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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars70
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 June 2002
I've just finished reading Heaven and Earth, and quite frankly I loved it. It is rare that you find such a strong wilful woman who isn't blond and beautiful and delicate. This is a woman ruled by her emotions, which is where her powers lay. The story picks up very well from the last book, and basically I love Ripley's character. The book is enchanting and a great read it contains one of Roberts's main talents of combining suspense and humour, which is actually quite rare in books. I was impressed with the way it stood alone (although I did read Dancing in the Air first). I think it's defiantly a gem and look forward to reading the next book (Facing the Fire) and I also look forward to seeing other strong minded, confident heroines in future books!
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on 2 April 2008
to fully understand all the characters in these set of three books, you must read the first in the trilogy, dance upon the air, where nora roberts introduces us to all the characters required, especially the three come to be known as the three sisters, sisters not through blood but through magic and passed through the generations of their families. by the time you get to the third book, face the fire, you will fully understand every characteristic of each person and what has happened previously through their individual stories but all linked together perfectly. each has to face their fears, which is done through meeting their soul mates and their understanding of the magic that has been bestowed on each of them and how they have to use their individual gift to each release the curse on the island. i found i could not stop reading after the first book and very quickly completed the full trilogy. you wont want it to end. nora needs to write more like this!
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on 31 January 2002
In this second book of the Three Sisters Trilogy, Nora Roberts once again explores the interaction of love, magic, and personal challenge.
This time it is Ripley, the descendant of Earth, who must face her trials. She is very much afraid of using her power because of the tempation to repeat history and give over to the darker side. Her edginess and aggression is lightly balanced by MacAllister Brooke, a researcher of the occult. His calm and intellect are irressistable to the normally antisocial deputy. For those of you who like reading about Lietenant Eve Dallas, the star of the series Nora Roberts authors as J.D. Robb, Heaven and Earth is a must read. Ripley is very much like Eve and yet unique as well. The story, so full of magic, both that of love, and the more druidic variety is compelling and fun to read.
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on 21 August 2002
‘Heaven & Earth’ is the middle of the Three Sisters Island trilogy, and it is Ripley’s story. It is not necessary to have read ‘Dancing on Air’, but I think that Evan Remington’s presence and condition might raise questions if you haven’t.
The structure of Heaven and Earth is roughly similar, with the Three knowing that now is a time of crisis and that it is Ripley’s turn to face her time of trial. Here MacAllister Booke (Mac) is the stranger to the island, a researcher who’s come to investigate witchcraft. Nice last name for such a smart guy! Mac is absolutely adorable. Okay, Roberts has very much made him conform to the absent minded professor image, but the way she does it is so sweetly funny – leaving his keys in the bathroom medicine cabinet, for example. I would love to meet this guy in real life. This is set off against Ripley’s kick-ass in yer face attitude, and although it’s not a comfortable pairing, it works for them.
Ripley has to work against her reluctance to use her magic, which we discover is because she feels the darkness of it, the temptation of power. She feels it leaves her open and vulnerable, and that isn’t Ripley’s style. Until she lets herself open to Mac and sees that love brings with it strength.
The story contains Roberts signature blend of humour and serious, the rhythm of sweetness and danger, the dramatic and the comfortable. Roberts has long been a master of plot, pace and development, and this second book of the series is no exception. A good example of the Roberts style.
Mia’s story is next, in ‘Face the Fire’.
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on 27 April 2015
The is the second book of the Three Sister's Island trilogy and it picks up shortly after the events of the first book (Dance Upon the Air) finished. This time, the plot centres around Ripley Todd, although Nell, Mia and Zack still feature.

Ripley struggles with her gifts and it leads to her denying who and what she is but when threatened, she stands strong although vulnerable. This is due to the introduction of MacAllister Booke, a paranormal researcher just arrived from the mainland. His links to the island are explored and although more geek than god, he is the man for Rip.

This was a good second installment, containing romance but more magic and mystery than the first book. I liked her relationship with Mac but she was a bit too rude and bolshy at times for me, the end also seemed to come a bit too quickly.

A good read though and looking forward to re-reading book three.
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on 24 February 2002
I loved Dance Upon the Air and was dying to read the second book in the trilogy. Ripley was never going to be as strong a heroine as Nell because she isn't such a vulnerable woman. But you can't have a trilogy where all the women are vulnerable and Mia has to be the strongest character so obviously Ripley comes in the middle. Nevertheless, the island and the surrounding characters are so good, that it didn't matter. And I am dying to know what kind of relationship Mia will have in the third book, Face the Fire. If you haven't read Dance Upon the Air, I would definitely recommend it. Along with Carolina Moon it is my favourite Nora Roberts' book.
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on 9 April 2002
I thought this was quite good, but not one of Roberts' best. The characters were generally well formed, but part of me was only reading it because of Nell (from Dance upon the Air)and Mia. like many others I'm dying to see what will happen to Mia and her relationship with Sam Logan - i can't wait! The only thing I found annoying from time to time was Ripley's character, and the lack of explained history behind her (with Mia, etc). But overall it is very good and along with THE VILLA rate among the top.
P.S. if you are a fan of Ms.Roberts, check out her website.
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on 24 August 2011
I was given a book to read by Nora Roberts whom I had never heard of only to find that it was the first of three books this is the third in the series and equally as good as the other two.
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on 4 May 2011
By the end of this book i had fallen in love with Ripley's, no nonsense attitude and lets do it now not later priority. Roberts knows how to write a good strong character whilst still making her feminine. In this second book Roberts weaves her magic and makes a great story and journey for Ripley. Having to confront her darkest secrets and fears, she must learn to believe in herself and her bloodline. Its not an easy journey and its joyful to read her struggles, her lapses of bravery but also to see her rise to the final challenge. Another brilliant book and an excellent middle story.
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on 3 April 2011
I have really enjoyed this trilogy, a very pleasant, entertaining read. These were my first Nora Roberts books and will certainly not be my last.
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