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4.4 out of 5 stars49
4.4 out of 5 stars
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this second installment is much better than the first. the omega issue ws described in more detail (although i have a sneaky suspicion the author isn't that sure either). i enjoyed reading about a more stronger anna, however the whole brother wolf vs charles got a bit confusing sometimes. i thought the book gained more from the intro of many other characters as opposed to the first. all in all it was a good read and after reading all patricia briggs books i will def. be on the look out for new releases. highly recommended.
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on 23 November 2015
This wasn't an amazing book but wasn't bad either. Its one of those books that lets you escape from the world without requiring much thought to get through the story.

In this instalment Anna and Charles go to face the European Wolves to hear their concerns and complaints about coming out to the world. As you can imagine it isn't going to be as easy and orderly as a group of werewolves sitting in a conference room waiting their turn to speak. There is the normal fighting, backstabbing and action that you would expect as well as Anna and Charles still trying to come to terms with their new bond and the huge changes needed in both their lives.
The book does have a few twists that I didn't expect and the characters are becoming very well developed. But I was left with a big feeling of shrugging my shoulders at the end.
I can't say that I am excited to read the next book like I always have been with the Mercedes series but I will get round to it eventually. Like I said, it wasn't amazing but I didn't finish it never to read any more in the series. My recommendation to people that are new to Patricia Briggs would be to read the Mercedes Thompson series first.
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on 6 June 2013
brilliant follow up to Cry Wolf

love the way it incorporates the fae and witches into the mix. If you like Mercy Thompson you will enjoy the Alpha and Omega books, they are different but have the same ambience of the Mercy books and also intertwine with them in some ways. Brilliant read.
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After the hard time I had with the original tale in this series I decided to give the second novel a go as most of the ground work had been accomplished in the original and I was hoping to see how the characters would grow within their relationship. Whilst Mercy is more action driven, this series is more the emotional romantic aspect of the supernatural genre allowing mellowness that some might think is missing from Mercy's outings.

This time, now that they're married, the two characters are still "feeling" each other out emotionally as each seeks a way to make sure that they're respecting the others boundaries and trying to demonstrate their own individualities to the other so that their partnership can grow stronger. Its well written, the characters do grow but I have still not shaken that feeling that I had from the previous offering about the inner strength of likeability to do with these two. As secondary characters, they would be acceptable, intriguing even, but I am still not sure that they are truly alpha material to be honest. It is stronger than the original; the script flows better but at the end of the day Mercy will remain my favourite series by Patty.
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Imagine if the werewolves were considering coming out of the fur coat closet, and held a conference to debate it.

It's a rather boring-sounding idea. But since Patricia Briggs is a truly brilliant urban-fantasy author, she is somehow able to spin straw into gold in the second full-length novel about the Omega werewolf Anna and her Alpha mate Charles. "Hunting Ground" is a solid little bundle of subplots and warring supernaturals.

Sent to the Seattle conference, Charles and Anna encounter lycanthropes from across Europe -- Russians, Italians, the British lord Arthur, and he savage Beast of Gévaudan, Jean Chastel. Warring opinions and old grudges (plus Chastel's general savagery) cause plenty of tension between the various groups, and Charles finds that while Anna's Omeganess eases some of the conflict, she's freaked out by all the dominant males.

But Anna is attacked while shopping with her new friend Moira -- by a gang of vampires using werewolf magic and tactics. And then Arthur's wife is brutally killed by the same gang, and someone murders Chastel. Now the fragile peace between alphas starts to unravel and fae magic starts to manipulate them -- and to save his beloved Anna, Charles must uncover who is mad enough to do all this.

The previous "Alpha and Omega" stories have been about the world of werewolves almost exclusively, and "Hunting Ground" expands its focus -- we've got the cruel fae Dana, and a cruel gang of vampires. But the focus is still mainly on werewolves -- their subculture, their leaders, and the place of the Omegas when surrounded by a bunch of grumpy Alphas.

The biggest flaw is that the book is a loosely woven affair without much central plot until the last few chapters. But Briggs smoothly juggles the various subplots that run through the book, with vivid, powerful prose ("A creek full of fat trout trickled under a thin layer of misty ice") and slightly tongue-in-cheek dialogue ("Way to kill a defenseless net"). Not to mention some unique quirks, like a werewolf who genuinely believes he is King Arthur reborn.

And she strikes a solid balance between the darkness and violence (bloody killings, werewolf hunts, and some brutal human killings) and the more quiet, soothing moments that Anna brings. One particularly lovely scene has her soothing frazzled alphas through a mellow piano performance, and Briggs' smooth writing carries the effect through to the reader.

Anna and Charles may be mates and spouses now, but they're clearly still getting used to each other. Anna is now strong enough to stand up to the Beast and recovered enough to show her love for her new hubby, but Charles is struggling with his tough-guy image and his "Brother Wolf." And there are plenty of other interesting characters -- the unassuming Angus, the bloodthirsty psychopathic Jean, a cute Austrian Omega, and the charming, loopy Arthur. There's even a pair from one of Briggs' short stories: the werewolf Tom and his blind witch mate Moira.

"Hunting Ground" has a rather loosely woven plot, but Patricia Briggs' lovely writing and vivid characters keep it from losings its way. Definitely one of the better werewolfcentic urban fantasies.
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Bran Cornick, the Marrok and leader of all the werewolves in North America, has decided that it's time to reveal themselves to humans. As such, he's invited the European wolves over to discuss matters. But rather than have Bran lead the talks, his son Charles has convinced him to let him go instead. Charles' instincts tell him it would be very bad to let Bran go, and Charles is a wolf who listens to his instincts.

So he heads off to Seattle with his newly-mated wife, Anna, and they soon realise that something is amiss amongst the European wolves. Now all they have to do is find out who... and why?

After the intense ending of Cry Wolf, Hunting Ground picks up a mere month later, meaning that all the cracks and difficulties of Charles and Anna's relationship are still there. Not that they have much time to work through them, but Briggs is very skilled at handling damaged characters, without making them weak, or their troubles superficial.

Anna's progress in this book is wonderful, as she slowly faces down troubles - with help from some brilliant supporting characters like Moira, the blind witch, and Ric, the Austrian omega - and gradually grows stronger. Even with Charles shadowing her every step, Anna finds her own strengths and proves to be a force in her own right.

Not that Charles doesn't have issues of his own, but Anna's are more noticeable. I love how their relationships deepens throughout this book, with many of their own developments echoing the main points of the plot.

With hints of Arthurian legend and touches of psychology, Briggs reveals yet more about the glorious werewolf society she's created, and drops even more hints about the most mysterious one of all, Bran - though his appearances are sadly few. Yet at the heart of everything Anna and Charles work as an efficient, engaging duo that I can't help but love.

At times dark and mysterious, but with hints of humour and romance sprinkled amongst the politics and the action, the Alpha and Omega series grows stronger with every offering.
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on 26 October 2009
Hunting Ground is the second in the Alpha and Omega series, which is the spin off series to one of my favourites, Mercy Thompson. A&O follows Charles Cornick, son of the leader of all American wolves Bran, and his new mate Anna.

Anna and Charles have only been mated, and married, for a month, and they haven't known each other much longer than that. They're still trying to get to know each other, adjust to shaving their lives, and Anna is trying to get over the pain and fear that her first alpha inflicted on her for three years. But around the foreign wolves, Anna and Charles need to show unity, not weakness, so they're playing it by ear. Anna is a rare thing among wolves, she's an Omega. And that makes her something of a trophy in the eyes of some of the foreign wolves. When Anna is attacked though, Charles realises that they may not be the only threat to her.

The most frustrating thing about this book is that the attack and murder mentioned on the blurb, doesn't happen until 3/4 through the book. So you know it's going to happen and the rest is really build up for it. Bad summery on part of the publishers would be my guess on that one. The other thing I found frustrating, was that I figured out who the killer was, pretty early on. So for me, the tension just wasn't there while Anna and Charles figured it out.

The development of Anna and Charles relationship was good though. The way they were learning about each other and didn't try to run from the other too much. although they both felt the need at times. It's good and sweet, but I didn't hang on it. For me to really get in to a relationship in a book, I really need to be able to fancy the guy, and with Charles, I just don't. So there isn't a whole lot of tension to their relationship like there could be.

Overall, a good story and well written. The different third person perspectives work really well with this series and give a great overall view of everything. But for me, it's no where near as good as the Mercy Thompson series. Still worth reading though.
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on 10 July 2012
Patricia Briggs has done it again! This Alpha/Omega series is great reading - not as good as the Mercy Thompson series but still a page turner.
You get to see a little more inside CHarles and what being a hitman enforcer does to his spirit and how Annie is his strength. She takes a more forceful role in this book and it's good to see she is strong individual.
This third book is well worth a read - but expect to be finished rather quickly as the pages keep turning themselves!!
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on 21 March 2012
Hunting Ground is set in Seattle and Charles is sent there to represent his father and pack at a meeting to discuss the proposition of humans being made aware of werewolves all over the world. The meeting is held between Alphas from all over the world and whilst there is a lot of animosity between the Alphas and their packs, when werewolves and humans are being attacked and killed by unknown sources, they need to come together to try and stop the attacks before they escalate.

Ms. Briggs' writing is very simple which makes her stories easy to read. The main characters Charles and Anna are likeable but I do wish that there was more exploration into their relationship because they have only been together and mated for a month and already been through so much. I felt that this story did meander along with not much suspense and at times I did find my mind wandering. The last third of the book was better as the momentum picked up and there was more action as the mystery started to get resolved. I will of course be reading the third book as I would like to know more about Charles and Anna and see how their relationship develops.
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on 30 October 2009
Read this pretty much straight after the first Alpha and Omega book. I really enjoyed them both. The series begins as a short story and it's definitely worth reading that first, although not essential. I like Patricia Briggs' female characters (Mercy is probably my favourite female character). Story wraps up a bit neatly (and I think most probably guessed who the 'villain' is before the end), but it's a real page turner. If you like Sookie, Mercy, Faythe and Kate (Daniels), you'll like this series.
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