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4.7 out of 5 stars52
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 January 2007
I have just finished reading, Morrigans Cross, Dance of the Gods and Valley of Silence one after the other over the last 5 days. I recommend that is the way to read this trilogy from Nora Roberts because they need to be read that way. All wonderful books but really just one story in 3 very long chapters. As always full of marvellous characters Hoyt, Glenna, Blair, Larkin, Moira and my favourite Cian, although I developed a very soft spot for Larkin to. I wasn't sure about Hoyt in Morrigans Cross but about half way through he grew on me. Her descriptive writing is second to none and you can really feel all the places these six people who form the circle needed to destroy the evil of Lilith and save the world from the vampires arrive in; from medieval Ireland to modern day Ireland and modern day America each is perfectly believeable and all the little extra touches of how Larkin and Moira adjust to showers and modern day plumbing and Coke! Not only the six main characters but the supporting characters or so well written you can't help but put a face to them. Nora Roberts never ceases to amaze me with the diversity of stories she is able to write be they in the past, present or future always entertaining, gripping and so very readable! I would like her publishers to publish, sometime in the future, an omnibus of all three stories, mind you if done in larger print only weighlifters would be able to read it! I feel this book Valley of Silence is probably the best of all three 'chapters' of this amazing story but all three need to be read and together in the right order as I have said previously. Once again thank you Nora for writing another 'keeper' for the bookshelves.
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on 8 November 2006
Really, I'm reviewing all three books in the Circle Trilogy here.

As a relative newcomer to fantasy, books like these ones make me want to carry on with that genre. All 3 books contain romance, action, humour, heartache and happiness. The characters are likeable and make you really feel for them.

This final book is a wonderful ending to a brilliant series and I highly recommend them all.
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on 19 September 2011
This is the final book in the `Circle' trilogy and after a bit of a slow start, then a slightly better book two, I found myself liking book three a lot. The characterisation is much better developed and the romantic chemistry between the two lead protagonists actually works!

This novel incorporates a witch, shape shifter, vampire, warrior, scholar and sorcerer, all gifted (and good looking, obviously) people from various worlds and times in history who are set to try and destroy the vampire queen Lilith. They are now in the ancient land of Geall and Moira, the somewhat reluctant bookish queen, is wary of leading her people into battle, but knows it must be done for them to accomplish victory over ancient evil. Aided by vampire Cian who struggles to fight his own feelings for Moira, can the circle of six succeed?

This was a well written novel that nicely concluded the trilogy with romance, suspense and welcome touches of humour from probably my favourite character, the shape shifter Larkin as well as action packed battle scenes. It is also interesting to see how far the characters have come since they initially met and how their relationships have grown and changed. Moira is very well depicted as being both strong and loyal and wanting to do the best for her people. Cian, though he has his dark side ultimately feels drawn to her, despite their rocky start, though feels it can never work- the turmoil was nicely portrayed and I did really like him as the romantic lead here. He has much more charisma than his twin brother, too!

I would personally recommend reading these books in their intended order so you get a feel for who is who, though as I've said, book one is a little bit dull. This one for me stood out the most as it was interesting to read about the relationship between a human and vampire that wasn't Twilight! Also, Nora Roberts's descriptions are very vivid and clear so as a reader you can really imagine what is going on and the worlds she has created. Personally though, I still prefer Roberts' standalone and non-paranormal/fantasy series. I would say if you're a first time NR reader then don't start here- try either her Quinn brothers series or `Blue Smoke' instead.
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on 29 December 2007
The Goddess Morrigan tasked the sorcerer with traveling through space and time to gather together the people who would fight for the life of humanity. Hoyt gathered Cian the vampire, the shifter Larkin, Blair the demon hunter, Glena the witch, and Moira the Scholar princess. Through the dance of the gods they travel to Moira's homeworld of Geall, a medieval like pastoral place that has never known war to make humanity's last stand against Lilith, the vampire queen. If the circle of six and the people of Geall lose, all humanity in all the worlds will be destroyed.

The final battle will take place in the Valley of Silence and Moira, who pulled the sword out of the stone that rests upon a fairy mound, is now the queen whom will lead her people. Cian, who was turned against his will by Lilith, sides with the humans even though most fear him. Moira sees him for what he is and loves what she sees so when she goes to Cian he is helpless to fight his feelings as well as hers. Both know that there is no future in their relationship but for a little while, both will know a love so powerful that it is beautiful to behold. As the battle looms, the circle of six uses innovative battle methods since the vampire horde out numbers them four to one.

This concludes The Circle Trilogy and it is by far the best series Nora Roberts has ever written as the author addresses the themes of free will, good vs. evil and the power of love to sustain and strengthen people so they make ethical choices. The tale concentrates on the characters of Cian and Moira, two star-crossed lovers who find solace in each others arms for the present. She is a magnificent warrior queen in the tradition of Boudica and he is the dark gothic hero who puts his lover's needs before his own. VALLEY OF SILENCE is a fantastic work of romantic dark fantasy!!! I would also recommend, if you missed reading Tino Georgiou's masterpiece--The Fates, go and read it.
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on 3 March 2009
Having just finished the triolgy I warn future readers to have all volumes to hand it would be unbearable to have to wait. A brilliant story with full rich and varied characters. From witch to vampire even shape changer all were believable. This is a story to put on the shelf to be read again!
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on 22 August 2012
This trilogy was a really fun way to pass a week. I am new to Nora Roberts but love well written, easy romance and the fantasy element was just fantastic. The men are dashing and the women ballsy with a great villain to top it off. Not the most challenging read in the world but great for the beach or the train!
If you liked this book, also check out - River Hollow (The Sweet Meadow Romances)
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on 11 November 2014
I love this author and I have very nearly read all the books not just in this series but all series written.

She is an excellent author, I love the story lines, and I love that everything is in 3's I love a series of books and with a triology you have that without having to many books to read to finish off a series.

Perfect thing to take away with you and read by the pool!
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on 25 August 2013
I loved this book as it was the final one in the trilogy, funny I didn't think I would enjoy a book about vampires and such, but nora Roberts writes such fantastic books that I soon got totally into the three books. I wold highly recommend this book. it's such fun to read and interesting as well.
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on 21 December 2012
If you like vampire stories the reader will love this book . Nora Roberts knows how to keep the reader enthralled from the beginning of the first book of the trilogy to this the last one. Plenty of action and a bit of gore, as you would expect in a good vampire story . An excellent book .
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on 24 June 2014
I just loved this trilogy, but in saying that I can't say a bad word about Nora Roberts. Each and every book that I have read just get better (and I have read lots and lots) "way to go Nora"
Looking forward to my next how even many........
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