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4.9 out of 5 stars26
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2004
I have been a fan of Feehan's 'Dark' series since the first book although some of them have been a little formulaic. This book is different. The heroine, Destiny, is a strong psychic; converted as a child and abused by the vampire who converted her. Nicholae, an ancient Carpathian, separated from his people except for his brother, reaches out to the hurt child & teaches her to survive and kill her tormentor. He tracks her for years as she is his only emotional link. When finally they meet she is unwilling to accept the limitations of a lifemate - used to killing vampires alone. Their struggle for control of the relationship is great entertainment and this, with good side characters, and a new danger as the vampires begin to unite & organise, makes for a good read.
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on 23 August 2004
Each 'Dark' book I read I think is the best and I am sure that the next one cannot live up to expectations, however they always do. Daark Destiny is the story of Destiny and Nicholae.
Destiny was kidnapped, tortured and converted by a vampire when she was a child.
Nicholae and his brother are ancient Carpathians, were sent out with many others, by Prince Mikhails father to become hunters of vampires.
Destiny and Nicholae forged a psychic link during her abduction and through this bond, he taught her to become a skilled hunter and how to kill her captor.
After years of searching Nicholae has at last pin-pointed Destinys location and this is where the story begins. If you are a fan of the Dark series this will become one of your favourites.
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on 22 December 2007
I loved this one in the series, i found it the best one. Both characters you can see their love for eachother, they had time to get to know eachother. Instead of the usual 'we are life mates we are MEANT to be together'.

Nicolae is by far my fav carapathian male hero's, he is so different from the typical male alpha we see the in other books. He never forces destiny into liking him, he is sweet and very patient with her. HE ACTUELLY GIVES HER SPACE!, which is one thing I hate seeing in the other books. That the females never get a chance to get used to the idea, since a handsome caveman turns up ordering them around and vampires start to attack.

He is someone you can love easily, i almost cried at the times he suffered because of his carapathian males insticts. Instead of making the heroine feel it's her 'destiny to do what ever their lifemate needs' he most of time told destiny 'It was his problem' and he would deal with it. Giving her time to get to know and love him, Nicolae shows so much love in doing what he can for her instead if saying 'how pretty' she is all the time.

He also unlike most of the males in the series, respects her skills and her as a woman. Ok he calls her 'little one' but he asks her for help, and tells her off when she behaves like a child. He treats her in the respect you would any woman, and not a little petite child.

Destiny is also my fav, she is very sweet and brave. She can take care of herself, does not take orders. Most of all it was her lack of whining!, most of the females in the book complain and throw hissy fits for the most part. Like 'I don't know you of course im not going to do what you say', she actuelly makes a good partner and instead of fighting him every and which way making his job hard. She accepts him and cares for him, even doing the things that needs to be done like going under ground to heal instead of the male having to throw her in.

This is the best and if you could see past the story of abuse, which is very realistic i might add. You will find it to be one of the best in the series a MUST READ.
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on 15 February 2005
this book is just as good as the other Dark books. its just different. we meet two new carpathians. two brothers and a lady who thinks she is a vampire. its a great story, but Destiny had a hellish childhood,and thinks the voice she hears in her head are from a vampire, she do'snt trust anybody, and trys to stay away from the people in the town. but she is drawn back to the church again and again,but do'snt go in because she thinks she's evil. well worth a read.
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on 5 January 2009
Out of the books I have read that are of the 'Dark' series, I love Dark Destiny the best! I like how Destiny takes her lie into her own hands and trys to do good, ok there is just a bit of selfpity going on but hay she's had a bad past. She's not a wimp when it comes to getting down in the dirt, and wants to help the people she loves. Destiny isn't a girl that will stand on the side lines 'cose this girl is no push over!
I like that Nicolate doesn't try to take control of her and lets her pick her own parth to walk (ofcourse with him at her side)! He gives her space and I was going to say time but we all know that if he waits to long he will go to the dark side!! And - it's a given - he looks HOT!! Any man that doesn't try to force himself on to a woman and has great looks has a tick in my books! 'Cose hay he's every girls dream (well I can't say that he's evry girls dream man but he's my dream man anyway ;-))!!
I love how Christine Feehan has set out this book and the events that take place! Her Vampires aren't the kind you'll ever want to meet, I sertanly know that I wouldn't beholding my blader if I meet one! And through all the darkness and fighting Destiny and Nicolae find true, deep, ever lasting love with each other! A love that I (and maybe many girls) truely hope to one day have!!!
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on 6 November 2009
I have all 21 'Dark Carpathians' Books thus far and LOVE every one of them. Dark Destiny was one of my favourites, simply because Destiny is a woman who loathes herself and thinks herself tainted and unworthy due to the nature of her 'turning'. Her lifemate constantly battles to prove to her that she is more than a lowly evil entity who is hell bent on murder.

He even sacrifices himself in many events and place in his own society to prove his love for her even though it is killing him literally to do so. Dark destiny is a MUST HAVE for any Vampire lover, filled with its twists and turns and fabulously written scripture. Well worth reading.
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on 24 September 2009
great series of books by christine feehan. this is about destiny a female who was tortured and turned by a vampire living her entire life alone afraid of what she was and could do to people. she found her lifemate who trained her via a private mental path in the ways of a warrior , comforting her when she was being hurt and then he tracked her down and pursued her believing and knowing she was his lifemate (restored colours and emotions). they go through fighting evil together and cleansing her of the evil in her blood by him taking hers so she'd have no choice but receive help from gregori the healer.
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on 8 June 2009
well, Ive read a few books in my time but this one has made me into an addict. I have to go and buy more from the same author the tale of a race of being s who watch over mankind while fighting the demon within, their only hope is to find a lifemate,difficult to do when the race has been devasted by vampire hunters, vampires and wars. This is a brilliant book and I dare anyone who read s it to say they are not waiting for the next one.
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on 24 July 2013
I would recommend reading some of the earlier Carparthian novels first to get an understanding of how the stories work. The author is a true genius at descriptive writing while keeping everything moving at a fast pace. There's always a twist and turn just as you think the good guys have prevailed! I have read many of her books and each one has its own mystery, demon and hero with an exotic love story intertwined in a captivating way.
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on 24 February 2013
I love this author, her novels are amazing and so well written. She writes stories that allow you to lose yourself and you find yourself journeying along with the characters that you are reading about, you actually get a glimpse of what they are going through and can metaphoracally speaking experience everything that they do.
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