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VINE VOICEon 30 July 2010
I just borrowed this book from the library and I'm going to purchase myself a copy because I just can't leech all the information I want out of it in such a short space of time! This book covers a wide range of ailments and how to cure or help them using vitamins, minerals and common sense. I have known for quite some time the big hoohaa with the pharmaceuticals. I got an illness about 3 years ago and chose my medication I wanted to deal with it. Upon arriving at the doctors I was told I was not allowed the medicine of MY choice, only of theirs. Ever since then I have travelled and studied to get what I want. Now I am on the medicine of MY choice, which is a natural one and weirdly banned in the UK, I am now going to set about fixing the rest of my body so I can move into a pill free future. There's just something so annoying being told you have to take a certain pill for life. It's like a red flag to a bull for me. I refuse to be a slave to the pharmacy and I will fix my illness myself ! I think this book is going to be key in helping me do this. It was actually rather scary as you read through the health check up and personally I was quite shocked at what state my body seems to be in. I thought my many 'ailments' were normal. According to Patrick, they are not ! So I now know that how I feel is far from how I could feel. So then the book outlines how you can start to fix everything. I'm making slow changes to my diet and lifestyle as I want these changes to be permanent. Friends of mine are asking for advice also, which is great, I'd love to help make them healthier also.

This lost a star because I am just a regular joe and the book is very scientific and has much biology which I know is great for those who want the hard facts. But me, I found it hard to understand in places and guess I would have preferred a more kiddies approach to explaining things. I find it very difficult to remember things also and the book was very in depth. Again I will buy it so I can go through it properly. I can see why people may hate this book. Some people just have this firm rooted belief that doctors know all and clinical trials are everything. I know for a fact the clinical trials for the pills I am on were arranged in a way so the pills would not work. And UK is the only place they are banned. Australia and America prescribe them. It's my body and I don't like being told that I can't do what's right for it. I choose natural therapy over concoctions of chemicals whenever I can.
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on 16 August 2011
I had 2 minor strokes in 2007, my doctor put me on a cocktail of drugs, statins etc, I came across this book a year later in my library, after reading it, I then started to look at food and natural medicines, as statins were causing me all sorts of problems, aching joints, muscle problems etc, I stopped taking the prescribed drugs after reading about all the natural alternatives in the book and on line, I told my doctor 3 months later, she was not very happy and gave me a load of tests, 2 weeks later I received a letter off of her saying my blood pressure and cholestrol were perfect, whatever I was doing it was working, keep it up, since then I have recommended this book to others, and can say honestly, 5 people with different problems who were on chemicals are now on natural alternatives, and have their lives back. Thank you Patrick & Jerome for giving me my life back, I am 62, play golf 4 times a week, and walk at least 15 miles a day when not playing golf, plus exercise with weights etc, I feel so alive compared with how I was on drugs.
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on 10 November 2009
Whilst at times this seems to be more of a lecture, the information is broken down well into sections and the recommendations can be followed reasonably well - some vitamins / foodstuffs might be hard to source though. Overall a good and reliable source of information
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on 22 December 2011
a great book to have in any household-very concise and easy to understand, even for those who know nothing about alternative medicine. definately well worth the money
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on 10 January 2012
I borrowed this book from library, 'just to have a look as it'll probably be rubbish and full of common sense...' but once I opened it I could NOT stop reading! As another reviewer said, it'd def be useful to look at the ailments listed to ensure it covers your illness. It covered all of mine :) (anxiety, depression and PMT!ha ha). It isn't just a book telling us to eat our greens, it tells us what supplements to take, tailored to our illnesses. ALso what foods to avoid. I eat organic and get fruit n veg boxes delivered every week, and am vegan so thought there wasn't much that could be wrong with my diet. How wrong I was. Turns out I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and any stimulants and sugar. Also that I need to supplement my diet with omegas, chromium and magnesium. It also explained the science behind chemical imbalances in the brain, made it understandable even though I am rubbish at science.

As another reader said, I am going to buy straight away as all the info cannot be easily remembered. I actually feel now that there is hope that I will eventually be pill free!
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on 28 October 2010
Fantastic information for any one looking to improve health and wellbeing. Should be handed out in all doctors' surgeries, its time we took some control over our own bodies!Not On the Label: What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate
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on 21 November 2012
This book makes you take a sharp intake of breath as some of the information is a little alarming. However its information should be available to all and I am so glad I have read it. At least I can make a decision with an educated guess now!
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on 23 August 2010
I have found this book really good ., As i want to get off of prescription medicines.
So i have found out with this book that in time i can get off of them all.
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on 12 September 2015
Brilliant book, I didn't know anything about homocysteine levels and think it is a good book for people who feed like they have no choice but to take pills with horrible side effects. This book gives you options for what might help so you have possiblity of healing yourself naturally.

If all doctors were trained to look at allergies/vitamin deficiencies/diet first before prescribing pills there would be a lot less need for medication.

I realised 7 years ago that I'd had bad catarrh all my life because of dairy. It had also affected my speech. Switched to non dairy milk and never had the problem since (I make my own just add oats or almonds/cashews/brazils to a blender with 3 or 4 times as much water ta da "milk"
My mother has had severe catarrh for years she couldn't give cows milk up managed to the past 6 weeks catarrh gone altogether she hasn't managed to fix her acid reflux problem yet though she is trying (the doctors response was (when she said she'd given up milk because it didn't agree with her ) was to drink milk!
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on 9 May 2010
This book is clear and easy to follow. However I would read the contents list first to make sure your problem is listed because it does not cover a huge range of conditions. However the info on the conditions it does cover is excellent and comprehensive. I feel it is honest too. some people say he tries to sell too many supplements ,but he is honest when he says the results for Chondrotin, for example ,have not been great. Even if you do decide to see your doctor at least you will be well informed about your options first.
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