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3.7 out of 5 stars37
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 December 2007
I've been grunting, roaring and mumbling in myself as I read this book and it wasn't pretty, still in some odd way I was mildly pleased, note....I said pleased, not ecstatic or raving. First I have to say that I feel that Sherrilyn Kenyon over did it a bit with Aidan's attitude, especially the first half of the book he was in one state of mind: I-do-not-trust-anyone-for-I-have-been-royally-******-over-by-everyone-in-my-life. Then we have Leta, a Goddess who needs Aidan's anger, no problem there I would say, so she can attack Dolor who has been summoned after god knows how many decades and ready to spread menace. Dolor is summoned by the one who holds a major grudge against Aidan and Leta needs to protect him so with a knock on the door she arrives at Aidan's secluded cabin.

This novella just couldn't grab me, hold me, and nurture the reader in me with a well written story, characters or plot. I have to admit there where incidentally moments I enjoyed the sarcastic comments of Aidan and the fast reactions of Leta letting a ghost of a smile hover over my lips, the passion and the message of the story where also enjoyable. What saved this novella from being a total waste was the last 70 pages, where Aidan let go of his attitude a bit and started to realize a few things, I know that's called character development but when a character rubs you the wrong way on the brink of tossing the book aside it is a relief! I also got presented with a 24 hours I don't like you - steaming up the bedsheets - get an epiphany - HEA - story, I know there are more out there like that but with this story it was just one more thing that couldn't make me agree with the lot of it.

I'm curiously wondering why I was pleased in some odd way as I read what I'm writing....oh right, so those last 70 or so pages gave me some pleasure with the chemistry of Leta and Aidan, the epiphany with Aidan was nice and made the end have a bit more impact, the plot had a message that fits the season and it has a happy holiday cheery end. Also, since where about 11 days away from Christmas I liked the added extra as it got me in the spirit of the season seeing Ash, Simi, Kyrian, Nick and all the New Orleans crew and the teaser for Xypher had me practically drooling but I'm reserved for the last few books of Sherrilyn Kenyon have received a lot of good promotions which turned me in to jell-o for the book but in the end never truly gotten what I wanted.

I can't in all good conscience say: `Go out and buy the book for this is something you can't miss!' I thought it to a certain degree entertaining if you have lots on your mind and you just want an easy going story that, once finished, will not linger long in your mind. Furthermore, to my understanding and knowledge this was supposed to be a holiday present from Sherrilyn Kenyon to her fans, can I just roar a bit in frustration and say that I feel robbed for the prize of 5,50 euro's that's about $ 8,00 and say in my opinion: 'Present!!! A present would have been a booklet with this story given to the fans!'

A last note: This is my first review of a book from the hand of Sherrilyn Kenyon that I truly bashed and this makes me almost want to cry for she introduced me to those vampires I will always treasure in my heart.

Reviewed by: Leontine
Courtesy of Realms on our Bookshelves
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 December 2007
Aidan O' Connor had it all; fame, wealth, a handful of Oscars and an adoring fan base until his family and close friends tried to destroy him. Left feeling only bitterness and pain by the betrayal of those he loved, Aidan becomes a recluse until one stormy night his peaceful isolation is broken by the arrival of a beautiful woman, who if he is to believe, is an ancient goddess of dreams determined to protect him.

Leta, an Oneroi has spent millennia in status healing following her battle with Dolor, the physical personification of Pain; an immortal who murdered her husband and infant daughter. Unable to kill him by the decree of Zeus, she instead cursed Dolor; never believing a human would be capable of enacting out the deeds required to release the God of Pain from his imprisonment. Unfortunately the mortal with the deep sadistic streak required to release Dolor just happens to be Donnie; Aidan's brother and the chief instigator of the attempts to crush his brother's career. Consumed by jealousy and hatred, Donnie's first request made to newly released Dolor is the painful death of Aidan.

Borderline Skoti, Leta is initially drawn to Aidan because of the depth of his rage and betrayal, deep feelings that fuel her own strength, which she very much needs if she wishes to completely destroy Dolor. Both Aidan and Leta are tortured souls drawn together to fight an evil; and amid their battles they find themselves falling in love and learning to trust each other.

I'm a loyal fan of SK's works and hate to make any negative comment; however "Upon a Midnight Clear" does not pack the same punch as her "Darkhunter" series. In fact the highlight of this book is the last 20 or so pages. In her far too short "Holiday Gatherings" SK revisits many favourite characters from previous books; including Acheron, Simi, the Hunter and Deveraux clans and familiar faces found in Sanctuary. I normally find myself completely absorbed in SK's paranormal world yet this book was for some reason quite muted; even when something terrible happened to Leta during the climatic battle against Dolor, I just didn't find myself caring that much. In SK's "Darkhunter" books I've been left close to tears, yet the most heartbreaking moments of this book lacked the emotional impact this author normally produces.

UTMC is undoubtedly a short novel compared to many other "Darkhunter" books, which may explain the overall abbreviated air to it. Everything happened far too quickly; from the emotional commitment between the leading lovers (at odds with the depth of their emotional scars) to the final rushed battle against Dolor. I also missed the abundant quips and pithy comebacks normally fired between the leading lovers. I would perhaps give this book 4 stars if it wasn't written by SK; however when compared to the likes of "Fantasy Lover" or "Dance With the Devil" it just doesn't match the high standards I associate with this author's works. I admit I am disappointed with UTMC; but not to a degree that I won't snap up the "Darkhunter" books scheduled for release in 2008
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on 29 December 2007
This is a surprisingly short book. Although initially appearing usual mass-market paperback size, as soon as the pages are opened it becomes clear that there's less to the story than initially expected. It's almost like reading a large print book with the font size very large and a significant gap between the lines. Despite the normal(ish) number of pages at 250, it's more like a novella and took me less that two hours to read in total. Also, despite the seasonal title, there's very little in this book about Christmas; that's not a bad thing, just that if it were being purchased for seasonal reading it wouldn't quite fit.

The overall theme of this story is about trust. Aiden O'Conner is a famous actor with five Oscars to his credit but now no-one he can trust. His fiancee, friends and family have all turned against him in order to get money, even though he was previously willing to freely give it. He's now holed up in a cabin on his own licking his wounds, feeding his anger and vowing never to trust anyone again.

Leta is a goddess who once was able to stop Pain, otherwise known as Dolor, by banishing him. However, when Donnie O'Conner summons Dolor in order to inflict Pain on his brother, Leta realises she will have a battle again to defeat Dolor. She needs to work with Aiden to do this but he doesn't trust her - or anyone else. Aiden's already riddled with pain from all the treatment he has received from those he thought loved him and he is unwilling to trust Leta - initially at least.

The story follows their battle with Dolor along with meeting various other gods and the sacrifices Leta has to make in order to protect Aiden. It's a short read which is reasonable enough but the characterisation of Aiden didn't seem to work for me - he was too good to be true and his friends and family were too bad to be true. Fans of Kenyon's other works will no doubt enjoy this story but as a standalone novel it's short and rather lacking.
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on 28 July 2008
I don't even know how to describe what went wrong here. It's like the whole middle part of the book is missing. The text in my copy was huge, giving the illusion that this was a full length novel at 320 pages, but really it's more like 150. I was annoyed with every paragraph I had to trudge through to finish this book. It was formulaic, dull and corny. I like a little cheese with my romance but this is just not good.

The only thing that salvaged this book (and the reason for 2 stars not 1) was the short story at the end. It's like a little refresher course of the many books in the entire Dark Hunter / Dream Hunter series, which was a good thing if like me you have read all of the SK DH books in the official reading order as published on SK's website. Considering how many books there are you do sometimes forget what's come before.

I will stick with the DH series' because I've been waiting for Acheron's book for a long time, but this book has no real impact on the series and gives no more information on the key players in this world than you already have. I vey missable installment.

PS - Go to the SK official website or see my listmania list for the complete reading order. Although the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter Series can be read independantly of each other, there are cross over characters so there is a combined reading order of the two series...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 November 2014
A warm and fuzzy instalment in this, the second of the Dream Hunter (spin off from Dark Hunter) series.

When an evil god is invoked to kill a human, Leta, Dream Goddess refuses to bow down to evil. Risking everything to beat the demon, including her very life, she teams up with the human target.

Not as long as other novels in this series,based around Christmas, this book is a little bit different to the norm, as it focuses very much on human traits like greed and envy. Of course, we all know by now that each of the books in the series will have a happy ending, but SK cleverly keeps you hanging on until the very end, biting your nails wondering if in this book she's decided to take a different approach. But if you want to find out how it ends you'll just have to read it yourself.

As this is a festive book there's some great bonus material at the end, keeping up with going on with the Sanctuary and characters from New Orleans, who we haven't heard from for a while. A very nice treat at the end of a great story.
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There was a time when Aidan had it all, both rich and talented he was an Oscar winning actor who was engaged to the woman of his dreams, but then he was betrayed by his family and closest friends and lost his faith in humanity. Now he lives in the middle of nowhere and keeps the whole world at a distance, the last thing he needs is for anyone to get close enough to betray him again and he has no intention of returning to the movie business no matter how much money they're offering him. His brother isn't content to let things lie though and he has one last plot up his sleeve, he has summoned a god of pain to destroy Aidan once and for all. Luckily for him the god of pain has an enemy and goddess Leta will do whatever it takes to protect Aidan and defeat her nemesis once and for all.

While I liked both of the main characters in this I have to admit I didn't enjoy it as much as I have previous Dark-Hunter novels, probably because it has no connection to any of the previous books we've read and both main characters are completely new to the series. It's mentioned that Leta is M'Adoc's sister and we do see him briefly but that wasn't enough to give me the Dark-Hunter fix I was looking for.

Aidan had suffered some terrible betrayals but I have to say I started to get a little fed up with his constant complaining, he was so determined to push everyone away that he came across as quite gruff and unfeeling and I started to get bored of his internal monologue. Leta was more interesting, I enjoyed finding out more about the Dream-Hunters and their curse and I did like seeing her bring Aidan out of his shell.

Overall I'd say this was an okay read, it had a bit of a Christmas feel to it with Aidan's Scrooge impression going on and a holiday celebration thrown in for good measure, it was also a very quick and easy read but it didn't grab my attention like the books in this series usually do and it wasn't as good as I expected. The romance did have quite a sweet ending and I wouldn't mind getting an update on the couple as the series continues, perhaps they'll have some important impact later on that I'm not currently aware of. I have admittedly high expectations for Sherrilyn Kenyon but I'm hoping the next book goes back to some of the main characters who I'm much more excited to read about.
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on 24 January 2008
Well I agree with most of the people who have reviewed this book, there is something lacking, and I am sorry to say but the short christmas story at the back of the book held me more than the dream hunter story. I think its acheron who's a miss, he always gives her books an edge. The characters in this book just seem removed from each other, there was little interaction between them which was meaningful, and I found that the end of the book almost seemed like an add on.

I will continue to buy Miss Kenyon's books as she always delivers, but this was disappointing.
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on 1 January 2008
I normally enjoy anything Ms. Kennyon writes. I must say that I did not enjoy this one as much as the other novels she has written. I can't begin to describe how disappointed I was since I've been following her series for sometime now and have loved all her characters. This novel was missing something and I couldn't put my finger on what that something was. The only part of this book I really truly enjoyed was the extra little holiday story at the end of the book. Considering how action packed the last Dream-Hunter novel was this one was a little bit of a let down. I will still look forward to her other upcoming novels!! I'd recommend reading Tino Georgiou's bestselling novel--The Fates--if you haven't read it yet!
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on 5 November 2013
I'm confused. Described on the front cover of the Piatkus edition I read as a 'Dream Hunter Novel', in other places it is listed as a 'Dark Hunter Novel'. And as if this isn't misleading enough its listed on another site as being 'Dark-Hunterverse #12', 'Dream-Hunter #3' or alternatively 'Dark-Hunter #14' with the author's website doing little to clarify the situation.

Either way, suffice to say that no matter what the name of the series I can find little to recommend Upon The Midnight Clear.

A paranormal romance that could have done with more of the supernatural and less of the 'romance'. I'm afraid that with its less than feisty heroine, a main man with a big 'poor me' complex, bodice-ripper type love scenes and laughable dialogue it just wasn't my cup of tea.

OK, so with Lyssa, the 'personification of insanity' and Timor the 'personification of human fear' it wasn't as if there weren't any characters with potential its just that almost without exception they were so over the top as to be caricatures of just about every baddie there ever was.

Copyright: Tracy Terry @ Pen and Paper.
Upon The Midnight Clear (Dark-Hunter World)
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on 28 June 2013
I found this book disappointing.The story between Aidan and Leta was short. I found the large font size annoying. The book was short. I always look forward to the background stories about the characters but there was none. This book was a little too modern for me. It will not put me off the series but if I see another book with large font size I might change my mind.
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