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4.7 out of 5 stars299
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 June 2012
Daughter of a controlling mother, Elizabeth finally let loose one night, drinking at a nightclub and allowing a strange man's seductive Russian accent lure her to a house on Lake Shore Drive. The events that followed changed her life forever.

I don't normally enjoy books by NR writing as NR. I really enjoy her JD Robb books. So when I picked this up from the library I wasn't expecting much but, wow!!! I enjoyed this and my only niggle is that I wanted it to be longer! I wanted more from the epilogue. But, still, a great story and I'm gonna check out her other books released in the last 2 years (I couldn't get into her fire jumping one though).

10 Spt 2012
I read it again!!! A very rare occurance for me.

I really enjoyed this and didn't want the story to end. I wanted to 'see' them getting married and 'meet' their children lol.
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on 8 September 2012
It all starts with Elizabeth in June 2000. She is 16, a genius, caught in a strict life and wants to have some fun, but then tragedy strikes. 12 years later Elizabeth is no longer and Abigail has taken her place. She lives secluded and always in fear that the bad guys will find her again. Then Brooks enters her life. Brooks is a cop and he's like a charming bulldozer. He is interested in finding more about Abigail, who she is, what makes her happy and what she fears. Together they can't change the past, but they might be able to change the future.

Right from the start on I loved reading about Elizabeth/Abigail. Her life was fascinating and there were several times in the book when I just wanted to hug her. She is such a strong heroine, a heroine who learns the hard way that one careless night can be deadly. I loved how she managed to build a good life for herself. And I loved that she was always looking for a way to get justice.

At times Abigail reminded me a bit of Temperence Brennan. Both know a lot of little facts about life but not a lot about how to interact with others. Brooks is the person who brings Abigail out of her shell. I loved how he brought fun and lightness into her life and that throughout the book they became a perfect team. Together they bring out the best in each other and I loved their little banters.

"The Witness" made me smile a lot, it made me laugh out loud and it entertained me. From beginning to end I was enthralled by Elizabeth's life, by the hard times she went through and by the new life she built for herself. She is a heroine I adore and I think I will reread her and Brooks' story many times.
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on 21 April 2012
I am a huge Nora Roberts fan and her books are a must buy for me and I have read and re-read some over again, this was one of those books it is a simple story but grabs you in all the right places its got the romance but also a fab story had me smiling, choked up and savouring every moment, the main character reminds me of bones ( anyone whos seen it) a very clever woman who speaks her mind no matter what and has no way of understanding simple sayings or communicating well with people, after witnessing a murder Liz goes on the run and becomes Abigal, she meets Brook the police cheif and they begin a relationship and Abigal starts to have a life that even before the murder she never had, the characters are lovely and the town the book is set in is great, would love to see some of the characters get a book too really liked this recommended to all
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on 21 September 2012
The style of this book isn't that different from some of her other stand alone books, but thats not a problem, as its a good style. The book is essentially split up into three seperate large chapters, following Abagails early life when she was 16, the life she is currently living and then the way her life has changed and how she has to connect her past with her current life to create a future.
It was a cleverly planned book, full of interest with a heavy emphasis on Computers and the Russian Mafia, but you are never overwhelemed by technical details. The main characters of Brooks and Abagail worked very well together, and whilst the character of Abagail was a little 'odd' in terms of her speech and the way she was alone and therefore how she treated others characters, she was never specfically targeted as being strange and it was brillantly written in terms of how she gradually became part of Brooks life, and therefore more a person capable of living in the world rathering than existing.
The only two small criticisms i have, which i notice other people have mentioned is that there is a certain sense of rushing the last chapter, as all the events are very quickly tied up at the end - felt a bit cheated out of more story! Also whilst the two main characters are in a small town, there isn't that much interaction with a lot of the other characters. It is largely focused on Abagail and Brooks.
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on 28 August 2012
Every year before my Holiday I return to see what Nora has for me this Summer. I can't help myself, I read so many different types of books and despite peoples surprise at this selection I am drawn in every time.

Nora Roberts has an uncanny knack of just making you seek more.... keep turning the pages, I have to persuade myself to turn the light out!

The Witness didn't leave me lacking, the leading character Elizabeth/Abigail for reasons quite clear in the book is at first odd, prickly and indeed downright rude. But I still loved her and continued to be intrigued by her oh so huge brain that demonstrates a lack of understanding for common culture and indeed humour in conversation. I've seen this myself in the highly intelligent and the fact that Ms Roberts chose to highlight it amused me.

The leading man... what I can I say. He can hoe my garden anytime. Obviously there's more to it than that but if you wanted to know about the plot then you could read the blurb.

Another great story, don't be put off by the "Romance" type casting... still an interesting read with allot of insight into the survival of a women on the run.
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on 15 October 2013
Such a fantastic read. Sucks you in completely and messes with your emotions. Brilliant and captivating story that you will not want to put down. A MUST read. Excellent!
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on 14 April 2012
I love reading Nora Roberts' stories, I really do. I pre-order new titles and count down the weeks until they drop through my letter box, and I am seldom disappointed by the characters or story-line, but with The Witness I am left feeling rather let-down.
Without going into too much detail (don't want to spoil the plot for other readers, who may absolutely love it), I feel that the main female character, Abigail, is one-dimensional and I didn't really warm to her at all. The 'hero' Brookes lives in a nice town, has a nice family and works in a nice police department - and any Nora Roberts fan will have encountered all of these in one guise or another in many of her other books - but that doesn't reallt matter as we hardly spend any time with them. Instead a whole lot of time is spent in Abigail's fortress in the forest.
For me, the main problem though, is in the pace and plot. Most of the drama and action happens in the first fifth of the book and after that it is pretty one-paced until the ending, where it tries to become exciting again. The ending itself though is rushed and I found myself reading the final page and thinking "Is that it?"
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on 11 August 2014
This is my first Nora Roberts read and I'm left wondering whether it will remain my last. The basic plot is a good one but there is far too much boring and ultimately irrelevant filler as it pans out. Worse, the heroine is simply not a credible or sympathetic character except in the first section of the book. The middle was repetitive and the ending rushed. That said, I've reviewed it as ok rather than bad as I'm rating it as a beach book rather than something more highbrow and it was an easy and pleasant enough read. I suspect if she'd put this out as an unknown author, it wouldn't get such rave reviews but each man to his own.
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on 15 June 2013
Abigail Lowery is a reclusive young woman who has set up home in the quite, peaceful, small town of Bickford. She avoids social contact, and very much keeps herself to herself. Brooks Gleason, the chief of police, develops an interest in her. It starts as half-way professional, and quickly becomes an obsession.

Abigail's problem is that she is hiding a secret past, and is fearful of being discovered. She has extensive home security, and more guns than the police department. She doesn't want any relationship or involvement.

The book opens with Abigail's secret, so we know what it is and can follow her concerns and her gradual move towards trusting Brooks.

This is a strange, unevenly paced book. First, the opening is violent, explosive, well written and sharp. After that, the story goes slow, slow, slow, and slower until the ending. And then it feels like it's a rushed job because the author lost interest. Or was a chunk edited out?

Let's stand back and see what we have here. The lead character is very interesting; sort of a different take on a Mallory type of a female action hero. And there are some funny and touching moments thrown up by her character and her interaction with the world. Brooks is a romantic character caught in the wrong genre, but he'll do. The rest are fill ins.

The plot is straightforward, with little in the way of twist or surprise. The ending is flat, flat, flat. It was a real downer after the early promise.

Roberts is a best selling author who is famous, successful, and lauded as being a talented writer. On the basis of this book, some of these plaudits are overdone. In short, interesting but flawed. The interesting bits are very interesting. Unfortunately, the flawed bits are bloody awful. (I'd love to have a chat with the editor. Was there an editor?)
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on 20 September 2015
it started off well and i liked the main character. abigail seemed to be built along the lines of lisabeth salander or ninotchka which i liked but the ending was boring, it went so smoothly and didn't really give much impact. i was hoping for more action as befitted the russian mafia. i'm in the minority here but i didn't like brooks. he's supposed to be the opposite of her to draw her out of her shell and give her a realisation about how love and life can be but i found him to be constantly manipulative, something that is agreed on by his mothers, sister and friend, that he doesn't stop breaking people down until he gets what he wants. the entire storyline with him was 'i'm not waiting that long for a wedding, i'm not going to take no for an answer, i'm not going to respect your space, i'm going to make you like sex with me even if you initially don't want it because i can win you over.' it kind of felt like abigal had stockholm syndrome with him. was just all about mememe and what he wanted. he didn't care that her right to privacy trumped his curiosity. but of course as the hero to her heroine, he wins in the end and i disliked him a lot. it wasn't a romance i cared for due to that part of his character. a lot of the romantic and sex scene were so cheesy i started laughing and couldn't take seriously. overall, there were only bits and pieces that was a good read for me. it was poorly paced, the fast slick first section, then it slowed down to the point of boring and then ended with no bang at all, very sappy. i would have preferred it if they had been better friends first and then moved into partner territory much later but then i get the feelig most people would just prefer to read a lot of crappy sex scenes. not one i'll be reading again
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