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4.8 out of 5 stars87
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 1999
Robb is a master conspiracy-action-thriller author and weaves a masterful story around Eve Dallas in the near future. It is the author's best work to date in my opinion. I read at least two books a week as I'm a retired teacher, and compare the full rich page turning, in-depth characters to a book I read a few months back, the soon to be a major movie, 'Alien Rapture' by Brad Steiger. I suggest you buy all the books in Robb's series, even though this is the masterpiece. A best buy...
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on 23 March 1999
In this latest installment of the saga of Lt. Eve Dallas, a homicide detective, is confronted by a series of baffling murders -- someone is killing the "dregs of society," the homeless, prostitutes: people who the killer or killers think won't be missed. In each case, the bodies are found missing vital internal organs. The case is further complicated by a cop named Bowers who has an intense and irrational hatred for her. This book continues to reveal pieces of Eve's past. I hope that in subsequent installments we'll find out about her family. One immensely satisfying part of the story is Eve's relationship with her husband, the gorgeous, enigmatic, and passionate billionaire she first suspected of murder. I love the role reversal in their marriage, and how their love not only smooths down her rougher edges, but transforms him. I'm was grateful to see the redesigned cover. It's less exploitive and more interesting. However, the author and her readers are not well-served by sloppy proofreading. This is an ongoing problem which I hope the publisher will take steps to correct. New readers: please read the books in order from beginning to the current ones. You will be DELIGHTED!!
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on 13 July 2013
This had to be one of my very favorite Eve Dallas books. It shows that Eve can be just as vulnerable to another person's manoeuvrings as the next person. It shows Eve in a more humane light than most of the other books. We all know that Eve had an extremely difficult childhood and it has carried over into her adult life, but this book shows her as more. We all know that Eve has a smart mouth and a kick-butt attitude and this story shows just how deeply that mouth and attitude can come back and haunt her. Even when the trouble started while she was in training to be a cop.

Eve has been investigating the theft of human organs from street people and during this investigation, has come upon another female cop that has hated Eve since they were both in cop school. This street cop has now been peppering the precinct with complaints about Eve until she is found murdered. And all finger point to Eve having done the deed. Will Eve's already fragile psyche be able to handle the brutality of being under suspicion of murder? Will she be able to survive what it takes to have her name cleared? Will she be able to handle the dredging up of more of her past than we have seen thus far in this series?

This is the first book in this series that I see Eve in a more human light and less the robotic cop she sometimes comes off as.
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on 17 March 1999
I just finished reading this last night and I fall more in-love with the characters with each book. I wish there was a Roarke out there for each of us! When is her next book, Loyalty in Death coming out? I'm already anticipating it. It would be fun to see Eve seriously contemplate motherhood and perhaps see more of her past lovers. We see a lot of Roarke's but where are Eve's? It would be even more fun to see him get jealous--perhaps just once--as we've seen in Eve. I just love this series. J.D.Robb has become my favorite author and I own every book in the series and can't wait to add more to the collection!
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on 3 May 1999
I stumbled upon the 'Death' series by accident and have been avidly collecting them since. Like many of Nora's readers I eagerly await each new book and keep reading till I finish it.
I found this book 'Conspiracy in Death' a wonderful read and I was impressed that Nora gave us Eve's biggest fear - the loss of herself/badge.
What I would like to see in a future book is Eve 'giving' to Roarke. He is always there for her - I would really love to see something drastic happen to Roarke which resulted in Eve being there for him - maybe not so much as a Detective but as his wife.
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on 13 July 2012
Another great instalment in the In Death series, this time with a healthy dose of personal drama.

There's a killer on the loose who seems to have more than a little medical expertise and is leaving his 'patients' all over Eve's New York. Not acceptable.

Eve Dallas is many things; brave, dedicated, tenacious, fierce, headstrong. Until this book I don't think I quite realised how much of that...spirit, comes from her job as a cop. Her status, the symbols of her position; her gun, her badge, and just what might happen if those things were ever threatened, has never been explored before. In this one it is and with shocking results.

Roarke, as usual, was auditioning for the World's Best Husband award. He certainly gets my vote. He was even seen dispensing a bit of tough love. Which was probably just as tough for him to give as for Eve to receive. Maybe more so.

"Roarke, the lieutenant has just come in from outside. She wore no outer gear. She looks very bad."
"Where is she?"
"She's heading up. Roarke, I insulted her and . . . she apologized to me. Something must be done."
"It's about to be."

The mystery was good but for me it was greatly overshadowed by the personal stuff as I'm a bit of a drama junkie. On the positive side, it was great to see everyone rallying to Eve's defence. I hope it makes her realise how respected she is, no matter how prickly she can be sometimes.

Great book- 4 Stars! ''''
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on 7 April 1999
I have been into the "in Death" series since its inception and have enjoyed reading all the books (some more than others). Conspiracy in Death is one of the best of the series. I felt that the last few books had been slowly backsliding, a writer too complacent in her writing, too caught up in all her other stories (under other psuedonames). With Consppiracy in Death, we are once again put back on the path of good writing and a good story.
Eve and Roarke are a dynamic couple, with a lot of support from great secondary characters. I suppose that would be my only criticism of this story, not enough time with all our "friends". Though I like having the story focus on Eve and Roarke (with some very steamy scenes) we have so many secondary characters who get put on the back burner that I wish weren't. One very important part of this story is that Eve's friends are there for her when she needs them, yet not too much time is actually spent with these characters. If you hadn't read her previous stories you would be completely lost. That is why I only gave this 4 stars and not five. She also introduces a new character (a rookie cop) who I liked, but never really saw again after the first few scenes. And Peabody...are we ever going to see her with someone (besides her current LC boyfriend)???
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on 3 May 1999
The only author's I've read that had better action, suspence, and plot development in the last year was Connelly's 'The Poet' and Steiger's 'Alien Rapture.' In fact the great character development and thrilling action reminded me of Steiger's work and the police procedure reminded me of Connelly's work. Highly recommended reading.
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on 15 April 1999
Certainly on of the best of the Eve Dallas mysteries, though not for a newcomer to the series. Characters were introduced without any detail and numerous references wee made to previous stories. What happened to the wonderfully named Troy Trueheart? He vanished after a few chapters. I agree with other readers that the cover design is an improvement on the naked lady, of the earlier US editions, however that design is better than on the UK editions. They have a woman supposed to be Eve, wearing mini skirts and sun glasses! At least the person who commissioned the US covers gave the impression of having read the book. Finally, whilst the picture of life in the mid twenty first century is believable does Robb really think that there would have been virtually zero inflation between now and 2059. Prices are given either in credits (a good old sci-fi basic) or dollars, at prices and amounts that would be reasonable today!
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on 9 April 1999
Many fans of Nora Roberts may not realize that her "Death" series of gritty, futuristic murder mysteries is Ms. Roberts at her very best. I've read just about all of her books, and I think that the relationship between Eve and Rourke is not only the most complex, but also the most satisfying and fun to watch. The sub-characters are also entertaining and compliment the main characters in ways that only make them all more interesting. Watching gutsy Eve grow emotionally in her personal life is both touching and inspirational. This reader can't wait to see what obstacles she will have to overcome in the next "Loyalty" book. (Can't be too soon.) Nora Robert's strength as a writer has always been her characters. You believe them. You love to watch them. You wish you could meet them. In this series, it's particularly satisfying that the murder mystery stories are compelling, realistically well written and not as easy to figure out as some books in her romance/thriller line. (Although I've never read a Nora Roberts book I haven't enjoyed.) Thanks for another impossible-to-put-down book, and PLEASE, KEEP THIS SERIES COMING!
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