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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars26
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2010
A previous reviewer has said an awful lot about the plot, much of which is perfectly accurate in terms of content so it's pointless repeating it. Yes, lactating breasts seem to feature largely in the sex scenes (which is not awfully appealing, I must say) and I would agree that the series seems to have lost its way in this book, but I have different reasons for thinking this. Whitney was supposed to be dead at the end of the first book in this series - the story arc that followed was then about Ghostwalkers finding their mates - either by coming across them by accident, or through knowing about them and 'rescuing' them. Then the idea of Whitney still being alive was introduced and a faction that want to exterminate all Ghostwalkers, and the whole story arc became rather confused. We didn't just get books about a male/female relationship, we got books about a relationship set in the context of Whitney's 'back story' and mess of 'others'. And it is this back story which is now confused, makes no sense and just isn't logical.

Up to now, Whitney appears to stop at nothing to get his hands on a baby produced by one of his pairings. So why does Whitney then 'give up' and leave this pairing alone? He even writes a letter to Kane telling him that Rose will be left with him as Kane can so obviously protect her. That simply doesn't follow the development from previous books. It is this lack of continuity that is just flat-out irritating.

I can accept that Ghostwalker babies are different - that didn't bother me (although I agree that they sound a bit creepy) - I can accept that Kane and Rose fell in love before being paired. But from everything that has gone before, the implication is that the Ghostwalkers didn't choose to be paired, and it was done as they were being enhanced. Then we find out in this book that it is an optional bolt-on extra - added after the event. Kane requests to be paired with Rose, and vice versa. That just doesn't follow. I didn't find any of the sex scenes erotic or passionate at all. In actual fact, this is one book where the sex scenes could have been cut out and it would have improved it enormously. The connection between the couple is developed through the pregancy and baby - and this is very believable. The sex scenes aren't (if you've ever been a woman who has just given birth, trying to establish breast feeding and learning how to deal with a first baby, you will understand).

I understand that CF is trying to develop a long-term story arc that runs through the series, but it just hasn't been thought out well enough. (see Nalini Singh for the perfect example of how to do this succesfully) I didn't think this book was 'that' bad (unlike previous reviewer) BUT I doubt I will buy another one in this series as it's now getting silly.
Which is sad because I found earlier books really interesting. Now I spend too much time (with this and the previous book) reading and re-reading paragraphs and pages about Whitney and thinking ... What? ... No!? ... Doesn't make sense...
So goodbye Ghostwalkers, it was great while it lasted.
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I've been a massive fan of the GhostWalker series since I first started reading it and I really liked Kane when we met him in the last book so I was looking forward to his story. I have to admit I found myself a bit disappointed with Ruthless Game though and don't think it managed to live up to my expectations. There were a couple of points early on when I really wanted to slap Kane for his attitude to Rose. When he starts complaining that surely even a pregnant woman should be able to walk a mile without getting out of breath I wanted her to push him of the edge of a cliff. At this point Rose is eight months pregnant, has just been chased across rooftops, had to jump out of a moving car and they're now marching across the dessert trying to escape the bad guys - give the woman a break! I know she's a GhostWalker with enhanced abilities but I'd say that was pretty impressive when according to him she looks "as big as a beach ball". Charming huh?

I'll admit he grew on me once they found a hideout and you started to see how nervous he was about her pregnancy. I laughed quite a lot when he told her just to stop her contractions and there were some very sweet moments between them when the baby was born. I really enjoyed watching them bonding together as a family and it was good to see more of Kane's team working together to protect Rose and the baby. What I didn't really enjoy was the sex scenes - there was far too much reference to leaking breast milk for my tastes and I had to wonder if someone who had only given birth a few weeks ago would really be up for being woken up several times a night because Kane was ready for some action. Between Kane's demands and breast feeding the baby I don't see when Rose would have had time to sleep so it was quite a shock when she insists on starting training again so soon.

There were some very good action scenes that had me on the edge of my seat but there were a few times when things seemed a bit disjointed. It felt a bit like the author tried to add too many different plot lines to the story, there were threats from so many different angles that the characters never had time to breathe. I also felt that a certain letter from Dr Whitney was completely out of character and unbelievable but perhaps it'll prove to have been another one of his lies if a future book. At times the story seemed to fast forward several weeks but I was never quite able to work out how much time had passed or figure out the age of the baby.

While we're on the subject of the baby I have to say how creepy I found it (sorry to say "it" but I don't want to give spoilers of whether it was a girl or a boy). I knew that with GhostWalker parents the baby was going to have some interesting abilities but I think it was taken a bit too far considering it's only a few weeks old. There was a scene that included 4 GhostWalker babies (Rose & Kane's baby, Lily & Ryland's baby and Jack & Briony's twins) that was uber freaky and made them appear far from human. Where I was intrigued to find out more about the next generation of GhostWalkers now I think I'd rather wait until they at least hit toddler age before I see them again.

So I didn't love Ruthless Game but it wasn't a terrible book, I think I just have such high expectations for this series that it is easy to end up feeling disappointed. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book Samurai Game which I'm hoping will be Javier's story. I do think it is getting to the point that this series is ready to come to a close though, or at least we need to have the ongoing plot involving Whitney brought to some kind of resolution and move things in a different direction.
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on 22 February 2011
I just dont where to start, the last book was so bad I quit it half way through and vowed never to read the series again even though I have loved and read the rest of the books.
I felt like this story was over half way through, they had declared there love and were safe so I had no idea why there was still half a book to go, nothing really happened lots of action upon action and some more action, it felt pushed and I cant warm to Mack no matter how much I try I have no idea why anyone would love that man he is a bully and a thug and I think this series has finally run out of steam, such a shame as Murder Game is one of my favourite books.
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In the last GW book, the male lead, Mack, IMHO was eclipsed by not only Joe Spagnola, an unknown GW and also by Kane, the lead of this book, so I thought that when Kane got his tale, it would be a really good one. It was only ok.

I am not going to go into too much detail, as the book only takes place over some 8-10 weeks, and starts with Kane finding the pregnant Rose and them going on the run when she goes into premature labour at 8 months. From then on, it's nothing but hiding from baddies, running from one place to another, some really, really hot sex - bordering on erotica, name-dropping of many other GW and their partners, and finding out a little more about Javier, who seems to be a bit of an unknown character. I kind of have hopes for his book being a bit mould-breaking, but I'm not going to get over-excited.

Why did I not rate this book higher? Well, Rose was so paranoid, and yes, she was justified to a degree, but in 'real-life' she'd probably have been diagnosed with post-natal depression. On top, she and Kane were apparently already in love with each other when they 'mated under duress' - - just from having seen each other at a distance a few times before the actual deed. And the author seemed obsessed with lactating boobs, which made an appearance in practically every love scene.

Most freaky of all was the baby, Sebastian, who yes, we know comes from enhanced GW parents, but come on, to be rolling over and attempting to crawl at 8 weeks old, looking over his mother's shoulder and seeing a baddy, then going still and silent to alert her to danger, 'knowing' who were the baddies and who were the goodies, understanding what everyone was saying and feeling...not realistic. And he wasn't the only one, as Lily and Ryland's baby seemed the same, as did Ken and Mari's twins, and when all 4 babies were shown in once scene with their heads swivelling in concerto...majorly freaky, and inhuman...

We did get introduced to Rhianna who clearly is Javier's love interest, and Joe makes an appearance briefly, as do the other GW, and we get introduced to Wyatt Fontenau, Gator's brother, who is on yet another team of GW, so no doubt he will get his own tale at some point.

Like with the Dark series, this is getting tedious and there's not even the vaguest connection with 'real-life' to make this series believable, so this will be my last purchase of a book in the GW series, as with the former. Would I read another one? Yes, if I didn't have a lot of choice, like at this time of year, which is why I got this book.
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on 9 November 2015
Grrr, the heroine Rose killed this story for me. She's constantly stating she is capable and kick ass but at the same time seems to always be holding back tears. The author sets Rose up to make a multitude of mistakes - all so the hero can point them out, be forced to manage them and basically save the day.
So whilst the H was perfect - the h was in reality kind of weak and needs the big gorgeous H to care for her - ick.
This was dnf for me at the 60% mark, the romance was too boring, and I just stopped caring what happened to the H/h.
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on 1 February 2011
I was lucky enough to pick this one up at the library last week, so didn't need to buy it. I haven't really been into Ghostwalkers that much, CF's Dark stories are more my bag and I have found recent offerings in that series a bit disappointing.
However, I did quite enjoy this one. It wasn't too taxing on the brain and I finished it in a couple of sessions but would not really want to add it to my library.
Conclusion: a reasonable pick and devotees of the series won't be too disappointed.
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on 13 August 2015
Whoever wrote the reviews nearly put me off buying this book and I had been so enjoying them however I thought I'd at least give it a go it had to have some angle
Really good I trusted my INSTINCTS
I loved it these books are widening out the story not running out of steam Anyone with good imagination and a real understanding of Christine's books should recognise this Just started reading Samuri again bad reviews why ???? Brilliant as always
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on 17 November 2013
I think I am becoming addicted to Christine Feehan's Ghostwalker series of books. These are a complex mix of thriller, mystery, paranormal and sexy stories. The ultimate for a good holiday read when you can get right into the plots, Great series, keep writing Christine, I am waiting for the next book to be published so that I can get my teeth into another storyline.
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on 1 January 2011
If like me, you've been waiting ages to read this book, pre-ordered it way in advance and had high hopes, you'll also, like me, most likely be disappointed with Feehan's latest novel. Upto now I've got and read all her books, especially the Ghostwalker series, but this book just didn't cut the mustard I'm afraid. I was super excited to read it, the book itself is bigger and the text is easier to read (not that really tiny text as with previous books and alike). Anywho, its the story of Kane and Rose, whom we became aware of during Jamie and Mack's novel. So, Rose is pregnant with Kane's baby, thanks to good'ol daddy Whitney. The history us regular ghostwalker fans are well aware of. Rose has the baby, and pretty much spends to whole book dealing with paranoia. She was all, does he love me? do I love him? and had major trust issues to the point of insanity. This was a big downer for me and pretty much ruined the whole book. I couldn't connect with her character at all, she was so miserable and constantly second guessing herself and everyone around her; I simply couldn't come to like her and it was a huge distraction. Kane's character I loved in the previous books and he's okay in this to. You can certainly relate to him more in this and when he delivers her baby, yeesh, you gotta hand it to the man!. Overall, if your a regular Ghostwalker reader than your gonna wanna read this regardless, however, for me it was one of the weakest feehan books I've read and its very long-winded. Seeing how its taken Feehan (yeah I know she has other novels to) like a year, to get this book out there, it was a big disappointment for me and she could have done better. Alas its not deterred me from Feehan, I'll still follow her novels etc, and I wait with bated breath for Javiers story! :D
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on 18 July 2013
Good read although the series is becoming a little predictable. Balance between romance and mystery is just about right, well worth reading even if you know they will end up an item - but that's not really the point is it?!
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