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4.6 out of 5 stars24
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 29 August 2001
William Bloom describes his book as an ambitious project, bringing together 4 fields - physical healthcare, psychology, spiritual development and the energy medicine traditions of the east - something that has not been done before. He has managed that project with some style, and the result is an extremely practical and genuinely groundbreaking work.
The opening chapters provide some scientific grounding for the exercises that follow. You might be surprised to learn that endorphins, the natural opiates of the body, providing feelings of pleasure and consequent relief from pain, were not discovered until 1975. Even then, it was believed that they were only produced by the brain, until in the 1980s it was discovered that endorphins are secreted throughout the whole body. Moreover, they are produced by other animals too. Even single cell organisms produce endorphins. Pleasure is an integral part of the universe. Happiness and pleasure, says William Bloom, are built into the biological foundation of the human body.
The exercises which make up the main body of the book are designed to maximise the happiness and pleasure in our day-to-day lives. Although the names for these exercises come across as a bit "new age", don't be put off. Without exception they are easy and, as you might expect, extremely pleasurable. Even trying them for the first time, I found myself carrying a healthy reserve of "inner smile" into my day.
William Bloom has spent many years teaching and developing the Endorphin Effect before writing this book, and it shows in the completeness of his approach. Every conceivable contingency is provided for, including an honest appraisal of the difficulties you might face using the exercises in real life.
On the down side, the last chapter opens out into some rather waffly philosophising which you might take or leave as suits your taste. That said, William Bloom's book, in the main, distils the "waffle" of new age into a series of powerful and practical techniques that will undoubtedly make your days more pleasurable and your challenges less stressful.
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on 23 July 2010
I went to see William Bloom at a talk he gave in Exeter and immediately borrowed this book from the library and read it all in a day. As a therapist myself I found some of the exercises not only beneficial for myself but to give to my clients. He has such a lovely approach to life and the exercises are easy, gentle, extremely uplifting and beneficial and can be done any time, any place. There's no need to be in any particular posture, just being mindful for a few moments is all you need. As I love to highlight all the good bits I quickly purchased my own copy. A great resource to keep!
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on 12 December 2001
There is something refreshingly new contained within the pages of this book. What William Bloom writes about makes perfect sense and triggered a response from my heart which said "yes, he's got it right" - I was also inspired to go out and buy four more copies to give to friends (even before I had finished my copy).
I write as a professional natural scientist who has been involved in exploring my own growing and healing since 1975 (anybody remember Quaesitor in London?). Don't be put off by mention of Endorphins: it is not a biochemistry text. It was research on endorphins that gave William Bloom the information he needed to formulate his new approach to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing but I would hazard to say that, now he has made the connection, the book could almost have been written without a single chemical name. As has been mentioned by another reviewer, there is a lot of wisdom in this book. Most importantly it presents a simple and effective methodology that, in my view, does represents a genuine breakthrough.
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on 26 April 2012
I am a self-help junkie but if I had to take one self-help book on my desert island, it would be this one.

I enjoyed the chapters about endorphins, Qi and so on as an interesting and eye-opening read. But a book can be interesting yet have no long-term effect. The effect of this has been long-term. I read it six months ago while I was going through a bad time (my mother was dying) and this book made an enormous difference to that experience. Since I read it I have been able to lift my mood in moments, and almost instantly transform stress into feelings of calm and happiness.

I can do it right now (I've had a stressful morning!) By simply lifting my eyes, looking out the window, and taking the time to drink in and appreciate what I see: the blue sky with fluffy white clouds, the wind in the trees, the enhanced colours of everything following recent rain. I take a deep breath, acknowledge the beauty and feel instantly better.

It's so easy to do that I didn't even finish the book (he gets into more and more sophisticated techniques, but I'm lazy and didn't want to make the effort.) I think a more dedicated reader could get even more out of it than I did. but I'm very happy with what it has done for me.

And I know my "wake up and smell the coffee" explanation seems trite and obvious. And you've heard it all before. But really, the book makes it come alive and real.
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The Author captures the essence of "The Feel Good Factor" and how we can actually trigger our own Endorphins to help us to not only feel better but to function better.

Super Book ........(Recommended)

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on 26 January 2002
I was reading it because I wanted to understand the source of the sensations I experience when I do Qi Gong. The title is misleading as less than 10% of the book seems to be about endorphins. The rest is about Qi or energy fields. Some on the material on energy is consistent with physics eg quantum fields. Some is wrong eg magnetic fields don't hold the planets in orbit. Sometimes there were unsupportede jumps between the physics and the "bliss fields", eg energy in the universe = life.
The book will appeal to those with spiritual interests. But don't expect to learn much about endorphin.
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on 16 January 2014
Provided interesting information but also information that can be useful if you work in the coaching/counselling area to support others
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on 2 March 2016
This is for me the most fundamental of the self-help books I have read. William Bloom is really practical and inspiring, as in the book, so in workshops. I would like him to have made the Heart charkra links explicit but, on the other hand, one of the strengths of the work is that it does not depend on a lot of New Age/Alternative/Eastern ideas. I believe this has enabled William to develop a following in workplace self development courses
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on 2 July 2015
This is a modern classic, full of practical advice and wisdom about how to be more in touch with your spiritual self as part of a daily practice. The antithesis of preachy, however - it is written in a very accessible and engaging style. I love it, and have re-read it several times over the years. I never fail to get some new insight upon re-reading. Highly recommended.
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on 16 September 2014
A briliant book for keeping your spirits up and making the most out of life.
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