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4.8 out of 5 stars49
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2005
But I'm not sure I'd want to eat all my meals there! What a treat. A lighthearted, joyful (even in the sad parts) tale about a woman over 50! Oh, there's plenty for those of you 20-somethings, but it's a book that I can relate to as well. Christina has perfected the art of the endearing, sassy village tale - but she's really taken us further than she has before, with a touch of practical magic and advanced cookery. The story takes off just as Mitzi loses her job - the only job she's known. Her husband (the hapless Lance) cheated on her 10 years prior with a younger version of herself and she hasn't managed to get back on the man-track quite yet. What with two needy felines, even needier neighbors, and even more needy daughters, how could she? In the midst of it all, there are lessons about living life all the way through (and one of the best parts about the book is telling how a settled, stable, reliable relationship can bring wonderful satisfaction). It's a fun book, you'll love reading it. (Love that Lance!)
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on 18 July 2004
Hubble Bubble is a yummy treat of a book that takes you to a warm hearted, quirky world where dreams and wishes can actually come true, and you're not past it and surplus to requirements just because you're a fifty plus woman.
Mitzi Blessing, forcibly retired, is in danger of believing it's all downhill from here on in... until she finds her Granny's old herbal cookbook in the attic and life takes a dramatic turn for the better.
Christina Jones's latest book is set in one of her trademark small, close-knit communities and full of the kind of endearing oddball characters we readers have all come to know and love and clamour for more of!
This is pacy feelgood stuff that really lifts the spirits, and the prose is lovely, lively, and uninhibited and just begs you to read on and on to find out what happens next. It's full of fun, but also interwoven with some wry and poignant observations on the very real fears of people who seem to have been deemed by society to be on the scrapheap, but who still have a lot to offer.
And on top of all this, there's romance too... and a couple of mouthwatering heroes who only add to the deliciousness of this very special book.
Get out and buy it and you'll feel much better about life! :-)
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on 13 January 2005
Once again Christena Jones has hit the spot.I love all her books, this one is about an older lady than normal, but with just as many funny, mad characters as in all of her other books. With a bit of baking to cause a lot of laughs. Just like all her other books she has made my laugh out aloud. Keep up the good work Christena
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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2004
Although I never expected to, I loved this book. I bought it to read on holiday but found I could not put it down at all and had finished it before actually arriving at the resort!
The characterisation is beautiful - believable and "real" - and the story is peppered with some very funny situations. I loved the chaotic Halloween party.
My only gripe is that Mitzi's life is a teeny bit TOO perfect - perfect and friendly ex-husband, perfect and friendly neighbours, etc. That said, as a light read for your holidays it's spot on - if you can save it till you get there!
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on 29 September 2005
I am quite stunned by the solitary post by an unidentified person saying they disliked this book. Fine, we don't all enjoy the same things, but as you can see from the rest of the reviews, the vast majority adored Hubble Bubble. It is a magical story and Mitzi makes an exceptionally enjoyable older heroine triumphing over the disappointments in her life to emerge renewed and successful and happy. It is a fun book, filled with the kind of deliciously eccentric and believable characters we have come to know and love from Christina Jones. Hubble Bubble is a feel-good book that had me laughing and crying and laughing again. I have read it several times and have just enjoyed the second in this connected line, Seeing Stars, in which Mitzi and some of the other characters from Hubble Bubble also feature although the new story stands alone, too. Hubble Bubble is the perfect read from an author who never lets her readers down, who is never boringly the same and who delivers fresh and refreshing stories and characters that her devoted following devour in a sitting. She weaves together the interconnected stories of Mitzi Blessing and her daughters, the characters in the delightful village of Hazy Hassocks and the magical effect Mitzi has on all their lives when she discovers the herbal recipies in an old family book. Go with the vast majority who speak the truth about this book and this author. You won't be disappointed. It is an involving read, glorious fun and once you have read it you will have a smile on your face that lasts for ages. Then pick up Seeing Stars and be swept away with another stupendously romantic and moving and funny book. As always, a Christina Jones book is like an old friend, delightful, reliable and full of fun, the very best of companions. Top marks for Hubble Bubble!
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on 12 March 2007
... and created immediately likeable characters in a wonderful setting that combined, completely draw you into the book. There's at least one character that I'm sure everyone will relate to (personally, mine's Lu!). Mitzi is a wonderful key character and her family and friends are quite marvellous too, each adding to the bubbling couldron of Hazy Hassocks daily life.

Here's hoping that Seeing Stars and Love Potions are just as good.

I have to admit, I was tempted to try making the Powers of Persuasion puddings until I read Christina Jones' well worded warning in the last page of the book!
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on 18 July 2004
Christina Jones is one of those authors whose books should be available on prescription, laughter, as they say, being the best medicine. All her previous novels have been great, entertaining reads, but not since reading 'Three Men in A Boat at an early age has any novel caused me to laugh so much and so helplessly as did 'Hubble Bubble'.
It's not just that Christina Jones has a rare gift as a comic writer; she has, too, a warmth towards her fellow-beings, albeit tempered with a sharp eye for their foibles, which permeates her work and produces a rich range of characters. Even minor figures are as spice to the mix. Trilby Man in this novel is a gem of a creation; we've all met him at some time, the kind of man comedian Al Reid used to call 'a dismal Johnnie'.
It is especially pleasing to see in 'Hubble Bubble' that most unusual creature in contemporary popular fiction, the older heroine. Mitzi Blessing may be in her mid-fifties, but inside she's not too far removed from her much younger, flower-child self. As for the hero, when last did we see a dentist in that role in a romantic comedy?
Being made redundant by the boring bank is the best thing which could have happened to Mitzi, her two delightfully different-in-temperament daughters and indeed the whole population of Hazy Hassocks. The discovery of Granny Westward's old cookery book is just the start of a riotous roller-coaster of a story - though the reader is warned not to try any of the recipes at home! To do so might just lead to a less-than-riotous trip in an ambulance, the author implies. As to the magic, well, the reader can interpret that as she pleases.
'Hubble Bubble' works its feelgood effect without the aid of magic - or medicine. That it does so is due to the combination of sure-touch storytelling, an instinct for comic timing and Christina Jones' uniquely individual voice and style. This is a perfect souffle of a novel, prepared, cooked and served by a mature and experienced chef.
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on 18 October 2004
My husband bought this for me on Saturday (he never buys me books!) and I have to say that I didnt really think it was me -too chic-lit.
However, after waking up this morning with a horrendous head cold & sinusitus, showing my face at work before returning home & sleeping until lunchtime, I picked up the book & couldn't put it down. It made me smile, made me sad -you know that tight feeling in your throat?- and all in all was a fab girlie read.The characters were great. At first I thought the main character Mitzi was too old for me -but hey -I was proved wrong -what great personalities.Her daughters, neighbours, old school friends -they were all there to love and to hate!
Finished it tonight at 9.30pm and feel much beter -who needs GP's -let's prescribe Christina Jones!!! Looking forward to reading her other books.
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on 30 May 2007
This is a really funny book and you will find yourself giggling out loud in certain places: I certainly did. Refreshing that the main character is an 'older' lady too. Thoroughly recommend, and I will try other books by Christina Jones.
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on 30 October 2005
What a fantastic book. Loved every page of it. I would say to anybody reading this in public be warned! you will get funny looks as you sit there laughing to yourself.
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