren very insipid.
Personally I found the others: Nick, sundown and Ash who made appearances more interesting!

I felt the whole book never really got going for me. Will I read the next one? Hmm it will depend on reviews, I wont just buy it because its a Dark Hunter book, she has lost my interest in this series for now......
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on 26 May 2013
I am a huge Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have bought all of the Dark Hunter series and I loved them all.
What happened with this one, I just don't know, I felt as if I'd been dumped in a whole new world where I didn't know what was going on.
I had to read the first three chapters twice and still ended up confused. There was so much going on with different characters i'd never heard of, different time issues and Gods with unpronounceable names, I really struggled to get through the book.
I know nothing about Mayan Culture, I know thats down to me, but I have never been interested in Mayan Culture. So I just ended up feeling very frustrated with this book.
I got through it but it was hard work, I had to keep reading chapters over again to try and figure out who was who, the names were the worst, with some characters answering to two names, I did not enjoy it, I'm so Sorry to say.
If Sherrilyn is looking for ideas, How about continuing with her League Series I loved them as much as the dark Hunter Series. And would love to have more of them.
I hope the next book will Not continue with the Mayan Stories, as I really hate to say this, but I will not be buying them. Far to confusing at least for me.
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on 21 April 2014
Most of this story about ren is told in flashbacks that kateri has about him being abused and degraded because he is the son of a greek goddess, it does make you feel sorry for him and has you rooting for him but the present ren doesnt seem to have much character this I feel is the authors fault she has tried to tell the story of ren through flashbacks and in doing so there isnt much dialogue between the two main characters so they dont feel like they are fully formed.

the other characters in that are well known and loved seem like they were just dropped in, they have there usual sarcastic and funny dialogue you expect but because the main characters seem less formed it makes all the well loved characters seem so aswell.

I think there is too much focus put into the flashbacks of ren when more focus should have gone into the present storyline, there were a lot of bad characters but you only really got to know one which was coyote. Also the author went overboard with how badly done to ren was which was emotional at times but later on it was like yes I get it he was emotionally, mentally and physically abused.

I feel as though this story was rushed so I give this book 3.5*
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