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4.3 out of 5 stars26
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 March 2014
We've all read this book a couple dozen (hundred?) times before, regardless of the character names, environments, species, etc. The big, bad, beastly alpha male is blindsided by his sudden passion for some surprising little slip of a thing, who he worships for her sexy body and what he sees as her amazing inner strength. He shows this beguilement by trying to control every aspect of her life. Meanwhile, she squawks a bit at his overbearing manner, but secretly loves letting him overpower her and spends a third of the book fantasising about how else the barely human man might dominate her. Sound familiar? Yeah, I know.

I'm afraid this was a serious case of 'meh' for me. I didn't hate it, but it did little for me either. The issue is that it's a bon-bon. I can't even call it cotton candy, which a person will read for the simple ephemeral wisp of momentary enjoyment. No, this is something you go specifically to the store to buy, curl up on the couch with the box and purposefully indulge in. Indulge in what? Vicariously experiencing what it's like to have some über-male make you the absolute centre of his universe. That's what Tiago does to Tricks. He worships her with every ounce of his beastly self and it touches on some primal female desire apparently, because I realise a lot of people love this kind of thing. More power to you, but I need a little more. Yes, I think seeing the "holocaust of a male" go weak at the knees for his mate is sexy, but it's pretty much all he (or anyone else) did in this book. It's just page after page after page of him growling how sexy she is, or that she's his, or what he's going to do to her when they get to a bed, or how he'd do anything to protect her, or how he'd never leave her, etc. Redundant much? In return, Tricks drools over his muscled, dangerous body and scary, antisocial personality again and again and again. Yep, still redundant. None of this is helped by the tendency to use the same descriptives repeatedly. Tiago's face is described as some version of hatchet hewn or knife bladed about a million times.

There is a thin thread of plot-line tying everything together, but it's not much one. The world was essentially set out in book one and the characters were introduced (though by no means gotten to know) in the previous book. So apparently forgoing the character development was seen as acceptable. (There really isn't any.) So, without much in the line of plot, world-building or character development what do you fill 300 pages with? Yep, you guessed it, internal emotions, declaration off love and sex. That's about all you'll get here. As fantasy fodder it fits the bill, but if you're looking for ANYTHING more substantial it's a fail. There's no substance to it and there isn't meant to be. And while I can kind of see what people see it in, if it's all there is to a book it just feels cheap.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 October 2013
In book 2 of this series, 2 characters that featured in book 1 ("Dragon Bound") take the lead roles and fall in love. Tiago is a Sentinel and a Wyr considered an Elder due to his age and power. In the past he has been worshipped as a God, and in his true form as a Thunderbird he wields thunder and lightning as well as the multitude of weapons he carries in his human form.

For 200 years Dark Fae Tricks has found sanctuary with Dragos (the lead from book 1) and his Sentinels. But Tricks (aka Niniane) has another identity; hiding the fact she is the true heir to the Dark Fae throne following the murder of her family. When her uncle is killed she has no choice but to step forward and take the throne, but before long the assassination attempts begin.

Tiago cannot understand why seeing Niniane hurt affects him so badly. He is considered one of the wyr's greatest weapons and is prepared to use all his skills to protect Niniane at any costs. Their attraction blazes between them, yet a Dark Fae Queen and a Thunderbird wyr have little chance of a future together.

Again this author has produced an absolutely fabulous fantasy romance. Tiago is a hero no woman in her right mind could ever turn down, whilst Niniane proves herself a worthy mate. There is plenty of entertaining verbal sparring between the pair, plus action and drama all the way as Niniane's hidden enemies escalate their attack to ensure she never ascends her throne. TH also again creates some breath-taking scenes which leave the reader an emotional wreck. I loved this book but I couldn't quite give it 5 stars because I thought "Dragon Bound" was a little more entertaining. 4¾ stars
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The Dark Fae King, Urien Lorelle, is finally dead. Urien's segregationist rule had isolated the Dark Fae society from the rest of the world. Unlike their kin, called the Light Fae, the Dark Fae was known for subterfuge and silent political allegiances. Long ago Urien had taken the Dark Fae throne in a bloody coup. He had slaughtered his brother, King Rhian, and the entire royal family to get it - or so he thought. There had been one body unaccounted for.

Niniane Lorelle had been seventeen-years-old when her uncle had butchered her family. She had run straight to Dragos, Lord of the Wyr, for sanctuary and had been part of the Wyrkind inner circle for almost two hundred years. She was known as Thistle "Tricks" Periwinkle, Public Relations spokesperson for Cuelebre Enterprises in New York. But with the death of King Urien, it was time for Tricks to reveal herself as Niniane, rightful heir to the throne.

Niniane met with a small delegation for only a short time, one of whom was her cousin, before she was stabbed. For the second time in her life, Niniane had been betrayed by her own blood kin. Someone caught the assassination attempt on video and uploaded it to the web. This was how Dragos found out about the attack. Tricks was in hiding, if not dead somewhere. Dragos sent his best man to locate Tricks and to keep her alive until after her coronation.

Tiago Black Eagle is one of only three known thunderbirds in existence. When not in his human form, Tiago is a gigantic bird of prey with a thirty-foot wingspan. He has been the head of Dragos's private army for several hundred years now. The other Wyr sentinels call him "Dr. Death" behind his back for good reason. He is a killing machine quick to anger and fueled by immense Power. He has an intimate understanding of vengeance, hunting, and killing. When he loses his temper, thunder rolls and lightning strikes. For Tiago, tracking Tricks is easy. Tending her wounds and keeping the spitfire alive is not. She is a fragile faery yet, unlike any other sane creature in the world, she did not hesitate to needle a pissed-off thunderbird. She may not be a warrior, but she is nicknamed "Tricks" for a reason. Dragos's sentinels, who are mostly gryphons, had taught her to fight dirty, and the little faery has managed to get under his skin somehow. When a second assassination attempt occurs, Tiago is prepared to shoot and ask question later. Niniane refuses to return to New York and Tiago refuses to leave her side.

Niniane is in pain, has no idea of whom she can trust, and the warlord sentinel is tap dancing on her last nerve. The man is always angry, irritable, rude, protective and sarcastic, comforting in danger and calm under fire and unrepentantly, aggressively antisocial. His is an unconquerable spirit and his bedside manner is sociopathic. But he is also the only one she can totally trust to guard her back. With Urien dead, Niniane can finally help her people return to a better way of life. She would be firm but fair, as her father had been. During this time of transition, Niniane needs all the help she can get; however, she cannot ask for too much more from the Wyrkind. Niniane must be careful not to alienate any powerful government officials and much-needed Dark Fae allies. No other Elder demesne will tolerate it should they believe the Wyr to be getting too much favoritism. Power among the United States Elder Races is carefully balanced and needs to remain so for the sake of peace. So when she finally becomes the Dark Fae Queen, the thunderbird must return to New York. Taking her broken heart with him.

**** FOUR STARS! Though this is a stand-alone story, I strongly urge you to read the first title of this series (Dragon Bound) before beginning this one. In the first story, readers not only get to enjoy watching Tricks and Tiago clash, but they also get some foreshadowing for this current story. It will help you understand Tricks and Tiago just a bit better. However, you do not HAVE to. The author has done a terrific job of introducing the pair. In this story, the backgrounds of Tricks and Tiago become fully developed. They are opposites. Yin and yang. In short, exactly what each needs to make them whole.

Thea Harrison keeps events moving alone at a good pace. Danger, suspense, and political intrigue are everywhere. But best of all are the clashes between the hero and the heroine, both in and out of the bedroom. Delicious! ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 16 April 2012
I really enjoyed Dragon's BOund and I thought Niniane was a fun,strong girl who knew what's what's in it. I mean she is over 200 years old and has also gone through a lot what with witnessing her family being massacre. All I get is a girl being push in every direction - I can't sympathise with her at all. So all in all 'Storm's Heart was a bit disappointing for me. But I'll perservered and carry on with 'Serpernt's Kiss'.
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on 20 March 2012
After the excellent Dragon Bound book, first in the series I was seriously disappointed in this sequel. Main lead character Niniane was constantly crying or needing sleep & came across as very weak and girly, considering she was supposed to be the next Dark Fae Queen it was strange that other characters constantly referred to her as 'faery' and 'pipsqueek'to me it really undermined her character completely (and it was already struggling). Storyline was weak and underdeveloped, too much time spent on the sleepy/weepy heroine and not enough on the adventure. Quite frankley the book was boring. However if you read this book first and didn't like it you shouldn't discount Dragon Bound all round a much better read and thoroughly enjoyable.
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on 9 October 2011
There were a few things that slightly jarred on me with this book, one of which was the rapidity with which Tiago 'fell in lust' with Tricks/Niniane. If you have read the first in the series (Dragon Bound), then the exchange between them in that book kind of sets up the attraction, but if you haven't, then it seems a tad sudden. Having said this, the rest of the book was excellent, again with a central mystery/action plot that keeps you wondering - in this case, it's who is behind the attempts on Niniane's life. It is signposted slightly obviously so you do expect it when the final attempt pops up, but it isn't massively clumsy.
Basically Niniane was revealed as the heir to the Dark Fae throne in the last book (once Urien was killed) and she now has to take up her position. At the end of book 1 it had been decided that, for political reasons, none of the Wer could go as protectors or bodyguards, so she has to do it all alone. There is an attempt on her life, which is video-d and put on youtube, and Tiago leaves to find her and 'take charge'. There is a second attempt on both their lives, confusion in the Dark Fae court, the involvement of the vampire Carling (who stars in book 3) etc etc. Meanwhile Tiago decides that Niniane is his mate, she realises that she loves him but her court will never accept him (or their children). A truly spectacular near sacrifice at the end brings everything into perspective and all ends well. All good fun that keeps the pages turning.
Still interested, and now moving on to book 3
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on 14 September 2013
In Storm's Heart you have the chance to see how Tricks became the woman she is and the tragedy of her past and how she overcame it all to become the strong and courageous woman Tiago falls for. Tiago was a fantastic hero and i loved how protective he was of Tricks...i need my own Tiago...(sigh) the story is fast-flowing and i loved the dialogue between them and the other characters from the past book and introducing some new future characters to look forward too in the new books...this author is now on my auto buy list..give her a chance to shine and start with dragon bound and then get the rest of the series...i did...before Dragon Bound i hadn't heard of Thea Harrison, now on my kindle i have everything she has written and i enjoyed every one of them... keep up the the good work and please write faster...
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on 12 September 2011
Loved book 1 in the series and book 2 did not disappoint either. Hope Thea is writing quickly as I am waiting for the next in the series to come out on kindle. Definitely recommend but read book 1 first.
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on 4 September 2014
Love Thea Harrison and love her books. Elder Races is a great series. This book is as good as the others in the series and I look forward to the next one.
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on 8 February 2016
I loved this story. It was just as good as Dragon Bound. I enjoyed the interactions between Tricks and Tiago in the first book and was pleased to see that chemistry even stronger in this one. Trick's character really came to life for me. Her character deepened from the cute, snarky fairy into a conscientious, strong fae queen. Triago made the story for me though. He was so strong, unwielding and sure of himself and his motives that you can't help but be totally drawn to him. Overall, Lots of intrigue, fun and romance. Recommend.
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