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3.7 out of 5 stars102
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2007
Having struggled with ever-increasing weight for several years it was suggested that my problem was carbs - my body seemed to have forgotten how to deal with them normally so they were being stored as fat - eg "Syndrome X". I was sceptical but thought I'd give the diet a try - and chose this book for guidance as I trust Rose Elliot - we had her book "Simply Delicious" way back in the 1970s! Anyway - the results were spectacular - I lost half a stone in about 10 days, and 2 stone in three months. I am not a very imaginative cook, so tend to make the same things over and over, and I am vegan by preference so not everything is possible without dairy, but there are stacks of good ideas. The low carb burgers are fab - and really easy - the jelly is a lifesaver when you want some indulgent comfort food! - and the lasagne using cabage in place of pasta is inspired!
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on 29 October 2014
I'm really pleased to have this book. At 51 yo old although not very overweight at 9 stone (I'm 5'4") my waist had crept up to 32" over the last few years. After 4 weeks I've lost 3/4 stone and 3" off my waist and feel much better for it. I've never managed to diet before and only kept my weight within reason by being active and eating lots of veg. I did find phase 1 trying to keep under 20 g carbs per day too difficult and was very hungry. Second week I gave in and went up to 25 g but it still worked. I didn't experience the increased energy that lots of people report and in the beginning found my usual two to three hours walking a day for my job more tiring. Especially going up steep hills which is described in the book as 'Ascent Weakness', so strange. Four weeks in I still experience that but getting better and my general energy levels are back to normal.
I'm now doing Phase 3 which allows me enough carbs to have my much loved big plate of vegetables as well as making sure I eat enough protein with it. I think this book is a well written introduction to low carb vegetarian eating which can be followed up with some good online info on making this a very healthy diet to follow. I've been vegetarian for over 30 years and had previously read to aim for 24 g protein a day, which I'm not sure I was even getting that most days. I was eating far too much bread, even though it was wholemeal and had sugar cravings that were as bad as when I craved a cigarette and would have me driving to the village shop for chocolate. This diet has really helped me begin to deal with those cravings and overeating in general. I had also been experiencing lots of back and joint problems which I put down to possibly the menopause but since changing to low carb and higher protein (perhaps all the Tofu) I feel tons better, other people have reported this too. I think the overload of carbs I was eating has been causing havoc with my stomach for years and I'd often been glad I work alone because of the large amounts of gas I had but this has improved greatly, thank goodness! I've just ordered Rose's cookbook and I hope I can keep it up now to stop my waist expanding again. Give it a go and if you feel too bad on 20 g per day for Phase 1, go up to 25g or 30g rather than give up entirely. There is a low carb website which has a food pyramid to follow which looks good information to eat 'low carb' in a healthy way.
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on 18 July 2008
I have had this book on my shelves for a couple of years now and unfortunately didnt look at it being more into the low fat way of eating. Ive been vegetarian for approx 20 years and have been putting on weight since a cholecystectomy 12 years ago. The key thing for this diet is that this book has enabled me to diet without feeling hungry - cravings are at a minimum. Weight loss wise the first couple of weeks I lost nearly a stone and loss has been around 2-3 lbs since then. While it requires some form of dedication from the dieter, the author has adapted low carb foods for the vegetarian/vegan diet amazingly well and with great creativity. This has helped me no end. I especially like the rice alternative and when you are needing a sweet treat the almond crunch hits the spot. Brilliant book. I have ordered her low carb cookbook to help extend my repetoire of meals - crossed fingers it will be as good as this one.
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on 22 January 2011
I've been buying books on Amazon for many years but have never felt the need to review one until now. That's because this book has changed my life and the way I eat. I've been on this diet for about a month now and have lost about three quarters of a stone already, and the funny thing is, I don't even feel like I'm dieting.

The recipes in this book are simply delicious. The low-carb bread (the one made with yeast) is amazing and worth the price of the book alone. Also great are the cauliflower cheese, the almond crackers, the tofu in a mushroom cream sauce, the peanut butter shake and so many others. Oh, and the pizza recipe is to die for - even though you might think the recipe won't work, I promise it will!

It's very easy to follow this low carb diet if you're a vegetarian with the help of this book, and it's well worth giving it a try. I tried low-fat and suffered for ages and none of the weight shifted. Now I almost feel like I'm cheating as I'm enjoying my food so much, but the weight keeps sliding off.

A friend of mine is vegan and when she heard me saying how great this book is, she decided to get a copy and give it a try as well. She's loving the diet too, and has also been losing weight. Most of the recipes have vegan alternatives (such as a vegan fritatta for breakfast made with tofu instead of eggs and loads of vegetables).
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on 16 January 2016
I borrowed this book from my local library, as I suffer with fibromyalgia and heard that a high protein diet can help relieve symptoms. Being a vegetarian, I have always had problems with my diet too and never knew the right foods to eat and always seemed to be stuck with my weight.

Reading and acting on this book have been the best thing I have ever done! My fibromyalgia symptoms have decreased, my stubborn weight has started to shift and I feel like a completely new person. The first few days were tough with the withdrawal symptoms, but after they subsided, my energy increased and my moods completely changed.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a vegetarian and wants a new diet that does not only change your body shape but also re-educates your whole food outlook on life. It's also great if you love eggs and lots of cheese. Yum!
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on 27 June 2007
I've found this book useful in that it has introduced me to a new way of eating, but the recipes are somewhat limited in that there's rather too much emphasis on tofu and goat's cheese, neither of which I can eat. Also, the indexing hasn't been done very efficiently which often means that looking for a recipe involves hunting through the book rather than simply going to the index.

The author claims that appetite dimishes after a couple of weeks but I haven't found that, and in fact I've found that when I feel hunger, it comes on very suddenly and can make me feel decidedly unwell, not something I've experienced before.

I am losing weight, slowly, which is as it should be, but whether I'll stick with this book for much longer is open to question.
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on 10 July 2012
I bought this book because I wanted to cut down on carbs but didn't know what to eat as most low carb diets include lots of meat. I did the 2 week carb cleanse, although I didn't stick to it rigidly and I found the recipes really easy and quick to make as well as being really tasty. The no-hunger statement is true, after the first few days I didn't feel hungry at all. I lost 3lbs after the first 2 weeks. This might not sound a lot but I only needed to lose 5lbs. My only criticism of the book is that there are no pictures for the recipes but all the information you need is in the book. I will never eat bread again and I've learned how to subsitute carbs in my meals.
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on 18 November 2008
This is a great diet and a great book.
I've been on it for 5 weeks and have lost a stone.
Follow the recipes and don't cheat and so will you.
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on 22 May 2011
I tried this diet in the new year in an effort to get rid of those Xmas excess pounds and also the all year round excess pounds I'd managed to gain with seemingly little effort. The first two weeks were hard, I experienced the headaches and the weakness, didn't get the euphoric state of mind at any point and by the end of the 2nd week rewarded myself with some 'proper' food and continued in the same vein!! I did loose 10lb the first week but nothing in the second week. But was happy with the 10lb loss altogether.

But I vowed to find another diet.

However, this diet kept popping in my mind that maybe it wasn't so bad after all. I'd enjoyed the recipes I'd tried, loved the home-made mayonnaise and actually enjoyed the nut roast (not something I'd eaten before). I'd not felt hungry once (maybe I was too busy concentrating on my aching head!!). I decided to give it another try.

I've just completed the first 2 weeks of the carb cleanse and found it remarkably easy second time round. I got myself organised and spent a Sunday afternoon making spinach bread, mushroom frittata, coconut sauce, tomato soup (grated the cheese to add to the soup later) and nut loaf. I also hard boiled a batch of eggs to have handy in the fridge. All this prep really did make all the difference. My fridge and freezer were full. I've really enjoyed the diet this time, haven't felt hungry once, had a slight headache around day 3 or 4 but two paracetamols sorted that out, felt much more energised, and best of all lost 9lb the first week, and 3lb the second. I'm aiming to loose 2 stones altogether so I'm almost half way there already!! I'll continue on the carb cleanse for a few more weeks as I don't feel any need to up my carb intake at this time - I'm certainly not expecting to loose weight at the initial weight loss rate!!

I think it has helped that as well as all the recipes I'd prepared I also tried other ones too: the little egg custards certainly hit the spot one evening when I needed something sweet, the runner bean spaghetti with pesto is so delicious and filling it will always be part of my diet no matter what, the spinach and cream cheese gratin is gorgeous, and the cheesy portobello 'steaks' are just delicious. I've added in a portion of tofu to my meals whenever I've felt a bit more protein was needed (and only for 1g of carbs). None of the recipes I tried take very long to prepare and/or cook.

I may not stay on this 'diet' forever, but I shall certainly be using it to maintain my weight once I reach my goal weight - as part of the 6 secrets of staying slim forever!! I'd definately recommend this diet to anyone serious about loosing weight and is vegetarian or semi-vegetarian.
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on 21 July 2012
I'm a carb junkie, no doubt about it. I can put away any amount of pasta and bread that you care to put in front of me. And since trying this diet I've discovered just how bad an addict I have been. All my meals were traditionally 'healthy' vegetarian but included a lot of carbs and I felt stuffed and sleepy for a few hours before being hungry all over again. I was in trouble and Weightwatchers was still leaving me hungry. I found this book online and decided I needed a different approach.

Now, breakfast is a fry-up of low carb veggie sausages, scrambled tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes, and maybe some blue cheese sprinkled over the top. The morning passses unnoticed and eventually I discover it's lunchtime. Lunch might be a surprisingly large chunk of brie or blue cheese (or one of many other cheeses) and a couple of ounces of brazils or walnuts (or other nuts), and a big pile of green salad with a good dollop of homemade salad dressing on top. I get on with my afternoon (awake and not stuffed) and find my way to tea time. This has been the challenge, as I'm not much of a cook to be honest. However with the help of this book I am now able to make a variety of meals that, although limited in the first two weeks of the Carb Cleanse, are tasty, satisfy my appetite, and don't make me want to dive into the biscuit barrel by 8.30pm.

I'm astounded by how much fat I seem to be eating and how it reduces my appetite. This amount of olive oil and tasty cheese just seems to go against the low-fat message we've all believed for years. It turns out that low fat is not the way to go after all! And the important bit - I lost approx 7lbs in the first 2 weeks.

I won't pretend it's perfect. I get sweet cravings and need the odd day off - especially around PMT time. Unfortunately when I fall off the wagon I tend to do it in style (pasta/bread/cake binge) and have to go back onto the Carb Cleanse quick smart. However, now at least I know I can do this and put right some of the damage. There are recipes for low-carb sweet things in the book that I need to try instead so this happens less often.

Drink plenty of water, write everything down, follow the advice in the book, and you will lose a surprising amount of weight quickly and easily. Crucially, if you're use to having carb-induced appetite spikes like me, get ready for this to subside and for your cravings to calm right down.

It's amazing really. Get this book and just try it.
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